Would you rather fuck prostitutes for the rest of your life, or just one woman who resents you?

Would you rather fuck prostitutes for the rest of your life, or just one woman who resents you?

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I'd rather suck dick desu

why would i fuck a woman who resents me, hookers are awesome (asian ones only)

prosty's. Most of them have a cheery disposition if they're mid tier or higher. Combine that with you being an above average customer and the whole experience is decent.

Now being with a woman that resents you is soul draining. Like a permanent debuff.

>various diversified always fresh good looking escorts
>same bitch faced woman that resents you and will get old
Is that even supposed to be a dilemma?

Neither because I'm not an ugly loser.

>permanent debuff
that feel

How is this Veeky Forums related

How are you Veeky Forums related

Escorts all the way if you are not Chad/tyrone EVERY woman will resent you no matter how wealthy or how ugly she is.

Unfortunately I'm short, bald and poor with a small dick no woman will ever respect me so I rather pay whores to lie to me.

I'd even prefer whores over a woman who loves me (and I've cheated on girlfriends with hookers many times). Why would anyone stay with a woman who resents them?

Other than the finacial transactions, its NOT! Bunch of faggots who made money and dont know what to do with except shove it in some wet hole.

When are you degenerates going to do something productive and start a business.

Resent is pretty hot, it’s probably the closest thing I have to a kink

Uhh... my wife adores me.

fuck off thread nazis

women can't love men kek

May I ask what this has to do with Veeky Forums and why the mods dont simply permadelete & ban these useless shity threads? There b for that

Why not both?

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>no fun allowed
>just pink wojacks, hysteria and voodoo

>just pink wojacks, hysteria and voodoo
Dont kid yourself. That is way more fun.

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biz is now a containment board for all brapers

man you Veeky Forums people always talk about fucking hookers and stuff but does anyone else here have a massive fear of STD's? no way im fucking hookers let alone making out/eating out. rather get a gf on birth control and do whatever with no worries

this isn't the 1970s this is 2017 they're all clean literally nothing could go wrong

Fuck a prosti in front of the one woman that resent you user.

I think I'm in love with a roastie.

Should I marry or become a basement dweller retard that sex tours on my time off from wage-cucking?

definitely cheaper to do that sex tours

how tho. i’m seriously just interested, the obvious one is birth control. i think i’ve heard of one that reduces risk of stds by a large percentage, what else? do any of the higher tier ones make you get tested before and/or they do?

Either or tbhfam but unfortunately I have a micro penis so both aren't an option

there's always a moment where the resentment breaks through and drowns out whatever tingles are left in a relationship.
as a serial monogamist i've grown to recognize it.
a narrowing of the eyes, pursed lips, hands either on hips or across the chest, almost always in response to a material decision. this is the woman realizing that i will never change and she will not be able to remake me into the man she wanted. often she will begin passive-aggressive behavior at this point. she realized she HODL'ed too long and it's time to manufacture her exit plan.

This woman is fucking useless

Because it's a question of resource allocation and supply chain management. How can I most efficiently bust my nut in a woman's mouth? Big questions here

I'm a man, how do I get a body like that?


>or just one woman who resents you?
neither thanks I've had them all ex wives 10/10s, psychos you name it. But never prositutes, better things to go than demean myself that way. You cunts need some fucking self esteem.

Fuck escorts. I'm married. Can't stand the bitch, but she does take care of the house. Regardless. I still fuck escorts.

Got kids? Why are you staying with her? Besides maid, that is.

>I'm a man, how do I get a body like that?
Female hormone injections. Lots and lots of female hormone injections.

Only if I can choke and beat the prostitutes with the option of defecating on them and making them feel worthless while they repeatedly call me daddy

>Fuck escorts.
what is wrong with them?

> I still fuck escorts.
Ah gotcha

I used to be like you when I was a little bitch. once you pop your hooker cherry and realize how awesome it is you never go back. unless youre a fag. which you probably are.

you realize most guys that fuck hookers dont do it because they are desperate/cant get laid otherwise. right? actors, musicians, athletes, etc get caught fucking hookers all the time and they are rich and famous. sometimes you just wanna fuck a 9/10 with no strings attached and there's nothing wrong with that.

>one woman who resents you?
That's my fetish.

You guys are pathetic if you can't lock down one woman and it doesn't make you right to confuse the cause and effect of the reasons you are or could be resented by a woman. Truth is a women will resent you because of perceived weakness and you shouldn't give a fuck if they do or not. If you're the average egotist or even close to a modern numale women can sense that and you will be resented for it. No it isn't fair and either way you're going to pay to have sex with one woman or not which is the most beta faggot outcome imaginable.