Girl here

girl here
i need a good beginners guide to crypto

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Buy on coinbase, send to Binance, buy shitcoins

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Put sharpie in pooper for Eth donations

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>i need a good beginners guide to crypto
step 1: be intelligent
step 2: be saged for topic irrelevant "girl here"

there's no good guide

purposefully. go buy james altucher's bullshit if you want spoonfeeding. it's horrendous stuff, but that's the spoonfed information available.

this market is all about what you can teach yourself. and I'm so fucking happy it's that way.

>idiots and women are going to get BTFO

enjoy losing your money.

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just find some guy who trades crypto and leech his money

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Your genitals do not affect your proposition; that we provide hard won advice for free. Try asking without expecting special treatment for having a vagina, bring something to the table to show you have done at the least a little research of your own, and you will find us much more amenable.

There are still some r*ddit fags here, so they will probably fawn over you like you're a newborn puppy desu.

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> (OP)
>just find some guy who trades crypto and leech his money
This is probably the best advice you're going to get out of these guys.

Honestly though just do some research start with YouTube videos browse Reddit see what's being talked about on here. If I could go back though I would probably just have stayed on coinbase/gdax and never traded any where else. Just buy BTC and ETH and maybe one or two alt coins that you find to be your favorites. I've lost so much by Trading altcoins than if I would have just held my BTC and ETH

it's bait, mate.

buy neo right fucking now it's cheap.
$70 tmr

boy here

No punctuation, misses the apostrophe, irrational line spacing, claims to be female- OP's story checks out. If it's bait, then it's utterly pointless bait which I have bitten.

Hey there, femanon here. I wouldn’t recommend prefacing that you’re a woman on biz because a lot of the reactions you’ll get are tits or gtfo, etc. which is fine because Veeky Forums is Veeky Forums. But if you really want advice, don’t say you’re a girl.

Start off buying btc on coinbase. Transfer btc to gdax. Gdax has no fees. Use it to transfer to wallets or other exchanges. set up a binance account, send your btc to binance (or just hodl the btc). Buy your altcoins on binance. I recommend including blue chip coins since you’re starting out like eth, neo, nano and staying away from shitcoins like link (sorry guise), tron, whatever is being shilled but is super low on coin market cap. Dyor and shit, good luck girl :)

> girl here

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Tron has held, I can't believe I'm going to use the word- "value" relatively well during this minor correction we're been having. It's got volume at least, could be a useful hedge as long as you gtfo as soon as the market looks like recovering.

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>minor correction

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guy here
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>buy when you see pink wojaks threads on BIZ
>wait 1-2 months
>sell wenn you are x2-x3, and dont listen to whom who tell you to HODL. Just sell when you are x3-x4.
>wait 1-2 months until you see another pink wojak threads and buy.
>repeat 5-6 times
>you are rich person now

And remember the main thing: SELL when you are x3-x4, dont wait x5-x6, you will fucked up.
Listen to nobody on biz nor reddit, dont read news, dont try to learn TA, just buy, wait, sell, buy, wait, sell, buy, wait, sell

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Haha I'm a girl too :) . Why don't guys use this emoji lmao :).

Sounds reasonable. I'd probably sell when im 25% up. 3-4x sounds way too high. 25% is an incredible return imo.

I think just DCA index funds or value stocks which have low P/Es and high interest covers. That will get you solid returns for now.

25%s happen in a day
Why get into a high risk asset if not for high rewards?

25% in a day in an extremely high reward. I expect those returns over 4-5 years.

If you kept up a 25% return every day for 5 years. I'm pretty sure you could turn £1 into a trillion...

Theres a subreddit where those thirsty fellas will send you BTC for nudes.
Best option.

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Don't long when there is a Hanging Sayori Pattern on the chart.

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Fomo in high, panic sell low.

Have a (You), dick-bearer.

Here's a good beginner's guide: Don't.


You will lose money.

A 25% in a day is a pump, followed by days of sideways and then another 25% day
This is how bullish crypto markets behave
Those pumps end up stacking up to 5x or 10x from the bottom, just look at a VEN chart

You cant treat crypto like a traditional asset

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