Any of you Jibrel (RetardCoin) shills have solid proof of a tokenized asset on etherscan?

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oh wow 26 cents i'm fucking done for, bought at ATH

Only a article that they aim 250m and some kind words from talal. Cannot give you more, sorry.

Are you frogposters already banned from tg?

Jiblet here, you can come up with a better name than retard coin. that's pretty fucking lazy

Literally the coin of choice for the most gullible of idiots. Not a single individual has given even a single reason why this coin has to succeed. Not. A. Single. One.

how many jibbies to make it

sandniggercoin, scam etc etc

then i guess you can't read

Fuck off

but they are currently tokenizing assets, right?

At least give a couple of months, dickhead!
Tell me what YOU have. Let me guess, it went x1000 two minutes after you bought in? Fucking idiot.

>the absolute state of jiblets

Um...results, where? None of that "Instant impact" bullshit marketing jargon.

No? And why would anyone? Who expects there to be tokenized assets on etherscan already? LMAO

>pic related

Can you find where we are user? Tokenization reflects market cap once the tokenized assets leave the DAO dumbass.

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Nobody knows that. SEED group and JNT got a strategic partnership and they are working together very closely. Nobody knows how much funds, nobody knows how the funds and nobody knows where the funds will flow.

Talal promised a detailed medium post. But...talal promised a lot of things like website and roadmap which are still not in sight.

Nice diagram jibroni

Admittedly super simplified, but maybe it will just make the retard fudsters and shills stfu.

In the clearest fucking words I can find, what SEED is DOING:

>provide LIQUIDITY for jAED by sending handing the literal fiat to back it off-chain over to Jibrel

What they are NOT DOING:


>Admittedly super simplified, but maybe it will just make the retard fudsters and shills stfu.

Nah man, that's never gonna happen. JNT can go to $30 and the same people would be talking the same shit. But you know what? That's fine, cause no project with its salt hasn't run into these faggot fudders

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So the market cap is not a guaranteed $250 million?

but muh guaranteed 4x

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i'm sorry sir plz no hurt me

Does anyone know why the Jibrel conference had such big guests? Tappscott I understand as he's an advisor, but Da Hongfei and CZ from Binance are harder to explain. They didn't even mention Jibrel in their presentations. And I highly doubt that Jibrel paid them to show up, CZ for one never goes to these sort of things and he's already rich as fuck. There's something going on here but I don't know what it is

The people on this board are fucking retarded

Why r u here then...

What's up Rico?

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easier question then. Does anyone have an example smart contract with the so called Smart Regulations?

If it was do you think we'd be at fucking 36 million or whatever right now? Of course it's not.

Yeah and that dude was pretty much spot on. Are you really that dumb? I just gave you a fucking diagram so you can understand it but you are still too fucking stupid. This dude seems pretty pompous but at least it feels like his IQ is above 100 as opposed to the retards here.

What SEED is creating right now is the foundation of jCash. They are providing the actual cash that is needed to back the jAED offchain. Without that, the tokenization could not even happen. At some point, the jAED CryDRs will be available either in the DAO (see diagram, people can buy it for JNT which will then be locked up = token economics) or SEED or whoever will be able to handle it on the blockchain (which is when the token economics will also grip, because they'll provide the onchain collateral in JNT as well).

TL;DR: Just because there is fiat coming in now does not mean the market cap has to go to 250m right away. This is like a soccer team buying the best players available and fudders asking why they haven't scored any goals yet. Or shillers telling people all titles are already guaranteed.

No, the material is there and it's guaranteed. That's a good sign, but we will have to see how it plays out.

Also, biz is seriously retarded and many people here will ruin their lives because they are investing in a highly volatile and complicated market while being seriously dumb people.

Smart regulations literally means that you can only transfer jCash to KYC/AML cleared jWallets. It's a term for something really simple and easily accomplished.

cool story user. Has anyone actually involved with this project confirmed it works this way?

>could have had triple my current poorfag stack if I waited


oh well, it could be worse, I could have been one of those people who went all in at ath

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JIbrel wants to be chain independent and Talal said they are looking into NEO, kinda explains Da Hongfei.
For CZ my personal speculation is jCash for KYC users, basically allowing Binance to have fiat pairings (cause jCash fiat)

I think that sometimes myself but then I look at the depth of the order book and realize there literally isn't enough for sale to buy the stack I have.

Sent it to Talal, he said he will have something out that explains it better than this, but the basic concept was right. As I said, it's super simplified.

Frankly, everyone involved with the project doesn't really have time for low IQ scum on biz. They don't give a fuck about your lunch money anymore. If you actually message Yazan or Talal and show a basic aptitude for financial concepts you'll gain a lot of insight, but since most people here don't even know how compound interest works I guess that's a long shot.

