This is the only graph you'll see on this board in about 6 months. Watch

This is the only graph you'll see on this board in about 6 months. Watch.

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What app is this


Yeah because all the crypto guys will already made it in 6 months with LINK.

i own link and its gonna be a bit longer than that friendo

>t. Sub 1k LINKlet


Will my 10k LINK be enough to make it?

what does the graph mean what you talking about op?

i'm dumb plz help

this literally doesnt help me in the slightest - i'm just on biz so much that I want to give back a little

see and google that word

Shopify is hard.How do you make the sales?

instagram influencers.

You think we’re all going to go and sell shit on an app?

but hwo do i make monies

>or buy my shopify course for $399.99

Will I make enough gains with Link to pay for an army of rabid chimps to disenbowel every Linky shill faggot who ever lived? If so, sign me up.

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the fuck you selling OP
how much do you pay influencers

>Total sales $1.3k
>Total costs $1299
>Net profit $1
thanks but i'll stick to shitcoins

car mods

peanuts compared to what i make

When did you start?


Hmm.. could you show me any examples of shilling Chinese (I'm assuming Aliexpress)stuff on Instagram?

Not your store of course.

Ayyy OP me too

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Go to literally any meme page and go to their stories, you should see at least one ad.

When did you start? How many hours do you spend on it?

How many hours do you spend on this per week?

feed baby like bird

>wants to 'give back'
>tells to DYOR

apart from larping what actual advice can you give someone who just set up a shopify yesterday? i have around 4 products so far which i have put research and think they are good (i would buy them at that price) what is the next step in growing my business