Reminder. Last call to get in coming soon. #1 enterprise blockchain.

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as an enterprise developer can you please tell me what the fuck an "enterprise blockchain" is and why its different than a regular blockchain?

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>Can you please tell me what the fuck a "enterprise developer" is and why its different than a regular developer?
This is how stupid you sound, i pity whoever hired you

and now tell me for what or how i ever shilled something


i know what the fuck enterprise means faggot, i do enterprise shit for a living. my point is you can't just throw it in front of a word like "blockchain" and have it mean something. its pure bullshit
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brainlet spotted

It means it'll be the largest, most widely used in business.

But that's worth shit. The bagholders are getting desperate. Is it an incredible project? Sure, but it's not going to make you any money at this point.

>can't retort, just repeats the same thing
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>It means it'll be the largest, most widely used in business.
how could it possibly appeal to businesses more so than for personal use?

an enterprise blockchain is one that fulfills the needs of an organization, not just a user.

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you realise there is an id on Veeky Forums right? everyone knows which posts belong to you

I never said it would, I'm saying it will likely still be the largest, most widely adopted one by businesses.


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Its governance model, economic model, decentralised cloud storage and basically everything about it is tailored specifically to be most useful for big business. Not to say it won't be also the most widely used Dapp/smart contract platform as well, because it will. Vechain will be a monopoly.

i was the one that said something first dipshit, the ball is in your court to make an actual retort

Yes i know thanks for that explanation brainlet

No wait I want to jump in on laughing at you.
>as an enterprise developer can you please tell me what the fuck "enterprise software" is and why its different than a regular software?
>i know what the fuck enterprise means faggot, i do enterprise shit for a living. my point is you can't just throw it in front of a word like "software" and have it mean something. its pure bullshit
also go fuck yourself

Alright I’m done. It means that VeChain is a Blockchain as a Service company. They’ve been offering tailored blockchain solutions to clients since 2015 on private chains, sort of like IBM’s enterprise blockchain solution, Hyperledger. VeChain decided to move their clients over to a public blockchain launching in June this year, and relapsed a token last fall in preparation for that swap.

ever heard of B2B? There is your explanation brainlet

>Its governance model, economic model
bullshit buzzwords
>decentralised cloud storage
literally what
>Vechain will be a monopoly.

> what the fuck "enterprise software"
software specifically designed for enterprise
e.g.: enterprise web applications like ERP management systems

>Blockchain as a Service company.

you mean like SAP? yeah and i know more than you in

If there are 10 people in the room and 9 tell you how stupid you are there might be a little truth behind that

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yes everyone knows the majority automatically is right. thats how politics works too

I want to sell and rebuy one more time.
I need 2% more vet.
When do I sell? right around the 20th?
Or wait for news after, they are sure to come soon after the snapshot imo.

>i know what the fuck enterprise means faggot >i do enterprise shit for a living
>my point is you can't just throw it in front of a word like "enterprise " and have it mean something. its pure bullshit
Put your supervisor through please

Just put more fiat in

developers aren't fucking cashiers at the walmart retard

You realize that Vechain dev team designs software for each individual client, right? Most clients won't even realize they are using the blockchain.

You’re aware that blockchain is used by countless businesses globally without employing publicly traded cryptocurrencies, right? Blockchain as a service businesses have been around for a few years now. Blockchain is not synonymous with cryptocurrency.

thats not "as a service" then. if i tried to sell SaaS (software as a service, the actual thing that VeChain stole the name from) and i had to individually implement it for each client i would be lying. thats not SaaS
further proof its complete bullshit

how is that in anyway relevant

Typischer Wirtschaftsinformatiker der auf dicke Eier macht hahahha. r/iamverysmart lässt grüßen du lappen.
>Muh sap developer muh B2B = SAP AHAHHAHAHAHAH du dummer brainlet was an enterprise software ist schwer zu verstehen du behinderter hurensohn.

You do sound like a cashier instead of an actual developer, odds are you're some pajeet code monkey

must be hard understading B2B and the logic behind putting the word enterprise in front of something

Oh wait a sec. It is 4%.
I am 2000 off.
And don't have more fiat, at least not 7k usd right now.

But yes, you are right, this would be the right way.

You found “Blockchain as a service” funny for some reason, and it sounds like you’re treating it as if VeChain coined the phrase when it’s been in the industry for a while. VeChain’s been one of those businesses since 2015. All they’re doing is migrating their existing client base to a public chain.

It honestly just sounds like you’re ignorant about the space. Stop replying and spend some time googling it.

100$ EOY

he thinks he knows shit because he is a shitty paid dev at a stupid company making shit for shitty SAP HAHHAHAHAHAHHAA.

He called me a shill without me even saying anything about VeChain or any cryptocurrency you bet he is fucking ignorant.
Did i already say you are shit?

nigga i hope

definitely news coming after
relax dude we got 3 months until mainnet, proceed to sell each annoucncement vechain drops

too risky around the snapshot as it could pump due to news shortly after

also chuck money in the new vechain ICO bitocean, will be the easiest flip for more ven

To help you get started:

So, these are Blockchain as a service solutions offered by Microsoft and IBM. VeChain is a BaaS startup based o in Singapore. You can’t buy coins for Azure or IBM’s blockchain, but VeChain’s doing something interesting and transitioning to a system where their clients will have to do just that (or really, as DNV GL said, just pay in fiat and VeChain or a company like DNV GL will purchase the tokens on the client’s behalf).

Smart poster here guys

Also ignore the guy, he's baiting probably

good advice.
I am way too cautious anyways. My iron hands don't let me daytrade.
Today was the first time ever with vechain. And I went from 44k to 48k.
I will wait until I feel that it is a 100% chance.

you claim to be a developer but you can't understand the difference between an enterprise product (b2b) and a consumer one (b2c)? nice larp faggot. your mom says your bagel bites are ready time to head upstairs for dinner.

>It means it'll be the largest, most widely used in business.
HAHAHAHAHAHA he thinks that's a definition.
So the largest, most widely eaten sandwich in business becomes an enterprise sandwich!??

good job bro, im at 33k, i would honestly be satisfied with 40k, at least id hope
funny how your mind never lets you be satisfied

also, how much of your stack do you trade with? it seems like it would be a bitch to fill such a large order with low volume at the moment hence why ive been hesistant

Thanks. Today just seemed like a great time. I got up, btc looked ready to dump.
I sold 25k, and then 10k more a few minutes later. so 11 and 5 btc or something. somewhere around 16.

It really can be annoying, I waited until there were a few big orders of a few btc each close together.
Then went into tether for a few hours, btc dropped, vet dropped in sats, and I got in at ~40400 sats, really close to the bottom actually, my gf reminded me that I should probably sell, and she was spot on.

I don't normally trade, but today it felt right. I would have risked 100%, but after I went 75% in the price already dropped and I didn't want to risk it at the lower price.

I probably just got lucky. kek

Congrats man! I would like to do this for VEN but I think the FIFO accounting is more important to me in the long run than getting a few extra VEN right now. I am a burger so I am really looking for that long-term cap gains tax for VEN.

I should probably think about that too.
I mean, I plan to be in crypto till 2020 anyways.

Not sure how the EU will tax it then. In germany you don't have to tax trades, only profit in the end.
And my GF has a german passport. Maybe that, if I don't get 10 years for tax evasion in that case.