Why is everyone so bearish all of a sudden? The fundamentals have been all positive lately. Crypto is still the future...

Why is everyone so bearish all of a sudden? The fundamentals have been all positive lately. Crypto is still the future. Chinks and Pajeets got gassed...The only reason anyone points to for why BTC is dropping are their imaginary meme lines that they readjust with every dozen candles.

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Volume is low as shit

Ain't nobody buying this shit nigga

Whales are buying via limit orders. Little fish are selling to them.

I find it strange how bearish it is now (even the HODL people are selling). A lot of projects actually have some good news coming up and are progressing well. It's a lot of coordinated FUD from news sources and the mt gox bullshit. From the very beginning of january to now it has been nothing but nonstop FUD, to slowly wear away at everyone to sell as low as possible.

Possibly lots of insider trading as well.


Korea fud
China fud
USA fud
Mt gox fud

and many others, all in a span of 3 months

They think it's going to 6k or lower this week.

I think it's going to pump back to 9k at least by the summer time then slow bleed to the low.

Yup and tax fud plus g20 tomorrow. HODLers are retarded and sell at the peak of the fud.

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There are no fundamentals. Not sure why coiners can never understand this.

thanks for posting the future eth chart here

maybe it has something to do with the fact that bitcoin is a scam and you got scammed


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I never mentioned Bitcoin, I'm talking about other projects in general here. However since they are pegged to Bitcoin they will suffer whatever fate Bitcoin does and that doesn't change until they all have fiat gateways.

Do you really think that crypto mooned because of fundamentals in december?


this thread has nothing to do with that

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I keep hearing this over and over again like it's a mantra or even a coping mechanism. People have been saying this nonsense about 'shaking out the weak hands' since at least 2014

It's ogre, man. The peak at the winter solstice was the high watermark, when people were willing to throw insane amounts of money at crypto because it just kept going up and up, and it stopped once the whales caused a chain reaction starting to cash in on all that market cap. Now the longer people stay in crypto, the more they'll lose, because people keep putting money back into a market to speculate on where the bubble is shrinking and there's no more major investment. I don't think major investment is coming again, I don't think crypto will bounce back this time because it got up so high that something fundamental changed that wasn't a factor in play in previous years, which is that it attracted regulation. Governments and banks didn't used to talk about regulating everything the way they do now. So the more money gets pumped into the market by the little fish, the more the whales will suck up. I'm sure the last 25 billion of networth that just vacated BTC recently was sucked up by the Mt. Gox trustee, too.

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>w-why is everybody so b-bearish since d-ecember
>w-what do you mean december had nothing to do with fundamentals???

You were talking about fundamentals and they don't matter in crypto. It's all about fomo.

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I never said any of that

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The fundamentals are the project use case, team, and tethers to real world business. If you dumb niggers weren't so caught up in "MUH NEW PARADIGM" then you'd see this.

>Why is everyone so bearish all of a sudden? The fundamentals have been all positive lately.

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And this is why all cryptos are going to zero.

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Bitcoin got tether pumped.
Most alts are literal ponzis.
But yeah great fundamentals.