BIZ....Lets say you have the $ for it, would you get a 2012 Audi R8 or a 2015 BMW i8?

Serious question. Please "you should get this instead", just between the two options which would you choose and why?

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BMW is better in every way except exterior styling.

BMW I8 because it's newer, the styling is more creative, and I'm reasonably sure it's faster(?)

BMW just because. Dream car is an M3.

R8 because you don't want a 3cylinder BMW. sage.

Both will have warranty (maybe 15k -20k miles under warranty, i will use my S for work, this is just a "fun" going out car.

a beast v10 that sounds amazing and is basically a tuned down Lamborghini engine that you can tune back up and make girls wet by the sound of the exhaust vs a soy boy all electric vehicle with no sound.

BMW i8 is depreciating heavy as fuck, so they are relatively cheap now.
i am more of a bmw guy so id take it of course, plus they are rarer (and better looking imo) than R8s here
Im not a racer, i rather enjoy cruising comfortably on long trips, so i8 for me

Both are cool, i8 is cooler imo

i8- 420lb-ft torque
r8- 398-413lb-ft torque

Why not NSX?

all soyboy faggots
you sir are a man of taste.

V10 engine sound for the fucking win soyboy faggots. OP you are a faggot for drawing it down to these 2 cars anyways.

Imagine legitimately wanting a car because it "makes girls wet". Not realising the absolute trash tier gold digger that would get turned on by a fancy car.

i bet you know which fleshlight is best too

Neither, I'd get a Subaru Outback and a Miata MX5.

Maybe a Porsche 911 and a lease on a garage and make it a business expensive by having regular tech days until I can find people from the Corvette car club, Miata car Club, Mustang Car Club and other unique niche car clubs to operate it in my absence as I travel.

I actually would love to do a rent a garage thing for niche/supercars but cars are a dying breed.

But I do want old people to hang around my place and pay a membership fee to use my lift and tools, it'd also get me to invest in a good set of tools.

R8 for sure. I8 isn't all that exciting, trust mehh. Last 3 cars were bimmers.

>buying a car for sound and not performance


R8 is going to age a lot better and is probably a classic, seeing you are spending all your money on this meme it seems like the better choice

Those are both fucking gorgeous user just flip a coin

BMW grills are so fucking ugly



unless you have mid 6 figures to spend annually on competing it's a fucking meme, you literally get more out of sound and interior styling in real world conditions.

have fun in your electric golf carts faggots. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoooom.

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The i8 sounds garbage and even has fake noise added to make it sound louder, it's a deal breaker for me so R8 definitely.

The i8 is for faggots that fart and enjoy the smell.
But if I had the money I wouldn’t buy a R8

Actually, good point

Have a gf, I've always been a car guy, i think growing up poor makes me want the best later on in life

R8, but my dream car is Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

If you're seriously asking this then you haven't looked into either of these cars for more then five minutes. The i8s are actual pieces of shit, they're not fast, riddled with issues and that's why can get they so fucking cheap.

The r8 is the superior vehicle in everyway.

V8 manual R8.

Maintenance my friend, R8 is much more and extended warranty on the R8 is a lot more than the i8.

If you care about road feel and driving for the fun of it, the BMW was made for that. If you want to feel like you're driving on a cloud and steering a school bus, the Audi does look better desu.

tad too much, I'm comfortable int he 75k-80k range

Embarrassed to say id prefer auto, bumper to bumper traffic in a big city....


BMW tries to be a lambo
Audi is just a longer TT
get a real car

Both are overpriced but the Audi is an actual beast.
The i8 should be priced at like $100K less.

audi about 70k area, i8 also in the 70k area...

porsche gt3

have drive a 996 tt many times, was my "holy grail" car, but not I want something more futuristic.

sorry been drinking :)

Starts at $150K CAD

tad too much, i am kinda firm with my budget so i can be able to afford other goodies. :)