Reddit told me there's an animation revolution going on. Can I see it?

reddit told me there's an animation revolution going on. Can I see it?

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fuck you

You aren't looking the right way.

Are they any newer Animators putting out work? SpeedoSausage, David Firth, Felix Colgrave, and Golfinho Still upload animations every so often.

Isn't Irelands animation industry going through a massive boom right now?

Is this the power of CalArts?

none of them is calarts


Why so many people watch this hack?

His artstyle is atrocious and he isn't even funny or anything

It is, but not in America

Because his audience is mostly kids and they like the way he explains things and friendly personality?

Half of this people don't do animation anymore. Hell, I think only Harry is still putting out YouTube animations but like 2 videos a year.

I remember Tomm Moore saying that Irish animation really started with Don Bluth's studio, but it leaving allowed him to focus more on regional mythos.

More like the power of newgrounds has-beens that barely even draw stuff any more.

kaptainkristian used to post here before he got super popular, fuck.

>psychic pebbles does a shitty podcast now with the worst interviewer voice I have ever heard
>oney just does lps now
>Arin has only done lps for years after the OoT sequelitis embarrassment
>harry and ross at least still do animations

where did everything go wrong

>OoT sequelitis embarrassment
wha happen?

He still puts out stuff? I thought he was also working on Game Grumps

Making cartoons doesn't pay on Youtube. Because of the way the ad system works, a 5-minute cartoon that could take months to make will make as much money as a 5-minute vlog that some guy makes in a day.

he does but he does streams on working on Gamerverse all the time at least

more than you can say of Arin and the rest, sadly

Those shows you don't like?
Yeah turns out they actually have influence.

Want proof of revolution just look at Toonami on Saturday for 10pm. Or 11pm fuck I dunno just watch the streams.

They pretended that their loose connections with post-2007 studios meant that they were "professional" and would get legitimate jobs.

He didn't like OoT like everyone else. I haven't seen it personally, but seeing his other sequilitis videos I really don't trust him knowing anything about game design.

He said a bunch of stuff that made him look like a retard, and it pretty much exposed him that he's not a knowledgable about games as he thinks he is.
It also showed everyone that he has trouble problem solving basic puzzles and paying attention to important details (probably ADD)

I've been unfollowing them all lately. Tired of them whining about YouTube's policies.

>tfw Wolfwalkers won't even start production until 2018, if it even begins production at all

He actually hasn't been doing much for Game Grumps recently aside from their new show Doodle Doods.

well he's kinda professional in communication I have to give credit to him
but you can't learn anything usefull from him
better watch Aaron Blaise instead because he is the real professional and you can learn a lot from him and he's a good friendly teacher

it just really highlighted how his ADD affects how he plays games

any kind of waiting, what so ever, is the worst thing in the world and the fault of the game because he get's bored/distracted easily

True but kids don't know any better.

Meanwhile, in Canada, ...

How dare creators use their platform to air grievances they have with said platform.

I'm glad you agree

>5-minute vlog that some guy makes in a day.

15 minutes is the ideal time for videos like that. But the longer viewers watch the more you get, 15 minutes is just the maximum a lot of viewers will keep the video on before clicking away.

Unrelated note, but I don't know if to admire or hate Matpat for, first bothering to research this, and then to start padding his videos with unrelated shit and longer awful jokes in his 'theory' channels. Christ mate, at least don't reveal your secret and then use it to milk every last cent.

Pebbles was working in TV until middle of last year, now he just does his podcast.
Oney pretty much does nothing but LP's and fuck around with personal projects (he posted some 3D animation stuff he was working on for Oney Plays), he did recently post about working on two separate cartoons and the possibility of revisiting Leo and Satan.
Arin only does LP's, he can't do anything else.
Ross is doing Gameoverse.
Harry is almost certainly working on a new cartoon.

To add a few more...
Felix Colgrave has been working on a new short film since last year.
Stamper lent his voice to The Behemoth's Pit People.
Ricepirate has been doing quite a bit of VA work.
Corey has a patreon and draws porn.

It's animation vs a autistic LETS PLAYER

I bet it's fucking minecraft let's player

Apparently he has a son...

What's wrong with complaining about YouTube's shitty algorithms?

