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Japenese culture is for fucking plebs

Why are neet virgin incels so obsessed with this faggotry?

>tries to be edgy on a vietnamese basketweaving forum
true chad appreciates whatever culture he wants

why do you like getting blacked? the heart wants what it wants

>literally a burger whose entire culture is burgers
who's the pleb again?

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Is that top ramen with random shit thrown in?

If only weebs didnt ruin japanese culture
I wish for all these fucking sushi and weeb shit to go away and instead just have traditional japanese standard restaurants were you dont have to feel ashamed going to


not trying to be edgy
and no such thing as a "chad", i've met what Veeky Forums calls "chads" who were fucked up losers

grow up brainlet

you watch blacked
thats why you fascinated with asian women because white women rejected you

i'm not american retard

its always the same type of people who are into this shit
beta gimp incels who wank to cartoons


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what's up with the increase in belio volume since last week anyways?



I swear this place gets more normalfags invading every day. Theres plenty of morons that think just like you on Facebook or Reddit. Why not stay there?

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I've posted here for over a decade newfag
oldfags hate anigay too

>i've been here since
siren call of the newfag

>hating anime

look, i've been here for 10 years and i can tell you that anime is shit

>Safest country in the world
>best train system in the world
>fastest train system in the world
>conbinis on every corner all stocked with fresh food
>hamburgers, italian food, french pastrys, japanese food all over
>no muslims
>more restaurants than you could visit in a lifetime
>polite society, no one really locks up bikes in tokyo
>toss your iphone x on the table to claim it and then head around a corner to get a snack and no one swipes it

user i...

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The wonders that not having niggers, jews, spics, abos or muslims in your society are incredible.

They're all retards who fuck octopus

>instant ramen with over cooked vegetables

>Safest country in the world
I doubt it. It's safer than US for sure though.

>I doubt it.
It's ranked place 10, USA is ranked 114

>Japenese culture is for fucking plebs

Take a good look at where you are.

>Numale glasses
>Using chopsticks to eat noodles despite being huwhite
>Use Japanese unironically
Kys disgusting faggot

Where am I?

Don't forget no (((Christians))) either
You're fucking retarded, given its immense population yes it definitely ranks first in safety

I was in Minami-Senju Tokyo ten years ago, and there was a mosque there blasting calls to prayer throughout the day. So yes they have muslims, but not as much of course.

Great place to visit, but only a certain personality type would enjoy living there. Crime is no different than any White town with no minorities would be. People are very polite but mostly a bunch of emo assholes if you really get to know them. Think Shinji and his father from Evangelion.

Ultimately anime is just another tool to push degeneracy and rape people psychologically. Even the old stuff. FF7 has a gay gang-rape scene in a bathhouse for instance. Anime looks pretty, and l love the memes, but real life is so much better.

You're on a site which was an imitation of a Japanese image board that mostly posted about anime. The original /b/ was "Random/Anime". not just random. This is an anime website, no matter how much you claim to be an oldfag, you are not an oldfag if you hate anime or Japanese culture.

>Oil water with flour and MSG.

Choose one.

Loads of oldfags hated anime you plebbit fucking retard
Why do you think moot used to ban them

Oh right you don't know because you literally came here during the election

Fuck off

I'm actually mixed asian

Why do you think Moot founded this website?


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Dont care

This entire site was founded because of weeaboos wanting a place to discuss anime and fap to lolis.

Within 2 months it was no longer about that newfag

everyone's gonna have a start I guess.

why don't you guys go back to r e d d i t ?
yu are in Veeky Forums
4 - chan
this is an anime board also

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Wrong kanji haha

No this is a business and finance board
go to >>>>> if you want your incelcartoons

No, you don't understand you r e d d i t fag, all Veeky Forums is anime, 4- c h a n , don't you understand'? it's simple, if you don't like it just go away faggot

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you're fucking retarded, this is a brazilian parkour image board

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newfags fuck off

anigay is for virgin incels

cleaning out the fridge, i see

Where can I buy "amigay"
"... ?

you can't escape bitch and im not an incel at all kek

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you're a faggot though
shut up gimp

y o u h a v e t o g o b a c k

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fuck off nonce
one day you will hang

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y o u d o n t b e l o n g h e r e

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You know, Japan has some of the world's finest steaks,

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>Owns something called Thrustmaster
>Tells weebs to get out

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its a fucking joystick you mongoloid

I'll have you know I play the white, european flight simulators with this peripheral.

i've been here longer than you though
hows that work?

Whatever you need to help keep your latent homosexual desires at bay, user. Thrust to your hearts content.

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100% Anglo space grinding simulator

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Looks like you immigrated to another planet. Why don't you just go back to where you came from? Filthy immigrants stealing all the space jobs.

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you have been in the wrong place then, stop losing time because you don't belong here

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> online horse dick sucking club

what gaem

you're in the wrong place retard
>>>>>>>>>>>virgin incel gimp

grandpa don't you understand that Veeky Forums is an anime website? even if this board is financial is still full of anime

it's over grandpa, get over it or go to your safeplace r e d d i t

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OPs noodles look exactly like these korean instant noodles I bought from amazon during black friday.
they are disgusting, i got gooked, just like with ICX

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You're new here retard
Go get a girlfriend you loser

>>best train system in the world
I don't know user sama
I saw 5 centimeters per second
that wasn't best, nor fast


You're fucking retarded. Gook culture is self-destructive and they actively try to mask any shortcomings they have. The police underreport rape, murder, and theft to make stats look good. Go live there and get shunned you fucking gaijin.

elite: dangerous