I was watching anime for an hour, came back and now it's recovering all of a sudden? why?

i was watching anime for an hour, came back and now it's recovering all of a sudden? why?

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Answer honestly:
Are you a woman?

why does anything do anything?

No I'm not. What made you think I am one?

you didn't answer my question... this is just manipulation isn't it?

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not even OP
woman confirmed

im going to find out who did this and kill them myself

What do you mean why? There are no answers. Why did it crash? No one knows. we're all just insane talking monkeys throwing Monopoly money everywhere

G20 happened/is happening. Things move fast in crypto world. Neets are taking over again.

its happened a lot the past week, pump 1k within an hour, then crash another 1k 12 hours later, it really has to be manipulated, but by who? and if they have enough money to manipulate it like this, why are they doing it? why don't they just let it crash or moon?

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Pls, watch more Animus 4 us. Im doing it too.

What should I watch?

Kill yourself unironically, avatarfagging blogposting roastie

You are a fucking degenerate. There are not woman on this board. Crush your balls.


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fuck, they know
Lets go girls

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OK, just finishing Fate

Be my anime gf?

Kaiji is nice, so is Akagi. Right now I'm rewatching Berserk.

Ancient Magus Bride is one of my favorites that's airing atm myanimelist.net/anime/35062/Mahoutsukai_no_Yome

why do you guys say this? it's not relevant to my question, who hurt you?

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There is nothing wrong with posting cute anime girls

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A.I.C.O. Incarnation is OK.
Black Clover & Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
are very nice

Anime is the cure

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I was trying to come up with a strategy to set my buy orders when I fell asleep. Wake up an hour later, and everything's different. Not a dull moment I tell you.

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IT's not recovering. Maybe your coin is, what coin were you all in on?

From 7,300 to 8,200 in an hour isn't a recovery?

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Is VRAINS good? I'm really lost on the Yu-Gi-Oh story so...

no. what's your portfolio?

Why are you avatarfagging?

It could be 'short squeeze' or alien intervention, who knows...

We're going to 9k.

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I like it and think it's getting better with recent episodes but I grew up with this series so it's all special to me


what do they gain by "squeezing"?

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How much money do you have right now?

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op post tits thanks

why? the money isn't needed anymore, i'm just curious as to why it's happening like this

what happened in your life to make you turn out this way?

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what do you mean it's not needed? didnt you have like 170k? what'd you drop down to? im comparing myself to you.

Its the only thing you're good for. That is all we think of you. You are nothing but a wet whole to harbor children. The woman in that photo is more useful than you will ever be, actually she's even better since all of her useless parts have been removed

comparing yourself to others like that is an unhealthy habit, user.

>wet whole

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dunno, that's what my grandma always told me. dyor.

is the photo real? how did that happen?

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What anime u watching?


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Without manipulation, BTC's natural state would be crashing. So they cannot let it moon, and it is riskier to buy it up really high.

So they prop the price up for now, so they can keep longing and shorting with leverage until BTC inevitably crashes,.

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Whales have accumulated. Bitcoin will never be under 8k again.

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Your waifu loves you.

We're already going down again. It was just a dead cat bounce.

He's lying. He's really watching, "Fuck My Dirty Shithole: The Movie"

How many bitcoin do i need to get a gf