List of Use Cases?

I'm trying to put together a list of clear Blockchain use cases with the idea being I want to have some investments in each of these use cases. Here's what I have so far:

- Supply Chain/Goods Authentication - VEN/WTC/WABI/AMB

- Asset Tokenization - JNT/LA (any others?)

- Prediction Markets - REP (I guess this is better with blockchain then as a centralized system? not sure)

- Fundraising - ETH/KMD

- Identity Verification - CVC/TKEY/KEY (I actually don't fully 'get' this use case so I'd love if someone explained it to me)

- Regular Payments - Nano/LTC/BCH/REQ/UTK

- Payments for private activities - XMR/ETN/PIVX

- Credit Scoring/Lending - RCN/BLT/BCPT (I don't think I really understand this use case yet either)

- Internet of Things - IOTA (think there's some chinese ones)

- Decentralized Internet - SUB/SKY/ELA

- Decentralized computing resources – GNT/SNM for computing, SC/PRL/STORJ for storage

- Ownership of Virtual Goods – I know there’s some doing this but I can’t think of any. MANA I guess?

- General Decentralization - there's a variety of these ranging from social media dApps, Messengers, markets for goods and services, etc. (Are these actually better in decentralized form over a centralized form? I see pros and cons I guess)
- Artificial Intelligence – DBC/AGI (I don’t understand this use case so I’d love an explanation)

- Decentralized Power Market – POWR/SNC/WPR

- Voting – HST (not sure I get this one)

Am I missing anything biz? Thoughts in general?

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Blockchain is free dick head. Nice try though.

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Decentralized oracles - Auger.
World Reserve Currency - BTC

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doesn't list link

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Yeah that IOTA is the worst IOT crypto CPChain is that much better and that RLC is the best decentralised computing crypto.

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XRP is used for global money transfers. Veeky Forums hates it for the most part so it's probably a good investment.

Link I don't see as a use case but rather infrastructure that supports use cases. This is meant to just be a list of use cases, not necessarily everything that should be invested in.

Yeah I think it more or less falls into the "Regular Payments" use case I listed. Though its maybe a bit more focused.

this is a good thread but god damn all I can think about is burying my face in that brapper

1) I've yet to have anyone explain to me why decentralized cloud computing is better than centralized services like aws. or how they could get anywhere near that speed and scale.
2) decentralized internet - fuck off
3) decentralized AI - fuck off and then fuck yourself in the face for being so retarded

Use cases for the blockchain as a distributed ledger: literally every single industry that uses a ledger in some way, shape, or form. Currency + data + everything else that needs to be stored can be replicated and protected through the blockchain.

Agreed, but this is too broad for investing purposes. I'm trying to identify the most obvious and meaningful use cases that you can currently invest in.

I agree with you user, I was hoping someone who understands those use cases would have some insight. I understand #2, but the others I struggle with.


>2) decentralized internet - fuck off
This would actually be pretty cool since crypto can be killed any moment by the government atm.

John McAfee said on Thurs that his distributed exchange is a month away and he's giving it away for free, no cost.

> let summarize all u r shitcoin use cases in word == none other than pump and dump shitcoins, no adoption, ever

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Thanks user. This thread needs some contributions. Perhaps the brapper I chose was too overwhelming.

Vechain is going to replace all of these functions.

Identity stands no chance vs Vechain dApp Vevid.

Do your research and feint with glory of the Vechain.

Vechain is not just a supply chain app, poor fag.

Decentralized AI is about monetizing programs or data that AI needs in order to become smarter and do different tasks. So if you create a program as a developer, you can monetize it on an AI platform and then sell it on a decentralized marketplace for others to use.

Decentralized Internet is pretty damn easy to comprehend.

Decentralized cloud computing I'm not expert at but I'm guessing it could be to protect against centralized data breaches and maybe cheaper. This one I don't know enough about

Oh I know, VEN is my largest holding. I classified there for the sake of this use cases discussion since its what most people know it for.

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I get your explanation for AI and that all makes sense, but I'm just missing why blockchain/decentralization is useful there. It would work just as well in a centralized marketplace wouldn't it? Seems like the use case is nothing more than "decentralized marketplaces are just better".

you will go far user

Here let me help you user, there are 2 use cases:

Only coin normies will ever know: BTC

Industry logistics: industry DLT (not for sale)

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vechain is literally bitconnect and will exitscam once people start selling

Centralized places could take cuts of content creators gains. Just like youtube does to content creators, just like record labels do from artists, and the list could go on. Content creators often get fucked by centralized marketplaces. Also, you could sensor who can sell and not sell and not play favorites

>infrastructure that supports use cases isn't use case, hurr dur

also see, legacy finance, insurance, legal, and gov't uses cases that don't rely on any coin at all other than link.

Yeah I got ya. So the AI part isn't necessarily special with blockchain in itself. Its just a specific application of the decentralized marketplace use case.

Yeah...its not... The infrastructure is pointless if there's not a real world use case. Another example would be Quantstamp. Cool investment, but its infrastructure that supports the smart contract ecosystem. Quantstamp and Link are indirect plays for many use cases rather than a direct play for one use case.

it would be cool but its in no way feasable. maybe 10-20 years from now MAYBE. if youre investing in skycoin or any of these other decentralized the internet coins youre a sucker.

>describes use case in fud attempt.
It is for the smart contract eco system, the smart contract eco system is for it. lt is a specific tool for legacy institutions to integrate their data into the block chain ledgers as a way to execute trustless middleware agreements. It transcends the smart contract ecosystem and uses it as its bitch swapping back and forth from different platforms agnostically until its requires its own block chain.

inb4 "its an erc20"

No it's an erc677 that they developed specifically for link and have said it can build out its own blockchain when the time comes if necessary.

>fud attempt
God damn user Link is my #2 holding. I'm not trying to fud shit. I'm trying to have a conversation about what I started the post about. Fine Link is a million use cases. Happy?

do you have any idea how many transactions per second amazon web services does? its insane. meanwhile you have these decentralized cloud computing icos built on ethereum that cant handle cryptokitties

God that chick is so hot

yes thank you

Yeah I wonder about this one too. I hesitate to question the technical feasibility though. Saying something isn't technically possible has hardly ever been true throughout history.

The company that develops the decentralized marketplace can still practice censorship.

XMR isnt for "private activities"...


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>Am I missing anything biz?

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>Am I missing anything biz?
Did you really think nobody would notice?

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what about land registries, deeds and real estate transactions

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Link you utter faggot. The one ring that binds them all and makes them connect to IRL

I agree but the problem is it would have to be fast and I just can't imagine a dectralized internet being that fast. The guy said 10-20 years away. I'd say more like 100-150. It'd literally be an entirely new internet and you'd be wrestling that power out of Comcast and the government's cold, monopolized hands.

Automated accounting. Will replace all accountants forever.

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It's spelled Augur. But yes.

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>cherub braaaap

is Augur in competition with link?

It's very good for messaging apps, voting and verifying IDs. In fact, these three can and should be used simultaneously. Rule of thumb is that anything that should be immutable could and should take the crypto ledger route as it is safer, truly immutable (ideally protocols that use quantum proof cryptographic protocols for future proofing) and decentralised (more resilient to attacks).
However be wary of poor implementations and inferior technology. Right now, the market is very new and, like Tesla, trying to raise funds until things become more accessible to nornies. This is basically akin to the early internet era. Expect massive growth and adoption in ~10 years, specially due to increased market and political instability. The j*ws dun goofd.

Not really no

On this note, VALID will become big once it gets integrated by NEO. They already have a working demo.

No SKY. Kek