Just check your own arrogance, instead of being thankful that someone provides you with a logical explanation you keep changing the subject and asking questions. You don't wanna learn, you're just here to troll.

>inb4 "hurr you're arrogant as well"

Yeah, I don't give a shit anymore, biz is a hole that constantly has new retards crawling out, both shillers and fudders, no time to be nice to everyone. Not like anyone is thankful if someone explains basic concepts to them anyway.

The early JNT threads were super comfy when people actually discussed how the project worked in-depth, really showed how excited people are for it. Then the relentless FUD threads started appearing and most of us just couldn't be arsed to answer the same stupid questions over and over again, but we still have a solid thread every once and a while.

>creates diagram that has a some going fiat>unstable token>"on-chain fiat" with no clear benefits besides "muh arbitrage"
> calls Veeky Forums low IQ

I know, I should just give up and let them meme each other. But then there are some people in there who are REALLY dumb but act super confident and think they are smart, and that's my biggest trigger.

yeah that's the funny thing about this even a few thousand dollars is enough to push the price up a decent bit, anyone who wanted tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands would be in a real pickle

Now you outed yourself as troll, kid. No more need to argue with you. The diagram is supposed to show why the 250m news are not directly having an impact on the market cap, nothing more.

You are right, compared to the likes of you biz must seem like a collective of geniuses. ;)

Go play Fortnite and tell other kids you fucked their moms or whatever you keep busy with usually.

>hurr durr your'e a troll so I don't have to explain my retarded diagram

>$5-10k market buy
>adds $5 million to market cap
Really makes those neurons firing.

I can't even buy $2k more without fucking myself over

I literally explained what it depicts. It's not complicated and I still explained it, yet you still don't understand? Congrats. Seriously, congrats. Everyone is laughing at you.

There's around 13 ETH worth in the JNT/ETH order book if you don't mind ~5% slippage.

So banks exchange JNT for Jcash? Where do they get JNT from?

>Also, biz is seriously retarded
There was a thread a few days ago about pic related. That's when I learned never to trust anything said here because I didn't understand just how retarded people here were.

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Do me a favour. Stop spoon feeding Veeky Forums. This board is a total shit hole since 2018

Why is JNT made so confusing. Why doesn't Talal update his whitepaper.

Pic related either A or B, right?

This explains it well and clears all the FUD. The jAED will be kept in DAO, and in order to acquire it you'll need to buy JNT, which you will exchange for the tokenized fiat. The JNT will be locked up in DAO until someone decides to redeem the JNT tokens.

Hopefully I didn't fuck up the explanation.

What if the price of JNT tanks?

There will be a mechanism to prevent wild fluctuations. I'm not entirely clear on this yet.

who do you soyboys think is best-positioned to make this happen?

SO banks have to go to bibox and get JNT for thier money?

how does this clear the FUD? This guy isn't part of the Jibrel team and is just making assumptions based on what he thinks he read.

Its C

Well, I need the real explanation not your understanding. Why JNT team hasn't address it in an official way.

Kek, no. Not really.
Because it's the only proposed tokenomics that actually makes good sense.
Also >Sent it to Talal, he said he will have something out that explains it better than this, but the basic concept was right. As I said, it's super simplified.
Then think for yourself, you literal retard. Or even better, market sell it and fuck off.

Fuck off and don't buy anything lmao
No one cares about you, Jibrel's success depends on institutional money not your 1,5 ETH

Then where do they get the JNT? OR does no one know? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to sell their fiat 1:1 for Jcash? I don't really understand how JNT fits into the picture or why it's necessary.

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am I retarded?

$30 in cash
$70 in goods
$100 total

I saw all kinds of in that thread and I thought I was misunderstanding something

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So no one knows for a fact how it actually works? How is this anything but a total shitcoin?

Nowhere right now. Binance or some DEX later on.
>why it's necessary
How else would you get your hands on jCash in a decentralized manner? Also on-chain proof of solvency.
The jig is up. Yes it's a shitcoin. Sell and fuck off.

No, it isn't. We actually can't know the answer since we don't know the price the owner bought the goods for. So we're missing an important variable to solve this shit.

That literally doesn't matter, because market price of the goods was $70.

You're right but I'm pretty sure the answer is supposed to be $100, you aren't supposed to autistically overthink it

Cause its not necessary according to their whitepaper

> How else would you get your hands on jCash in a decentralized manner? Also on-chain proof of solvency.

with ETH?

I knew you'd say that, lad. What if ETH tanks 50% due to a reason completely unrelated to the usage of Jibrel Network?

the question much did the owner lose...therefore the answer could be basically anything

What if JNT tanks 50%? This is a purely rent-seeking token my guy.

