Well done NEETs, well done... HOWEVER

Well done NEETs, well done... HOWEVER

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Nothing will happen

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I think it will be bullish just because we all think it will be bearish and we always get hit with those mixups

What is Macron whispering to Trump? A message from the Bogs?

Remember the last US meeting caused it to bounce back up. They'll just say they need to regulate ICOs and that'll be it

good post

tomorrow we crash to 0

"Don't think we've forgotten about you."

"pssst, nice ass"

>Like 35 people
Nice try Jews, you aren't getting me that easy.

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Look at these fucks then look at how vitalik presents himself.

A young and scrappy fighter vs entrenched old suits. One speaks intelligently about the details of crypto economics and one needs to have crypto explained to them using analogies and experts which they then misunderstand.

One is a creator and the other is group of leeches. Support the creators, the leeches know they are fake authorities.

I don't support communists and I don't support pedos

ETH is a scamcoin

It could be worse. I could be Justin Trudeau.

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We can even hang ourself

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Communists want to get rid of all currency, it's absurd to call Vitalik a communist when he dedicated his life to a form of currency.

This is nonsense. Eth is one of the most successful capitalistic endeavors ever.

Alan Turing was a sexual deviant for his time. Better stop using computers because that matters.

>is a twig

This is a mental fight and he's ripped.

you sound like a cult member. a low ranking cult member.

No just a developer who understands how decentralization can disrupt entrenched interests.

The field is 99% smart nerdy men. These are the people who create the future and they are just warming up.

Meanwhile G20 needs an IOTA supporter who doesn't even develop to explain things to them.

The blind leading the blind versus the brilliant blazing a trail.

>not posting the real image

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>he thinks a bunch of suits will change crypto

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Well done G20, well done...


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Turing didn`t project his homo views unlike vitalik projecting his pedo shenanigans

look at putins and trumps trousers, fucking lmao

give story pls

Trudeau stepped away to blart

This user knows.

>have Banks deny use of credit cards on coinbase
>have media spread fud that Bitcoin is over, is evil white power, is for drugs, is against women
>get Google and Facebook to ban crypto ads
>unleashes tax boogey man

And just like that, crypto was done. You can't mess with the petro dollar, goyims.

Holy fuck lmao