Be me

>be me
>the complete loser and black sheep of the family
>my uncle's family comes to visit us
>cousin is a turbochad with a nice car, stable job and girlfriend
>sitting at dinner
>chad cousin is constantly bragging about his new car and bonus paycheck he received
>he then asks me with a smug face what I have been doing, even though the whole family knows that I am complete loser and NEET
>me:"Oh, I have been investing in several cryptocurrencies and ICO rounds"
>cousin:"Oh, so like beanie babies??!?!?"
>*whole family starts laughing at me*
>me:"hehe, yea similar"
>then I open a 30-year-old Hibiki whisky and start unboxing a brand new IWC-Schaffhausen watch
>everyone freezes and looks at me
>dad asks where I have the money to buy such expensive things
>"Yea, my investments were VERY profitable"
>whole family ignores chad cousin
>dad, uncle and aunt are asking me how they also can invest

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How did you feel when you woke up?

Proud of you, user.

But don't be your cousin and spite him, offer him help and maybe he can return the favour!

>"Yea, my investments were VERY profitable"
>whole family ignores chad cousin
>dad, uncle and aunt are asking me how they also can invest

>i reveal that i lost all my money investing in link
>i used all my money to buy these lavish items to impress my family
>i reveal a gun i also bought and was hiding under the table
>shoot myself in the head with BTC written on the only bullet i could afford

Your cousin is a faggot. It's possible to be arrogant and in love with yourself without making others feel bad. Especially your own family, what the fuck.

>IWC-Schaffhausen watch
You deserve to be laughed at. Those things look like they might as well sell for $30 a piece. Get some taste or save your money. Geez.

fuck outta here you pussy frogfag

ur cousin still smashes more pusspuss than u

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niggers respond to this what the fuck
in december sure but now? how is anyone new left?

Seen this like 3 months ago bro. 1/10 for effort

Nope spite the way forward
Eye for an eye
If a cunt wants to be a douche he will not be shown da wae

same 1/10 try harder

checked, if he does not know the way he is not welcome

Haha yes me too user me too

>doing coke alone on Veeky Forums
hell yea bro show em whats up

>Son have you seen the powdered sugar?



Way to buy into a fucking useless meme there

>being this degenerate

>very profitable investments
>still lives with parents


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Lol I bet you are one of those frugal faggots who think he can take his money to heaven.
Swiss watches are pieces of art and while they aren't a good ROI like paintings, they can still retain their value and you don't end up losing any money

This, I have bought a certified pre-owned PP Nautilus and the price has actually appreciated.

>i buy bullshit because i want people to be jelly

take out your phone like everyone else faggot no one cares except for gold digging faggots if that's the attention you want go for it.

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Stop it Veeky Forums you better den this

I personally wouldn't have told them anything, just move out and forget about them. I too am a black sheep and honestly I don't really want to have anything to do with my family anymore after all the shit they pulled on me.

>not whistling for your stable of first-string whores to make their enterence
>not winking at the whores, the unspoken command to commence whoring
>slow, deliberate debauchery unfurls at the dining table, wives and girlfriends sitting in stunned silence as their spouses submit to sin
>your second-string whores wheel around back to make sure no square debbie interferes with the task at hand

yeah buy a watch, that'll show em

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Once more.


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I remember that, nice pasta tho

I wouldn't even bother flaunting your wealth in front of your arrogant Chad cousin. He might actually report you to the tax authorities in your country out of spite. Don't trust normies.

I avoid normie interactions whenever possible. I don't have to flaunt my wealth in their face to feel better about myself. My reward is isolation and not having to subject myself to wage cuck slavery. I literally only leave my house to buy groceries, takeout, go to the bank, run errands, etc. My victory is a quiet one.

this guy knows he had to do it to em

coke. fucking normie GTFO

>be you
>loser and black sheep of the family
>your cousin is successful in life and this makes you jealous
>create an elaborate but fictional account of how you wish your life was, even though the story never happened
>publish your story on Veeky Forums so that other people can comment on it and give you social validation and feel good about yourself
>do nothing to solve your problems and make your life better
>probably do the same thing tomorrow

The first two and last three lines are recyclable for all the rest of the faggot larps that get posted here every hour. Get those imaginations going you sad fucks

Lmao OP if your own larps that you created in your head make you seem like such a fag, I can't even imagine how insufferable you actually are in real life

>I unironically like fictional posts like this
It's fun to imagine yourself in those shoes...I imagine that's why people post these.

I'll rack some lines with you, user

stop responding to a copypasta

i bet that is stepped on garbage

hearty kek

Yea okay bud

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>bragging about not-so-slowly killing yourself

I give you 10 months before you look like a dilapidated schizo waving your arms all over the place with eyes wide open shouting nonsense.

Get help.

Wow you must feel on top of the world. Invested in some scam erc20 token, without really know what youre doing and then selling it off to the next loser.

gj user, you sure showed them!


>be making money
>OP having a fantasy about making money

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No u

woo says hi

What in the fuck, how much is there?


ezpz $$$

>tfw literally "based"

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Lol this

Hnghh fuck me. Jelly as shit.

>replying to pasta at all let alone in a way as insecure as this
holy shit you are a faggot

no u

user! those white lines aren't going to snort themselves

Its hilarious but a similar thing happened to me except I was the chad cousin and I wasn't arrogant.
NEET cousin is bragging about how he's making bank in crypto and decides to shit on me. I just laughed and told it was good for him. I later asked for blockfolio check and he was flabbergasted how bigger my blockfolio was lol. Well, tbf he had I think 8 or 9 coins mostly stinkers, while I only had 3. Fucking LINK is draggijg me down but BTC and ETH are fine

>>whole family ignores chad cousin
>>dad, uncle and aunt are asking me how they also can invest
your family must be really sad


How will OP ever recover?

kek please bless me with cocaina

>still uses a shitty Walmart laptop

I got u senpai

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We're done here, folks. Thread should've ended here.

Things that didn't happen for 200

i laughed, thanks OP