Wait so is the movie actuallly happening?

Wait so is the movie actuallly happening?
also greco thread

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>Gearing up for the pattern
Probably the tv episodes in theaters, but oh boy! I hope I'm wrong.

For some reason before I open the image, I thought that Tomino was using a USMC camouflage uniform.

Does Tomino buy his shirts from the same place James May does?

They actually have the literal same wardrobe. It connects to each other's homes using a Minovsky miniature black hole generator.

He mentioned working on the movies during an interview with Forbes a couple of weeks ago. The movies are confirmed as happening, so long as they don't go SEED, and whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you.

They're probably just compilation movies most likely so I doubt they go the way of the SEED movie.

Maybe if they made into a compilation movie, it makes the show more easy to follow.

The problem with greco was too much info too quick, i don't see how compiling it will help

The same interview he did mention there were a lot of fixes he wanted to make that he couldn't include in the BD release. So it at least has a chance to be better than just a cut up compilation.

What did poor Yu Papers did to him?

No amount of editing can salvage that convoluted mess of a plot, he might as well make an entirely new anime


YES! Tomino has not abandon us. He will deliver us from the evil that IBO has become.

Most definitely happy to hear that the G-reco movies are more than a rumor, but why use Bing's translation when Google's translate bot is actually good now?

if you take the first 5-8 episodes and the last 3-4 you'll have enough material to recut the 1st and last thirds into a more easily consumable movies, but the middle was pretty weird, they're gonna need to do a lot of cutting and possibly reanimating there.


He confirmed it in a Forbes interview a few weeks ago. Check the archives
>we're gonna have a second thread yet my FMP thread is probably 404 already
Gundam Gundam Gundam YAWN

>greco movie is actually happening
A chance to see my favorite boy make an appearance again. and the possibility of a Moran HG. please gunpla gods

Post Nug

Because Google is run by dishonest leftist shills and even if Bing is no different at least Bing doesn't let it affect search results
It probably doesn't really matter in the big picture but I don't want to support a company like Google if I dont have to. my email and the like is on there so I guess i have no choice but to keep using it but I happily switched my search engine and most other web services to Microsoft since 2016.

That sounds like a half-assed attempt to assert some kind of principle or righteousness

in which case you shouldn't use bing either because of privacy concerns, but you only care about leftist shilling

I can't even find half the shit I want on bing, at least google can find it

>not using duckduckgo

more like rightist shills

republicans love privacy invasion

>not centrist shills

Not really. Rightist shills are the ones who recently removed Obama's privacy protections which was keeping ISPs from selling your info to third parties.

I just find it incredibly hypocritical from the right to accuse the left of privacy invasions when it's the right who often does it the most, whether it's the usa or even the uk.

You might want to loosen your tinfoil hat because it seems to be cutting off circulation to your brain.

You should be glad that Google is run by dishonest leftist shills and not dishonest rightist shills. I don't know if people realise the dangers of a rightist controlled internet. There would be massive censorship and you would lose all anonymity (not just a massive part of it like now, but all of it). They even might do crazy shit like force people to register with your real information for every service you use.

I'd take the shitty whiny liberal left over the ultra authoritarian conservative right any day of the week when it comes to my internet.

"Tomino declared he will crush 'kimi no na wa'"
I sincerely hope he does, but I'm expecting disappointment.

G-Reco has one of the best coloring and animation designs, at least it's way way better than IBO's

>I don't know if people realise the dangers of a rightist controlled internet. There would be massive censorship and you would lose all anonymity (not just a massive part of it like now, but all of it). They even might do crazy shit like force people to register with your real information for every service you use.
Pretty much like leftist China, today, right?

Twitter is partnered with bing and the translate option is right there with the tweet itself

>leftist China

Do you know what you're talking about, kid?

I mean I know you wannabe nazis are fucking idiots but holy shit. I spend literally all day consuming anime and manga and video games and I still live in less of a fantasy world than you do.

