Why doesn't someone make a crypto sort of like tether, where it really is 1:1 with USD so you never lose any money...

Why doesn't someone make a crypto sort of like tether, where it really is 1:1 with USD so you never lose any money, but it has the same utility as BTC. Still blockchain so we have that blockchain tech, and still can do all the stuff you could do with BTC. They make one for USD, EURO, YEN, etc....same functionality as BTC except you never lose money (unless your USD goes down in comparison to EURO, etc.)

This sounds like a good idea to me....all the perks of BTC, minus the volatility of BTC.

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>Finally realizing Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme

>where it really is 1:1 with US
How the fuck do you enforce a value of something else staying completely the same with the USD?

It already exists
It is called DAI and behaved as expected throughout the crash.


you need incentives for decentralization

Coss will do that

CossUsd / CossEur / CossYen and a Singapour pair

That's retarded. The whole point of btc is that it's not controlled by a government, does not inflate for free and is not easily taxable. If you peg it to the usd then it's literally no different and no better than a bank.

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The make it so you can only trade the crypto through a very specific app with restrictions. Impossible to exchange it any other way, other than selling someone a phone with the app installed and a log-in to an account full of the crypto---which obviously, would be a pretty difficult thing to do.

that's literally tether you dumb neet

Who would want to mine it?

jesus christ. Bitshares is one of the oldest crypto and is USP were market-pegged assets, such as the bitUSD which is pegged to the dollar.

The maker DAO is a shitty copy of it.

You're all newfags.

>subtle JNT shill


>why can't someone make something like tether
>describes tether
sorry this has to be bait. that's literally tether. it just gets fud is all - tether has become an anti-buzzword.

Maker is not at all what OP described you monkey

I won't buy your USDC for anything more than 90 cents so yeah good luck selling it or maybe you'll just have to take the price I give you

You buy and sell goods with the crypto USD. It's tied to USD so its pointless to trade it back to USD unless you want to lose its crypto utility and hold old paper dollars again.

first of all if that money was to be used at a global scale every network (only eth is available as of right now) would be congested as fuck

second thing is the legal aspect, the governments would have to give crypto money status, no one cares if it's really backed by real money and auditted, the dinosaurs in the governments will never acnowledge some erc20 token as money

let alone any other assets. Never gonna happen

he thinks it would at least solve the problem of bank wires takind 3 days etc but like I said, never gonna happen, the dinosaurs in governments will never allow it

Only the government could do this and they won't because it's stupid

Crypto gold has been suggested but when you think of it, its practically the same as gold ETFs... fuck that, the gold doesnt exist

Literally just buy real gold coins lmao

I used my bitcoins to buy gold around 14k on the way up. Was a little anxious at first when it mooned to 19k but Comfy ever since. Its a stable boi!

every project in crypto promising you to tokenize anything is a scam
Only the governments can tokenize money or other assets because it messes with the total money supply. The jews will never allow this.

if you don't believe me, look up Liberty Reserve


It's called JNT and its half my portfolio

Russia is going to do this with the Crypto Ruble.

Exactly this will be made one day by the central banks.