Dante plz, we're trying to have a discussion here


He makes great videos. But yeah he got the wrong people as a example of 'animation revolution', most old animators today just turned into LP, podcasts, or just stopped, and keep complaining about the algorithm of Youtube. Harry Partridge is the only one on that pic that still animates for the internet...every 100 years or so when the planets are perfectly aligned.
New animators are the ones that are inovating, people who are inspired by the old ones and still don't have such a problem with money right now. Some are still young enough to not have to worry about money, others have gained a big following and opened patreon or stuff like that

Not sure, I just think user doesn't like complaining in general (which is ironic since he's complaining about it)

What other newgrounds era animators are still around? I know Filmcow and Ebolaworld/Tacoman are still kicking around but their work is barely animated comedy skits.

small obscure animators from hyuns dojo and other asian and hsipanic forums. these animator. do it for fun.

Speaking of Harry, is he still continuing Starbarians?

Is it hard to make animation because I want to make one and became famous youtube animator

>Hi, I'm Punky

Are you seriously calling the Kaptain reddit?

First you got to learn how to draw.

Unless you got a team or gain a ton of recognition VERY quickly you're likely shit out of luck. Best I can recommend is being one of those 'story time' youtubers that does light animating.

>not loving pebbles voice

Why didn't he put in max? hes a better animator then most of them in this picture


Arin, Chris, and Ross all gave up animations to be let's players

Zach does a podcast

Zach and Chris hate each other now (apparently)

Hellbenders is dead in the fucking water

>Zach and Chris hate each other now (apparently)
Aw that sucks, they're both funny dudes. Didn't they used to be roommates

Chris now lives in Arin's basement and subsists on Arin and Suzy's leftovers.

>if they haven't uploaded something to youtube then that means they're not doing it at all

what did he mean by this?

My man. I stumbled upon him back when Wacky Game Jokes for Kids! was his current thing. His Brain Dump on nu-PPG was just so great. It touched on a lot of things I felt, but just couldn't put my hands on. Max really does deserve great things.

take that with a grain of salt, it's something I heard here so it might be bullshit.
people like you have been saying that since game grumps started "Arin will animate while he does it!"
let's plays are just a death kiss, once they understand they can do something that takes 90% less effort they never go back.

Wtf no they don't.

Also, Zac x Nikki is best ship.

>once they understand they can do something that takes 90% less effort they never go back.
That and the guy's pretty busy running his company and touring his shitty live show hither and thither

He's working on a TV show pitch. It's why he doesn't show up on Game Grumps hardly ever anymore.

Yeah I am going to need to see where you are getting that.

I am super bummed Chris decided to just jump into Let's Plays though. I think at one point he even said he never really wanted to do animation for a living any way, same goes for Arin.

A lot of the NewGrounds guys did pave the way but they really have just given up on animation and kind of just dump on it now.

At least Sexualobster still animates. Dude puts out a cartoon every month.

I love ya Kaptain, but I must digress by the end of the video. If these animators are the future of 2D animation, then its deader than I thought.

Seriously were there no better examples?

Sexualobster is getting paid by the Aussie Gov. to post his visual shitposts.

Arin said that he din animation mostly to be a voice actor in them.
Same thing with Kirbopher, the guy that animated the smash brothers brawl shorts. Now he is a VA for funimation.
I dunno what Chris plans to do when inevitably LPs stop being profitable.

haven't these guys had like, almost 20 years to be the "future of animation"? I'm pretty sure it's clear they're not by now. I fucking love the old newgrounders and I still realize that.

Chris seems unable to adjust to adult life. on sleepycast he would bitch about the most trivial shit like his washing machine breaking or people bullying him for wearing a halo shirt.

If I remember once they were asked the question "what do you want to do in five years" and he said he was done with animation, and just wanted to "direct shit" whatever that means

>Chris seems unable to adjust to adult life.
Maybe that's why I find him so relatable

Chris and Zach are done, user. They don't follow each other on social media and Hellbenders is dead.

Chris is literally Arin's adopted child by this point.

When you think about it, solo animation just doesn't fucking work (unless its done in a very limited manner akin to Sick Animation). Animation is classically a team effort. There was an appeal of seeing what people could do individually with Flash in the mid/late 2000s, but those days are gone.

Living the dream.

