How much is too much for a prostitute?

How much is too much for a prostitute?

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the quality doesn't get much better after $1000

Famous girls are more expensive than attractive girls.
Also, more expensive prostitutes have diminishing returns.

$400/hr is probably the perfect spot.


>t. Venezuelan

We had to have something good between all the crap.


You are batshit insane.

Travel some, pay the ticket, the fuck till your dick goes limp. Then get some ladyboys to fuck you. Pay the ticket back.

You just fucked over 50 chicks for 30 USD average.

It depends, I’ve had $200 hoes that were hot and fucked me until I collapsed. I’ve had $500 hoes that weren’t worth a dolla.

where can i find an escort that looks like kenzie reeves and is under 5 ft

So you pay 21m for a prostitute? isn't it better to spend the 21m on a THOT?


10 USD in Venezuela are 2million BSF. Which is around 2 monthly salaries.

So you're telling me you get to fuck for 10$? Where?

I made a massive thread on this earlier titled whores. I was just in tijuana and spent 1200 usd , including hotel food and fucking 11-12 girls with a three way.

9/10s. $50-80. Model girls

Cheaper for ugly ones on the street. $30-50. Tijuana is heaven

some reason this lonely beta keeps telling everyone how he banged fat mexican trannies and calling them 9/10's

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>Tijuana is heaven

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You can find hot prostitutes in Venezuela. I've been there for a week and

>You just fucked over 50 chicks for 30 USD average
N... do you know how much Link you could have gotten for that?

>proud of fucking TJ whores

Venezuela Colombia and Ecuador . Women are $10 for 30min . Look at Miss universe contestants that with central America and you sir are a fool

Where can I pay to watch someone fuck a whore

>paying to be a cuck
>the absolute state of biz

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I mean technically that's not cuckoldry, more like voyeurism since the whore ain't yours. Still pathetic though.

The best bag for your buck is the Dominican Republic. Cheap airfare there, hotels are cheap as fuck, everything is. There are clubs specifically for dudes looking for women, and they'll be packed with 13-18 year olds, who will fuck you any way you want for so little money it's insane. The clubs where they hand out are mostly Americans, and they're not good looking dudes, they just have cash, and young pussy is all over them. You can rent an apartment for like $100 a month.
My cousin goes every 3 months, never spends more than $1200 bucks, and is drowning in pussy. He likes them young, so he gets 14 year olds, and younger. He paid one woman's rent and she let him take her 13 year old daughter for a week. Just hang out in the tourist trap clubs (the over 18 women will be there), and ask around, carefully. Prostitution is legal there, but under 18 is illegal - and the young ones don't see it as prostitution, if you can buy them a couple meals, take them clothes shopping, let them stay in your hotel room, they're down for anything. Don't bring laptops and ipads and cameras and all that shit, it will get stolen immediately. Get a burner phone, leave your good credit cards at home, and get a cheap low limit card for playing and getting cash from. You won't need a lot. And bring plenty of condoms, who cares if they get pregnant, some dude in the ghetto will knock her up before she's 16 anyway, but disease is a real thing. And never tell them where you live, or what your full name is.

Adriana Lima , ton Brady's ugly wife......all south America .....fuck TJ .....ugly cheap with cartel waiting outside to rob you ......VENEZUELA and south America I'm general will always be superior or north and south.

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That 2/10 alien foot of hers.

I do not go above $300/hr ever. No pussy justifies that amount


That's central America your a fool wasting your time with that part of the world . You have low standards

Seriously why ? Venezuela or nearby countries are far better in so many ways. Why do you want to surround yourself with trash (Central America ) go south.....if not for yourself do it for the future of your kids

Also, this. Money spent is not a good indication of your experience.

Dumbasses from Central stay quiet ........tortillas and burritos .....what joke. South America has the best looking women alongisd Italian cuisine (Argentina ) and Japanese food (Peru). Ugly people from Central need to stay quiet and let Russia wipe them out once the socialist movement takes place in all south America

Fuck south America even has their own crypto ......

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> fuck me in the ass

in NYC anything cheaper than $500 is questionable and I probably wouldn't even risk it

specialities are extra user

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>venezuela is any safer than TJ
entire south america is a shithole

this on other hand, is a scam


Might as well get a gold digging gf at this point.

100 bucks max.
That's 400 bucks per month. It shouldn't be more then this.

Also, where can I find underaged girly boys who are very confident and like to step on penis with their bare feet and call me a bitch.

I'm in

This is just my experience from living here but hey, if you want to risk it be my guest. I like top shelf

>venezuelANO now resorting to shilling his country's whores to foreigners
Sort yourself out.

You can't back it up with facts. We have Galapagos Issac Newton.....what the fuck is Central or north have

how do the locals not end up lynching you all? fuck

South America is poverty without greed .BOLIVIA.....
Lowest crime rate comaprison to North and central......boring AF but very peaceful ........can't compare the cost of living with central sorry want beautiful women ??? Drive couple hours to Colombia and meet women like Miss universe .....dumbasses

It's pretty simple- they all like money. Everyone is in on it.

bro wtf ur getting scam, in nyc too n only pay 200$ , 500$ is like models n stuff

i remember fuckin cara deligne years back for 300bucks

Well im not from NYC, in europe thank god, for 150€ i can find hotties.

cheap hookers at the expense of being a whiteboi target for a bunch of low inhibition criminals, no thanks

Did you cum on her eyebrows?

>white guy asking where to find underage prostitutes

yeah no thanks, i dont want to get killed

I will gladly let you pay me to watch me fuck a whore. You're paying for everything else too though. Faggot.

>cartel waiting to rob you
>in TJ
come on user get real here

any country with brown people is a potential disaster waiting to happen for a white guy

Sure, but they are very aware of where their revenue is coming from. The game is setup to keep the gringo safe around the clubs. Without the gringo coming back, the money doesn't come back either.

The club is safe. The trip back to the sleazy hotel isn’t. Personally I’d rather take my chances visiting North Korea than a nigger-tier country.

bro i was tghere at hong kongs the night befire saint pattys then crossed the border and played poker at the 7 mile card club in chula vista it was raining out and like 7 am and a bunch of people and i ate breakfast extreme comfy.......tijuana hookers are awesome btw

the day i went to hong kong day before st pattys day i used the saw-zaw with the dildo on the chick on the stage in front of everybody