Jnt will decouple itself from ether once it has enough backing and is known enough

So it will create transfer from ERC20 Token???

>how much did the owner lose
The problem does not specify whether the owner loses out on the $70 profit he'd get if the goods were not stolen or on the x dollars that he paid for said goods. But since there is no option alluding to the latter, you ought to assume the former. Brainlet.
see >There will be a mechanism to prevent wild fluctuations
Which are basically Talal's words paraphrased. Plus the price of JNT will be directly correlated with the network usage. Not to mention the network being blockchain agnostic.

there will never be any tokenization of fiat let alone other money.
Unless a government of a specific country approves it it's NEVER gonna happen.

>there will never be any tokenization of fiat let alone other money

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>you ought to assume the former
>ought to assume
Once again, you don't know how much the purchasing price of the cloth is and on what the question is focusing. Therefor you cannot answer the question and that's no shame at all.

I am pretty sure you are one of the guys who randomly answers, “If a ship had 26 sheep and 10 goats on board, how old is the ship's captain?”, because you don't wanne be the brainlet, right?

I'm am really doubting as to whether or not you actually understand this project or you just think you understand it.

The whole logic is that banks need and easy way to get their assets on chain. The simplest way to do that would be 1:1 transfers of fiat to JCash. The team already said they're not particulary interested in getting Jcash on exchanges, as they're targeting institutional money.

So in this scenario, what purpsoe does the JNT serve and why is it necessary for the project? To get banks to pump a NEETCOIN into the moon-- I think they'd see through that.

exactly why Tether has the problems it has

yet the deluded shills think a monetary authority (central bank) is going to provide liquidity to a cryptocurrency-related venture like Jibrel

does Tether count even though you can't redeem it for USD?

I've been watching these threads since it launched and I haven't seen a single good intro explanation of how the system works.
Note: if you have several unique and unexplained initialisms like jAED in your post it is a shit explanation.

You can answer an incomplete question by introducing a reasonable assumption. It's literally how theoretical physics works.
Apparently you're the one who does not understand the project, or even the point of tokenizing DApps. You're certainly in no position to act smugly, brainlet.
That's not even the part that I was pointing out. But yes, Tether counts because it has banking with ING.

>unexplained initialisms like jAED

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just admit it, you got conned into buying this shitcoin on the basis that it was being backed by royal arab family.

This has got LINK 2.0 written all over it

jAED is literally the cryptofiat version of AED, same as jUSD, jKRW, etc.

The point still stands. If investors are the ones who have to come up with a business explanation for the project that makes sense, its a shit project.

I literally asked you a very simple question. The answer that you gave directly contradicts what the Talaal and Yazan have said.

Why do you guys always get so threatened when you realize that you don't know how this project works. If you do, just explain it simply and no one will ask anymore questions.

I mean other assets of course*
good on you, for reading carefully!

exactly, they think the governments will accept erc20 tokens as a form of national currency. It is never gonna happen. If it ever happens it's gonna be issued by them, not some private small project (because we cannot even call them bank since they still have no license)

Talal here.

Shut the fuck up and look how good looking i am you sweaty cunts.

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What's a Jibrel anyways?

Could government or banks EVEN be sued because its not 'regulated' and after this news today, it won't ever be?

I mean, I want JNT to succeed and Talal memes and stuff but why JNT or Talal is not more clear about all of this instead of going with 'please be patient, we are working hard'. Maybe he has no idea aswell

>This has got LINK 2.0 written all over it
Which is literally why I bought it. The only exception being that Talal is not an autistic virgin.
Well there you have your conclusion, now you can fuck off.
Why the fuck should I feel compelled to waste any more of my time explaining anything to you, much less when you don't possess mental capacity to comprehend it? Get lost, you arrogant cunt.

>jAED is literally the cryptofiat version of AED, same as jUSD, jKRW, etc.

HAHAHAHA oh, a jAED, you mean a Japanese automated external defibrillator? Sounds great.
I DGAF because tokenising assets is stupid. Just pointing out that most of you guys don't actually understand what you're invested in.

>want talal memes
maybe he does'nt feel obliged to spoonfed you fucking telegramcancerkids everyday
fucking addidiots
do you constanly run to your boss 10times a day and ask "waht now what now what now?"
i forgot, you are still in highschool and the boss is your dad

Oh look, it's this repsonse again. FUCK YOU DYOR RETARD.

Bro, they literally said they don't want Jcash available to retail investors. So why the fuck is JNT even necessary if Jcash is 1:1 with fiat?

Don't buy this fucking shitcoin anything but this shit. I'm trying to save you.

it’s literally listed as a partner on the SEED website

did your boss (or dad) ask you for $30 million?