>Zach and Oney both did streams through the majority of 2016 of the new Hellbenders episode, sometimes even with eachother
>They moved to other sides of the country but still talk now and then
>Zach and Chris are done

and where are those streams now, user
also if they still talk now and then, why don't they follow each other on twitter anymore

This. The smallest amount of animation of any quality takes fucking forever. Even if it's shit. So to make high quality, good looking animation, quickly, you NEED to have multiple people. If you were the best animator ever, and wanted to make a movie length animated film, it would take you years and years, and you'd probably give up. The only things that work solo are shitty two minute videogame parodies. And even those are mostly created by companies now.

Newgrounds was good for that. It brought people together to work on videos as either animators, voice actors or even writers.

If you are talking about animation needing inbetweeners, that's harder to do though the Internet without sharing the files quickly between the lead animator and others. Specially in the early 2000s. That's why collaborations were animators doing just shorts and then handing them to the guy that put them all together.

to be honest most of the prominent animations on newgrounds made heavy/practical use of tweening (like everything johnnyutah made). i don't understand the obsession with frame-by-frame. looks great when done right, but it's so fucking time consuming if you're tackling it solo.

>Looks great when done right

That's it, though. That right there is the reason for the obsession. I agree with you though, it takes ages. It's just so good to look at.

>just because they don't really do art streams anymore or follow eachother on twitter means they aren't friends anymore
Imagine you had a good childhood friend but had to move to a different state. You'd promise to keep in touch, but you don't talk to him as much as you did when you were together. That doesn't mean you aren't friends anymore.

Zach and Onet weren't childhood friends first of all

Second they don't talk, at all, since the election over Zach talking about politics constantly and Chris just tired of listening to it. It's on his twitter if you look for it.

to be honest that's what I thought sleepycabin was going to be, instead it turned into a bunch of guys doing their own solo animations IN THE SAME HOUSE!!! It's not shocking it died but I would still like the last five episodes of the podcast

chris and zach were more than just 'good childhood friends', they were practically business partners/work colleagues.

everyone in the sleepycast circlejerk follows each other aside from chris and zach. it's clear as day.

They don't follow each other because Zachs twitter is really political and Chris talked about how he was getting sick of politics in one of the podcasts

gosh they're just taking over the internet by storm, releasing beloved shows today such as...

these are the people who still believe jon and arin are good friends, don't bother

>Zack and oney weren't childhood friends first of all
It was a fucking example you retard.
Also, I saw that. I don't think he was talking about Zach, but if he was, friends don't always get along perfectly.

I like how all of these people in OP's pic are slowly ending up as sad aging middle aged has been with no future.

well, arin and ross are set for life (whether they're still animating or not). i believe harry partridge will eventually make something amazing, but he will need a lot of help.

Only if you go to calarts or suck up to the game grumps and markiplier.

When Youtube stopped giving animators fair treatment with adsense. It's not fucking worth it.

does Harry live in a basement or something? How does he earn money?

I'd really like if just one of them would try to leave their comfort zone of videogame parodies. Even Ross's Gameoverse is still, in the end, a videogame parody. I can't imagine they don't have some aspirations to make something different, they're artists, afterall.

If I'm not mistaken his dad was a pretty famous rockstar in like the 80's so he's pretty well set

He gave an honest review of Oot and nintenyearolds lost their collective shit because he dared to claim it was anything less than flawless.

Except it was like the only correct interpretation of a game he ever had.

OoT was the beginning of the slump in Zelda games that Breath of the Wild only just now fixed.

more like he shit all over a game because he was bad at it, if you want to see a well thought out and fair review watch this one instead

The animation revolution isn't happening with a bunch of independent artists who either stopped animating or put out one three-minute animated short per year.

The real animation revolution is being led by mid-to-high-level studios with decent amounts of funding that are ignoring TV broadcasting and instead striking deals with online streaming companies or putting their work on their own site. Examples include shows like Voltron or RWBY, action shows that could probably never exist in their current form on TV.

No, the only reason you disagree with him is because of your own biases.

If RWBY is the future of animation I'd rather it die to be honest.

Waste of quads
How is pointing out all the pointless waiting "being bad at it"? I have no doubt that egoraptor sucks at games but that observation is pretty independent of that.
Same thing for what he said about the game being linear and the puzzles being painfully obvious.

Haha, I remember that.