Pay with any currency anywhere to anyone.

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wow a cryptocurrency how original

Mate, You can still pay whit FIAT using Request, and tokens will be burn whit the fee.

That is one hell of a sales pitch. Personally, im sold.

Heavy bags op?

i can also pay with fiat using fiat

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No that's not allowed

Will REQ move fiat faster than Venmo/PayPal? Will REQ move fiat at a cheaper fee?

why are you so obsessed with fiat cuck?

Because Normans use fiat retard, nobody cares about paying in "DeepBrainChains" lmao

Cheaper for sure and most likely faster.

People worried about paying taxes on their crypto need to just hodl until request comes out. Then just pay for everything trough request and NEVER pay tax on any crypto gains ever

Look at my trips, friend.

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poop Z E L L E is your end

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I guarantee you normies have no clue what Zelle is
And Zelle is just Venmo

this sounds CREEPY. CREEPY and WEIRD.

the better choice, obviously

is now a good time to buy this?

You don't think Request Network will hand your transaction history over to the IRS just like Coinbase does? You know, the other Y Combinator crypto startup? Shit, half the use case for Req is because it simplifies the accounting process for payments, they'll probably skim the income tax off each transaction and withhold it for you!

It's decentralized, they wont have that KYC garbage lnao

You mean the Express Payment Services venture that BoA/Wells Fargo/BB&T/Chase/some other fucking banks use to do in-app funds transfer? Anyone with a banking app from a major US retail bank knows what Zelle is, they just don't use it because they already downloaded venmo a long time ago.

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i got to reckon there's a reason i've never heard someone say "gee billy, i sure wish i could buy this soda with the apple stock i bought 8 months ago"

How much req is needed to make it?