Oh, I'm sorry anons, I forgot that the People's Republic of China, led by their single party, the Communist Party of China, and which their own constitution states that China "is a socialist state under the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants" is in reality a right wing dictarship.

Yeah, they call themselves a Republic, too. That means they're just like Republicans :^). So an analysis of their economy when you wanna make a point, not what they call themselves. For example, China still had commodity production (as in producing goods and services for selling on the market), so if say they're well within the range of capitalism. Otherwise how would they have private companies and billionaires?

SeeAlso, why are to put idiots arguing over who's better at peeping at you on your internet. By now I'd think it'd be obvious to even a child that neither the Democrats nor Republicans have your best interests in mind and are always willing to sell you out for their position

You can't just do that.

> trying to beat your name
Old man has gone insane.

Let me be clear, I was talking about the American Left and the American Right.

China's policies are both right and left, but the big distinction is that they're authoritarian. They are authoritarian too in the west, but nowhere as much. Also, China never really had a good chance to become democratic, and they've always been under some sort of authoritarian rule since the beginning of the country's history. Sun Yat Sen's republic was short lived.

That's why I said whiny liberal left and ultra conservative right. I was being very specific. The left / right isn't a simple dichotomy just like how people like to assume it is with super robots and real robots. It's a lot more complex than that.

You're right, because democrats are for the most part centrists who pander to corporations, pretty much like republicans. I was talking about the left and the right though, not really the parties themselves since they rarely stick to what their partisans actually want.

>Yeah, they call themselves a Republic, too. That means they're just like Republicans :^)
You got me there, I forgot that when Republic is preceded by "People's", "Popular" or "Democratic" they anulate the former:^)

>Otherwise how would they have private companies and billionaires?
Their "socialist market economy" model is a economic and political anomaly, no big news there. Their ideological rationale discourse (excuse) is that they are still in the early stages os socialism, and so they need to adapt themselves to capitalist practices to survive. But aside from this paradoxical economic system, they are still a socialist/leftist dictatorship, with internet censorship and harsh regulations, which was the original main point of our argument.

You're bringing up China but like I said, China was always an authoritarian country except for when Sun Yat Sen's short lived republic. And your point is irrelevant because this is about an American company.

I said I prefer the liberal left internet rather than the conservative right internet (of the usa)

Democratic socialism is associated with the liberal left, not authoritarian socialism or national socialism. Huge difference.

My apologies, then. I didn't see your post here before posting this

I'm on my side. Not gonna waste my time throwing myself into one or the other of the two factions of the elite who would rather have us fighting each other than see who or real enemy is.

Biggest entry-level meme politics. Every government is authoritarian when they're limiting you from doing something. Its more useful to analyse the policies themselves on a case by case basis to see how useful they are to the whole of society. Though I do tend to prefer more libertarian policies, sometimes the logic behind it is pretty naive or ignores other considerations, and can be twisted easily.

Every government is authoritarian up to a point, that much is obvious. But there's a degree of how much. You're playing semantics.

Republicans of the USA want to block porn, are against net neutrality, and recently removed internet privacy protections so this guy complaining about "leftist" shills doesn't realise the damage that the republican right has already done to the internet.

If /pol/ could only wake up from the madness their choice had on the rest of us (It's not Trump, but the party they chose to back really). Soon you'll see FBI shills posing as anons. Just you wait.

Ok /m/ we gotta go back to G-reco now

"On Tuesday afternoon, while most people were focused on the latest news from the House Intelligence Committee, the House quietly voted to undo rules that keep internet service providers — the companies like Comcast, Verizon and Charter that you pay for online access — from selling your personal information.

The Senate already approved the bill, on a party-line vote, last week, which means that in the coming days President Trump will be able to sign legislation that will strike a significant blow against online privacy protection.

