Shorts BTFO


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S to shit on grave


I dont get this what is it? Does this dude go around trying to liqudate peoples shorts or something?

shit on grave

>FSB is an advisory, non-legally, non-regulatory body. Meetings ro be had tomorrow and on tuesday. I am still waiting. BTC can still go south from here


It’s a bot that tweets when someone gets liquated on a high leverage position


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How does it know?

Hacks into your bank account to laugh at you


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Wow, there are like dozens of them every minute.
So what does the first number mean in 1,248,937 @ 7818.5?
There's no way all of those are in dollars or something.

By looking at the trade history on Bitmex?

Ooh hahaha mmmh splendid! Simply delicious, ooomm hahaa haha!


Those are in dollars.

These are people using x100 leverage so they actually ended up losing like 10k if they bought 1 mil contracts.

Good. Fuck those BitSpic faggots.

How do I get the clover to show up again

Those are dollars, in a position of over a million the guy was probably 25x leveraged but still lost about 50 grand

Ah, that makes sense. I first thought it would list the actual amount of money the guy lost, but the bot can't know the leverage ratio I guess.

And now that shorts are killed, it's time to kill the new longs