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>$100 eoy 2018

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almost time for me to buy

Just market sold 5k neo

as someone who went all in neo at $133, should I just kill myself right now and don't waste any more oxygen or maybe there is some reason for it to recover?

wat the fuck is goin on with this shit coin

oh god you sold that much at this fucking price??!
I'd KMS right now

>back to the price I mistakenly sold at months ago due to China fud

wtf lmao

Did you really think this coin could get widespread adoption when it costs 500 gas just to launch a smart contract? That's more money than most people even have. And most companies are too cheap to drop 10k-40k on this just to say they're decentralized when they could use AWS for a tiny fraction of the cost

I bought a few at $70 and I feel super shitty. Can't imagine how you're feeling right now.

relax and come back In a year.

Which coins are you putting your bets on?

Hey normie

No nothing is going to recover, it's literally all over and you should sell everything. Da HongFei has been arrested by the Chinese government.

Same :(

The point of the price is avoid ICO scams, NEO is attempting to sell itself on government cooperation and stability

and yet their icos have been shit

Almost all ICOs are shit

I'm not particularly interested in what happens now, this all technology to be put into use years ahead

dude, literally every single coin is bound to bitcoin
if bitcoin recovers, then NEO recovers too
if bitcoin doesn't recovern, the market is doomed anyway

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AHAHAHAHAHHAHA NEOtards thought their coin was better than litecoin. NOW LOOK! It's returning to it's first form, antshares.

No Da Hongfei is in jail you pleb, he has been arrested and prosecuted for defrauding the Chinese government. His scam was an ICO for a dog meat blockchain but it turned out it was just cat meat

are all of you ironic shitposters?
theres tons of "good" coins that do far worse

did you not see the enitre market crashing? kys

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>he thinks tron is a good coin

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I'm seriously considering buying ADA. It's still a vaporware but it can't go much lower than that.

what is a good coin? NEO is at #50 and almost everything is doing worse

really wasnt that long ago it was at 2 cents bro

so NEO is targeting a niche market compared to its competitors where anyone can develop dApps on their platform.
This is why NEO will not take off as they have no vision of the future just government contracts.

>just government contracts

Did anyone from NEO state this?

NEO has easier coding, gas generation, voting systems and intended cooperation with regulations

How is this not looking forwards?

ENTIRE market plummeting....calls out ONE coin that's not even losing at much as some of the others. Only on biz

That's nothing

It's because NEO is going to get its own exclusive bullrun and separate from BTC. Calling it now. $300 EOY.

Is it true?

Where is DBC? It has probably went down the most

This, lol. So stupid right off the bat.


They know Nuls is going to eat their lunch.

Nuls will be the 2nd gen Neo. Accumulate now. Testnet and partnerships incoming.


that pump feels mighty good

If you don't have it in you to sell just forget about it and hodl for the next 6 months

Unironically, this.

That reason is fucking retarded. NEO is B2B infrastructure. It's wasn't made to be a third world - world computer for Pajeet2Pajeet transactions.

They unironically believe that the future is in becoming too big to regulate and a bottom up revolution of peer to peer adoption that forces bigger and bigger players to come on board until {Platform} is the new economy. They become angry and start flinging shit when you explain Smart Economy as the true next iteration of the existing economy and that it isn't going to be some trustless, libertarian paradise.

If you have any perspective, you'd know that $50 could easily still be an insane ROI for him. At this point, better to secure those profits, even if it might bounce, than risk losing it all.

I thought this was a troll thread. I hadn't looked at NEO in a few days. Still, I thought, no way NEO could be under $50.

And holy shit. It is.

What's the best way to kill myself, lads?

get fucked in the ass by poz gays and get aids. At least you have fun while at it faggot.

It’s pretty astounding Nuls was shilled here at 20 cents. If it weren’t for all the bitcoin drama and correction we might be close to ICONc Vechain or Walton in terms of market cap. Anyone who sold and did not buy back into Nuls this month is going to be suicidal in April and May.