How heavy are these bags faggots? Get FUCKEDDDDD

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Rhett, where the fuck are you nigger

remember all the posts about this shit?

>GOING TO 500 !_!!!

holy fuck this was one of the worst JUST than i have ever seen

even the Bitcoin private subreddit is empty, such a beautiful pump&dump

mfw it doesn't matter what price it is cause i got it for free

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The price is low because it's traded on literally who exchanges. It can very well be $100 in 5 hours if some retard decides to buy the order book.

>it will flip bch

BTC could be easily 20k, if some retard decides to buy the order books.

>another episode of biz making fun of a cheap coin and wondering how it got to 1k in a couple of months

Always do the opposite of what biz says.


Honestly don't know why people bought into this shit.

Massive gamble on a Zcash fork. It wasn't even a fucking btc fork, just airdropped to them. Literal genius marketing that plebs fell for.

It was pretty obvious to all that this was going to be pure shit. The only ones who said otherwise were BTCP shills and maybe some idiots.

Genius marketing is what makes coins moon. But don’t listen to me, you should wait for it to moon and buy high. It’s what you do, biz.

Thanks for the money you fucking retards

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> I don't look at the price. I believe in the PROJECT

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I fell for the shill.

18 zcl's purchased @ $200.

Long term bagholder.

I'm screencapping this thread so I can laugh at you fags in 9 months.

>ETH all over again

"LOL you're not getting my bags cheap"
I've been telling BTCP RETARDS since day 1 to drop their bags asap
>they ignored me at 0.06 BTC
>they ignored me at 0.04 BTC
>they ignored me at 0.02 BTC
>they ignored me at 0.01 BTC
>they ignored me at 500k sats
>they will ignore me at 350k sats and watch it drop even lower

No fair. Your computer will be pawned off for rent money by then

It's dropped that much now I may as well see what happens. The cash is lost. Stranger things have happened though in crypto world.

the only people that scammed us was bittrex trolling us into oblivion thinking it was going to list bitcoin private. rhett didn't do shit so stfu.

to this day we still haven't an answer why bittrex haven't listed yet

yeah i don't give a fuck if its an exchanges right to not tell us stuff but fuck off this isn't a tea party with biscuits fag

Buy scamclassic to get scamcoin private they said. Sell after the fork they said, Lmao

And the fucking faggots who started it all have been shilling on biz for so long now, we should do the opposite of what they said.

lol you fuckhead
everyone and their mother told you to not buy this shit if you did'nt buy zcl cheap months before
everyone told you that this is rhetts elaborate p'n'd scheme
everyone told you to not hold through the fork

but you did, because you are an utter moron
>it's bittrexs fault

>Roger Ver paid $100 million dollars to keep the best coin of all time off of every major exchange.

Yeah right, no one wants to touch this shit coin.


These guys are going down as bigger idiots than the Bitconnect losers. It was obvious that it was a pump and dump. No one is going to buy your bags, see you at $2 where this coin belongs.

mfw privacy coins will get delisted from every centralized exchange

fucking lol

Lmao at you the volume on ts and nanex is like 50k buy all the bags and see how it gets to 500$ in a minute

Privacy coins are the biggest con in crypto. Not to mention with Zk-snarks you can't actually audit how many coins their are in existence.

The perfect Rhett con job.

>> I don't look at the price. I believe in the PROJECT


I told them, then I asked them questions, then I told them again and since then I have only seen my questions and opinions posted 2 times. Only 2 of them were clever enough to realize it was a fucking scam. Fucking stockholm syndrome I swear to god. Whenever I try to reason with reddit I end up ignored, downvoted or with like 9 upvotes. the fucking worst

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Sorry flippers soyboys left only strong holders with a vision are left

Enjoy your vision at $2

fucking fag do you think bittrex gives a shit whether or not something is a pnd scheme? hello? bitbean?

dont really need or care to know how many coins are circulating since only 21 million will exist, it's irrelevant

Bittrex gives a shit if you try to claim something is a Bitcoin fork when it is just an airdrop.

Kek sure thing soyboy

People didn't listen when I told them that this was an elaborate scam. No one cares about BTCP, the hype was over ZCL and now that the coin itself is out no one cares, no exchanges want to list it. The only time it'll pump is during the next big bull run.

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yeah thats why they advocated bitcoin gold huh