Whos buying?

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Since when did /pol/ infest every single board on this site

/pol/ is the real Veeky Forums

>revolutionary PoC (proof of cotton) consensus algorithm
>unique PlantationMiners with most efficient Lash Rates
>full payment system integration with yum! foods KFC chain of restaurants by 2020

How are u not all in?

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kek just bought 100k niggers

smart move

Hoch Many niggers do I need for a plantation?

this OP, how many niggers for a master-plantation?

148 NGR for plantation 1488 ngr to start master plantation

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Wow, really seems like a steal at this price! I will definitely think about getting some niggers myself, I'm just afraid the name might hinder mainstream adoption a bit.

Shit name shit logo
Heads not even centered on the coin. DOA

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>Proof of Work not needed

NGR on GDAX soon
You can access it through a hidden page, though trades won't load

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To the coon moon

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I want this coin to fucking skyrocket just so tons of bizraelis have to report the earnings on their taxes.
CPA: ok so it says here you earned 50k trading crypto currencies. do you have records of all your trades?
user: y-yeah...
CPA: jesus christ user... niggercoin?

Does this fork off the classic nigger coin? I'm still holding.

>melon wallet

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You can just put the asset identifyer on your income report EYFF...
Yes op ngr is fork, original nigger is pic related, both rare

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Can someone post the link to the original Wordpress site for NGR? I used to have it but lost it.

thx stole 100k

Thanks just bought 100k with food stamps



fucking kek

Just opened my old cage, found some old niggers in there. I wonder who threw hitler in there though, he must have had a rough time

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That's quite the collection you have there

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how am i supposed to list this when i file taxes