How you doin biz? /Cardano edition/

>Bought at 10c
>Missed ATH at $1.30 during my exams.
>0.80 I'm selling
>Daedulus wallet syncing blocks 99.78%
>I'll do it later
>Down to 0.39
>No point in selling the bottom
>0.13 today

I'll hold those bags forever, right? I'm fucked for life.

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Well there's like 3-4 different lessons you can learn from all the mistakes you made there. Maybe you come out on top in the end.

Yes. I'm a fucking moron pretty obvious one.

Sell for EOS

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what? cardano was above $1 at some point? that would put them at like fucking $20b market cap

anyway I remember reading an article few months ago saying that cardano is shady because despite having a large circulating supply there was only a little of it on exchanges, so probably devs started dumping or there was a larger part in cold storage than in other coins for some reason so effect was worse when they started panic selling

No, thanks. I'm fucked but not that much.

you never heard $20b whitepaper meme ?

Cardano might be an even bigger scam than Tron. It’s the non-chink version of Tron. Only retarded newfags and teenagers are buying this thinking it’s going to $10,000

It was this guys face that made cardano what it is.

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Yeah...........everyone buy the stupid "chestogram" crypto by a Kiddie twiddler from Hollywood.

I spent very little on it (

don't get me wrong Anons, it's still my favorite project

but I could've had 200k of those fuckers if I wasn't so retarded

I've got my buy orders set ca. 800-900 sats.

I never learn from my mistakes.

what would I have eoy if I buy now for 150k usd.

I bought at 10c also but still holding this comfy. Not worrying at all

>I spent very little on it (

I meant this
>what would I have eoy if I buy now for 150k usd.

Very solid yes, but very long term I thought?
Never really read up on it too much.

as other user mentioned, PoS comes piece by piece through Q2-Q3

dapps testnet to fuck around for devs comes next month

Sounds interesting.
I will do some reading.
But for now I am comfy in vechain. But still 3 months to mainnet release.


I just bought today around 13c and holding for the long term

How many ADAs do you hold?

>Clinton Global Initiative coin

No thanks