Now that crypto is dead, what are some ways that a neet can make some money online?

Now that crypto is dead, what are some ways that a neet can make some money online?

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Why not outside? Online activity can always be traced

>Online activity can always be traced

If you're cute with a nice body, you can jerk off on webcams. ;)

It's not dead but feel free to chug the bleachcoin

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Whatever you do, don't get an IRA and put the money in mutual funds. Instead, ride the cryptocurrency bubble to the ATH, don't cash out, and then sell low in March 2018. Then ask Veeky Forums for financial advice. Remember, buy high, sell low. Pyramid schemes are a great thing to trade all your money for.

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Are you telling me i can 3x my money in 18 years? Wow, crypto is truly dead


Get a job, finally.

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Why is everyone here so against trading actual fucking stocks? You don't have to be rich, just trade options.

:-) ...

Too slow

I started up a new affiliate marketing website a week ago when I realised that crypto is over.
Currently writing content and have around 6k words up. Got accepted at 8 or so affiliate programs.
Hope I'm not wasting this precious time when I could be contemplating suicide instead.

>0.28% ROI in god knows how how many years


I never understood who falls for affiliate marketing, like you can just buy whatever real bullshit you want from amazon. Unless you're selling useless products that pray on idiots.

How about its top holding, Visa?

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Some people need to get something shilled to buy it.
Do you think 90 % of Veeky Forums would have bought link if they were not on Veeky Forums?

Right, so mostly idiots and women. Guess I've lost touch with reality.

its a fucking ponzi scheme brainlet

overlay the S&P500 with the wall street cheat sheet

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>The Standard & POOR's 500
how are poorfags so delusional
it's in the fucking name

You believe Visa from the recession until now is like your shitcoins?

At some point I realized that marketing actually works. That made me sad. Then I accepted it.

Without work, I'm afraid you can't