Anyone else here from Vancouver Bc Canada? Where my Canadian bros at

Anyone else here from Vancouver Bc Canada? Where my Canadian bros at

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shitcountry even more pathetic than sweden

who cares faget, we all here for memes and money, unless you're a pajeet nobody cares where u from

Hey would you like to meet my dog?

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Hehe... hi!

gta represent my nigger, ever used quadrigacx cash delivery? is that shit cra proof or no?

Vancouver here, this place sucks

Can confirm. I live here and it's nothing but chinks and grey clouds

Checking in. Vancouver is a cultureless, souless, mongrel infested cesspit. Beautiful scenery though.

cant be worse than toronto.

yeah, the downtown eastside is beautiful this time of year

I hate living in canada, but our government is turning out to be incredibly crypto-friendly. I've met cool boomers at our local btc atm. Royalbank of canada is utilizing a blockchain. I feel there are great times ahead.

stahp trying to block the pipeline pls.

t. Alberta

Also buy weed stocks. Bull run part 2 starts this week.

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fuck your pipeline, faggot hicks.
sorry, that was rude.

you WILL accept the pipe

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Northern bc here , how is it to never be able to own a home in a third world ghetto?

prairie leaf reporting in

"But we care about the environment" said Vancouver.
Burns city after winning stanley cup.

Montreal reporting in

Oil engineer grad in Alberta here. How 2 get job? Or should I just kms

No luck with the oil fields?

actually we lost the stanley cup. probably would have rioted anyway though

Any other Guelph faggots here

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I know he was Chester Bennington's dad. Fucking piece of shit he is.

Waterloo here

i visited Whistler a few weeks back for the skiing and i loved my neighbors to the north. first time in canada and i actually felt like i belonged there more than new england.

ive actually been thinking about moving there but i dont know what id do for work/housing. any ameribrahs make the transition? it seems like only aussies cuz of easy visas.

poorman's Waterloo

Victoria my dude !

up in the 6ix my nigga

Not for entry level

Man up and go throw some tongs, get a job roughnecking

im in toronto quadriga is a pos so i use coinsquare which is also shit but at least they verified me

those withdrawl fees tho
fucking insane
quadriga much better, no withdrawl fees

BC is amazing to live in if you can find somebody to pay the rent. truth is there's basically no jobs and the jobs that are there pay terribly. then everything is expensive. if it's not expensive it's because it's a poverty ridden town in the interior

you mean if you withdraw to an exchange or back to fiat? I havent done back to fiat yet.

i do not consent.
yeah, we're retards.

yuh datway

Qu├ębec mes gros caliss de laiderons

Yes hello

>Il a vendu?

Leaf here. Fuck Trudeau

Hi, I live in Langley, that close enough?

gee gee here

FUCK SCOTIABANK THOSE kike niggers dont want you buying crypto

Alberta here but i am originally from Southern Ontario, I want to make crypto gains so i can go home and buy a cheap house in my hometown... Maybe find a qt

Vancouver island master race. Just moved back from Victoria a month ago but still on the island.

Crazy how many other neets there are close by

island neet reporting in. Victoria is turning into Hoingcouver
we're full

>implying waterloo isnt a shit hole with a shit campus

Ontario lakefront here

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Any real girls here want to be my gf

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Nation's Capital. No it's not Toronto

Berta boi/crypto millionaire here reporting in from the land of green wojaks. Continue voting NDP/LIBERTARD and you shall never see the gainz. user has been warned.

But Guelph is basically Milton with a school.

Waterloo here. I hate living here, everything is expensive as fuck, we get taxed to death and salaries are not raising in relation to cost of living. I'm probably going to move to USA once I graduate, sorry leaf bros, this place is shit.

Yeah we're basically becoming Sweden.
Fuck this socialist dump.

>tfw the lowest price apartments here are 1k+

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Pretty sure American tax is much worse for crypto.

At least in America there's a lot more options to make money other than just getting lucky with crypto.

i'd rather take a pay cut and not have a high chance of getting shot and or assaulted. same reason why you wouldn't want to live in a ghetto even if the rent is cheap.

V6B represent. Whatcha up to faggot?

Read up on Quadriga withdrawal problems on plebbit. Not what it used to be

I never thought I'd miss harper

anyone from thunder bay / 807?

Vancouver isn't immune to cultural enrichment

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i mean they're like 5 black ppl here it wouldn't be so hard to spot them out even more so in kits

just withdrew no problem my dude

What method and amount you use

Vancouver Island, Nanaimo.
Close enough i guess.

>tfw got priced out by the chinese.

fellow island NEETs how are you.