Man, this 2013 BTC graph looks familiar when you zoom in

Man, this 2013 BTC graph looks familiar when you zoom in...

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History is a circle.

>a drop from 1000 to 750 is the same as 20,000 to 8,000

We actually much more closely follow the fractals of the first 2013 (Q3 12 - Q2 13) move just massively extrapolated on time-frames.

oh fuck we're going to 2k

The dot com bubble was nearly 10x bigger than the crypto market ATH. We'll definitely retest old highs at the very least.

>$6k maybe ?

It went to 300~
>mfw investing eth at $19 and got called a faggot
those were simpler times.

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So what does that mean?

Excuse you, thats 1,120ish to 650 which is actually around 40 percent drop compared to our 60 percent drop. Pretty close to me.

what caused it to skyrocket back in 2013 anyway? also media attention?

Probably yeah. Not unlike what were seeing now with John Oliver and others.

So by this comparison, unless it drops to fucking 0, then we still consider it '''just another correction, still bullish''''

Good way to lose money.

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No im saying that proportionally, this isn't outside the norm.

It went down to 150$ bottom while in a 2y bear market which ended in mid of 2015 you dipshit.

So we will be at 1000$ mid of 2020.

Yes it fucking is. It's literally the second worst crash since Mt. Gox. With literally no FUD to account for it, other than the whales crashing this shit into oblivion once all the normies fomoed in at the ATH. But don't worry, the bounce from $6k will be glorious.

>past performance is 100% analogous to future performance
>nothing fundamentally changed in the meanwhile whatsoever

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and the best thing of all that is:
- EOS still has not sold its 40k EThereum
- The MTGox trustee still has to sell 160.000 BTC
- Tether is not kill yet.
- Goverment FUD nearly every day.

... this is exactly what people scares right now, and why it will take a long time until BTC will recover.

the no FUD? are you a fucking faggot? DAO hack.........ICO fraud..........No projects showing promises...........organized P&D's.............Floyd MayWeather famous people pumps...........all of it in this hype cycle and we all saw the ridiculousness. Not to mention Wall Street faggot "discussions" all led to this hype cycle ending. The next hype cycle will show actual promised projects showing fruit.

Its almost as if the higher you climb, the lower you fall

In 2011 it went from $30 to $2

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>being this retarded
Yes. Do you want an upvote? Wrong website faggot.

You sound pretty salty, let me cuddle you and let me guess, you are into crypto since december.

What exactly is your point


the people who already sold are not the salty losers.

(not yet)

one time before that it went from $15 to $0 within seconds

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I mean, I know it's just that hindsight is 20/20, but god I wish I had bought some during that Gox crash.

>tfw sold 5 BTC @ 19$ in 2011 and thought i sold near ATH