Admit the old cunt was right

admit the old cunt was right

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Again, he was right because he knew it was going to happen. Notice how much fucking fud there is from the US media in general lately. He's been paying to put crypto in a grave because it makes fiat look like shit.

its easy to talk when you are a fucking boomer and got practically everything handed to you

someone need to remind him that his life will come to a bad end when cancer kicks in

This was in part a self-fulfilling prophecy. Buffett's words have weight. He and Gates are definitely a small cause of the FUD we've seen over the past few weeks.

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>Buffett thinks crypto is just a fad
Old fuck needs to shut his mouth about technology

he just said the obvious, every bubble comes to a bad end. Stop looking so much into it, he didn't even specifically say anything about crypto except that he didn't understand it. Leave the eternal hodler boomer alone

>87 years old

nah he's just a brilliant businessman and calls shit like he sees it.

>everything handed to him
>warren buffet
don't think you know your head from your ass. Also, his life will end bad? He's 87, he'll probably live another ten years after an amazing life. We all die you know


crypto will outlive him, oldfag can say what he likes

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>The guy who is a billionaire and will be until his soon death waste money fudding some shitcoins fat basement dwellers thought would make them rich
Blame game from the poor and wreched as always.

What do you think, how many bitcoins does he own? Or maybe he's fudding to enter at a lower price.


>old man is stuck in his ways

Ask yourself why would he waste his time coming out to fud bitcoin if he didn't gain anything from it? Just to spite people? Please look at the bigger picture.

He was but it also doesn't mean we weren't right in that we made money

fuck off you hipster

in warrens eyes he doesnt give a fuck about shitcoins

he warned people where he saw the scam and smart people took his advice and left shitcoin

>it's a Veeky Forums (business and finance) derides one of the objectively most successful businessmen ever episode
These are the worst imo

Because journalists hearing about this new get rich quick scheme they want in on probably bothered him until he had to reply?
Or maybe there were journalists who knew a self made man had no interest in this shit, but knew the seething masses of poor desperate neets would click the fuck out of his clickbait (as they did) screaming how Buffet is just an ignorant boomer and how every neet will get rich now?

there was no TV or internet during half this nigga's life. do you really trust him to know anything about crypto? kek

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Blockchain """""tech""""" is ten years old and nobody found an actual use for it. As far as public ledgers go, it won't get any more useful than Git, which Linus just gave away for free.


he was born in a time where investors could pick ANYTHING and benefit greatly

this is like some normiefag buying into ethereum at 5$ back in late 2016 and thinking he was a motherfucking genius who had the smarts to earn that money

no it was because he got in at the right time, nothing else

I just want a Peacefal Bufffett.

He will probably outlive you, people this rich will soon never die

Of course he's right. Unless you're a delusional NEET trying to deseperate get rich quick, this entire fucking currency is one giant meme.

Crypto is not even close to ending unlike he himself.

The guy was born a year into the Great Depression when the thought of having kids was last on everyone’s mind proving he is the exac5 opposite of a boomer. And Veeky Forums tards act like they understand the world....

If you listen to him talk he says things like "I was born after/during the great depression so I didn't have the same fear everyone else had in investing"

Timing is everything. He isn't a genius, he just hadn't been burned like everyone else.