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Buying shares in mcdonalds stock looks like a decrease in labor wages are coming very soon due to many more applicants

BTC once it hits 3k

I sold 10 ETH at 583 and rebought a little while ago at 471

Lost a shitload of money but ended up getting 1.5 free ETH out of it so as long as it recovers eventually I will be happy

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Going all-out BTC when we see the bullish flag at the bottom.
I might go 80% BTC and 20% NEO since it was just approved by jews, which means volume.

>Not buying a franchise

Haha. Stay poor.

Ill buy 20k link if it goes below 20 cents

Lol they actually do that? Decrase your wage when there's a high demand for their job? Its just that in my country a company wouldn't get away with that.

>Land of the free
>But only! If you're fucking rich and rights don't mean shit to you anyway cause you can just leave if you don't like.

Just sold 4.5 ETH at 478

Thanks for taking my bags

He's talking about not having to pay minorities to handle your food sloppily and give you the shit stare when a robot does it better and actually shows up. Wages would probably increase for those who aren't automated, such as janitors.

>What do you mean supply and demand apply to the job market?

Good luck.

I will either see you laughing at me or super fucking jelly

I dont think its going sub 400

Where do I buy crypto

On the internet

>Selling near what seems to be a bottom
You madman

3K ????????????

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Buying MTG cards, way more reliable

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Canadian weed picks for this coming week. I do not recommend long holding any of these. If/when they spike you should sell and wait for a lower reentry:

Future Farm Technologies (FFT) rsi is oversold or hovering near oversold depending on time frame. This may or may not pump on Monday, i'm not sure.

Namaste Technologies (N). Halted pending news of ACMPR license approval on Friday. License to stock their facility and start packaging is a go. Bid/ask are already well above halt price. On Monday it will gap up and pump. Guaranteed.

Inmed Pharmaceuticals. Buy if drops to $1 even but not before. This is a pump and dump stock but a predictable one.

Cannabis Wheaton. MJ ETF has shuffled their holdings arounf and this is their largest position for the moment due to rebalancing on Friday. It should go up this week because of that although i'm not sure how fast or how much.

Swing trade only. This is a high volatility sector.

the laws of supply and demand do not apply in your country?
does gravity?


Honestly I'm thinking real hard about tron now that it's $.02. If the next wave of dumb money buys it up to even $.50, those are some pretty good gains.

Poorfag here, should I hold the small amount of ETH I bought yesterday or put it into AMB?

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retarded commie

margin or regular?

Thinking about buying ETH at these prices. But I'll be going into the "more than you can afford to lose" territory if I do.

I'm looking for a third apartment building to buy right now, preferably with a workshop/garage on site So I have a separate place for all my tools and hobby cars.

The only other thing on my wishlist is a robot maid. Would seriously take out a $50k loan to get one if it existed, cheaper and easier that a gf.

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