You didn't sell at the bottom, did you?

you didn't sell at the bottom, did you?

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leveraged short at 7.4k. This is not the bottom.

>implying this is the bottom

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shorting the bottom HAHAHAHAHA

bottom ? :'D

If you didn't buy after that volume spike wew fucking lad

>shorting 700
why lol

Have you checked the BTC price lately

Bought in at $19k and selling TODAY. I can't handle the fucking stress.

Every red wojack I see pushes me further towards the abyss.

Bro... you were supposed to short 2 weeks ago at 12k and then cover at 7.4k. You are doing it wrong.

This is unironically the last time you'll see btc below 8k

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I took a massive 100x long position at 19,000 and I just kept lending more and mortgaging everything to avoid liquidation, but I just now finally sold my position and took the loss.

sold 7.8 rebought 7.4, vet fell too, gained 10% overall

>entire week has been drops of several 100s in minutes and the bounces in minutes some hours later
>this time it will remain on priced in news!

one guy on ethtrader sold at 460


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Well, you can't buy the dip if there wouldn't be people selling the dip, so...

I am 30% up leveraged 10x! :D



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I hope for your sake this is bait

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>he thinks he knows where the top is

this is a meme you, cant short the top

>he sold everything
>pahmp eet

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In the next episode on Bitmex rekt

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no one is this stupid

Just called my loan shark and was able to move into a new long position. Went 10x at 8037. Thats safer right, like 10x as safe?
Although I might call him again for a new loan, just to increase my margins a bit.

nice larp faggot

Can you help me out please? If I have a long position, are the red bars good or bad?


it's not. I just dumped my ICX bags today and decided to put it on bitmex. I don't use high leverage so I won't get liquidated anytime soon and I think we're still in a downtrend. If I see a trend reversal I'll take the loss, but I'm keeping it open until the.

pro tip. you will see it next jan when it crashes again then.
there is trend reversal. major positive news from G20 meeting. i wouldnt log off or walk away for now.