The bill not only gives cable companies and wireless providers free rein to do what they like with your browsing history, shopping habits, your location and other information gleaned from your online activity, but it would also prevent the Federal Communications Commission from ever again establishing similar consumer privacy protections."


These are dark times ahead. The TPP wasn't good, but this isn't either.

so anyway how about them mobile suits
i'm glad the g arcane never transformed

>so this guy complaining about "leftist" shills doesn't realise the damage that the republican right has already done to the internet.
Is because I'm not american, user. I just found ironic that you guys fear your right wing doing internet censorship, when a left wing government of other country already done worse over the same matter.

But now is better just do like said.

I will be incredibly disappointed if it does transform in the movie

>who or real enemy is.

My point is that the term "authoritarian" doesn't really mean anything other than "This government is doing things I don't like". Authoritarian is basically just filler, it's not really a meaningful category. Its better to talk about what you actually don't like and why.

Can we get back to G-Reco?


I know it was said that Tomino forgot that it could transform but by now and with all the stuff gyoubu's done on IBO too, I feel like its more a case of the suits just having more gimmicks than the directors know what to do with.

Why do we even get a movie from this train wreck series? Even IBO and Seed Destiny has a more coherent story!

>coherent story

Because other countries will think it's okay to do what America is doing.

>when a left wing government of other country
They're not democratic though and America won't turn in a dictatorship any time soon. It's scarier to know that a democratic country is prone to these kinds of censorship. The stakes are much higher. It's like a friend who might betray you rather than an asshole who just wants to fuck you up.

Anyway I'm done on this topic too.

I prefer it that way, story should not be beholden to toys

I just wish it had more/better gunpla. At least a movie means we will get something hopefully an MG Grimoire

Screw it up you faggots, now go back to /pol/

>G-Reco Thread
>Became political correctness thread

>user actually fell for this meme
The wealthy elite control this country entirely. There was a brief period in the middle of twentieth century when the country as a whole was reaching towards looking after the common man's interests, but the Intelligence agencies took advantage of our complacency and started turning everyone against each other. Now the only thing we're allowed to be democratic about is this stupid culture war bullshit that everyone hates and makes everyone hate each other.

Arguably a valid interpretation of the show

Pls, back to G-Reco



I mean, I'll buy a figure of her. There's one right ?

In a stunning turn of events, Marvel announces a live action film of Mobile Suit Gundam for western audiences. It is an adaptation of the One Year War, and the main character will of course be Amuro Ray.

How would you cast it? Who would you want to direct it? How much ground would you want this first film to cover, leaving the rest to hopefully see in sequels? Would you rather they take cues from the series, the compilation movies, the novels? What would have to change in its design/scenarios to make it palatable to the average Marvel enjoying movie-goer? Would it even be possible to make it not shit?

Base it more off the novels. Make the mobile suits somewhere closer to powered armor, landmates or armoured troopers. Make Mobile Armours into Heavy Bomber-type craft that deploy from the main battleship as a carrier for mobile suit squads to their targets and helps coordination of mobile suits on the battlefield. As for cast, we're gonna need someone who can play a whiny, auristic spic for Amuro. Combine Ryu Jose and Sleggar Law into one character. Any good young Hong Kong actors that can play the parental type? Directed by David Lynch, of course. First movie should go up to either Jaburo or Odessa

I think this should be enough to piss off /m/, and still be able to make a great movie

Almost forgot. Ryan Gosling is Char

Mel Gibson and Hugh Jackman for Ramba Ral and Dozle. Also, Jared Leto for Garma and Martin Sheen for Degwin

Rupert Grint as Kai. Recycle Tom Holland for Hayato.

>whiny, auristic spic
Jake T Austin, maybe?

I'd be okay with that.

The best part about G-Arcane is that It can't even transform in EXVS Maxi Boost On

So just like in the show itself?

Considering how fucking long it's taking it better not be just some cheap compilation cashgrab.

I would assume funds are stolen away from it to enhance the next main TV series, but that would be giving the execs too much credit.