Are these really that bad or is just a meme?

Are these really that bad or is just a meme?

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They are bad if you're into high lit.
They're pretty good if you're into genre fiction.

As far as fantasy books go, the first two books are alright. It's in book three onward that his lack of skill as a writer really starts to show, and the plot has just been drawn out to a ridiculous degree for no discernible reason.

The 3rds was good too. The 4th and 5th are pretty bad though. GRRM needs an editor bad. It is a shame we will never see the real ending too the story though

Sunset found her

I'm entirely convinced that he's drawn the story out so much that he just doesn't know how to end it. If winds of winter ever gets released, I highly doubt it'll bring us any closer to a conclusion.

The sad part is that we'll likely see a conclusion from the tv series well before the books

>genre fiction
>hight lit

>b-but books are only good if they're a ripoff of Hamsun's Hunger


Pick two.

They are pretty bad. Extremely long for no reason. You can really imagine the fat pervert sweating and giggling to himself when he writes the very childish sex scenes. The sex scenes honestly remind of those internet parody animators that stem from newgrounds but if they took themselves seriously.

not wheel of time bad, but close enough.

even 12yo me thought he was shit

if you want good fantasy go read
gormenghast, george macdonald, dunsany, or e r eddison

They're so bad it's retarded, YA novels for people who barely have enough brain cells to no shit themselves.

Have you read the Zimiamvian trilogy? I read the opening couple pages of Mistresses of Mistresses like ten times before I could continue, I liked them that much.

I'm also just started reading Titus Groan – it' a lot funnier than I thought it would be.

Book 1 and 2 are great.

Book 3 and 4 are absolute boring garbage.

Book 5 is good.

Books 1-3 are good while still having a large scale
Books 4-5 have been pretty meh, largely because it's a lot of buildup for the next big fuck-you moment of the 2nd half
The biggest problem is GRRM losing focus of the first main cast and procrastinating a lot
Seriously, 2 years between the first 3 books is alright but 4 years between Swords and Feast and 5 years between Feast and Dance is fucking ridiculous

Not yet though I just recently found a copy.

I can definitely understand reading pages of Eddison's intense prose over and over again.

It's shit. The first three books are good. But that's 3000 god damn pages to work through to end up the insulting trash that is book four. Usually when a series has one bad book you can just jolt through it to get to the next good one. But this shit is another 1000 fucking pages. I hear the fifth one is just as bad, so another 1000 pages to get to maybe a decent book? Let alone the series might never finish

Basically, the series is work and you can spend your time reading something better.

I read book 1 and I felt not only that it was very interesting, but also well written, this coming from someone whose 3rd language is english

What are some fantasy books that have faeries and aren't garbage?

Haven't read any yet, but John C. Wright's fantasy stuff is apparently top notch and features fairies and elves and what not. This website might help you find what you're looking for though:

they were good but the tv show is honestly probably more worth your time. you'll get the same out of either medium.

Fans of this shit don't really want a conclusion. How satisfying could it be. One of them gets the throne and the grass is always greener, whoopee fucking hoo.

They don't want a conclusion, they want endless escapism from their shitty lives.

Skip and read the original.

They're completely different, you insult Tolkien with this comparison.

It's like comparing The Godfather to CSI:Miami.

I loved them when I first read them, because it was refreshing to have some fantasy that seemed genuinely devoid of plot armor for the characters and that seemed to be driven primarily by character motivations rather than some epic, magic bullshit.

My enthusiasm has since been tempered somewhat by two mediocre books and an increasing gravitation towards those very things I mentioned above.

This exactly. What separated ASOIAF from the rest is basically gone now, and season 6 was the worst example of that of all. If that shit is actually what TWOW will be like too then this series is finished.

I really like the chapters of Jaime fucking around in the riverlands. The rest is mediocre

Thanks for quality post.

"ASOIAF does not have plot armor" is driven basically entirely around the end of ASOS. The Red Wedding and The Mountain vs. The Viper are the only really shocking moments narratively. Everything else is pretty standard.

Decoy protagonist – Ned

Rhaegar was the real protagonist.

I'd cut some slack on that one. The decoy protagonist doesn't usually last to the end of the book.

12yo you was a fucking faggot.

Eddison is fucking GOAT though

It was so hugely obvious though. Like talking from a plot-reader's perspective it was so fucking obvious.
>Hi guys, this is Ned
>Ned is a good guy

>John R. R. Tolkien
>George R. R. Martin
what did he mean by this?

Is George a master ruseman who hates himself, the world and his art, so he spitefully writes these ruse books to laugh and be disgusted at how people like them? So he put these two Rs in his name to subtly hint at how his work is a satanic blasphemous disfigurement of LoTR?

We got a contrarian here

Wow... So he strung out a gimmick for even longer than normal?

The only fantasy series worth reading or worthy of being posted outside of the containment thread.

He sucks, just read Tolkien

The fact that he's a good guy makes it obvious he's going to die? The good guy is usually the protagonist.

But it's not really the decoy protagonist gimmick anymore if the decoy lasts until the very end. This trope involves a switch of protagonists. For the protagonist to be a decoy then he has to get replaced. Ned didn't get replaced in the first book, or really ever, there was never another clear protagonist.

yeah it's good but I never see it mentioned here. So called genius's here probably can't handle GOTM

This is probably the worst fantasy series I ever tried to read. Ok, R.A. Salvatore's stuff is probably worse but Malazan comes pretty damn close. I regret ever wasting money on that shit.

Karsa Orlong.

Also, not an arguement

They're actually good. Remember, always take fantasy as the setting, not as the whole grand scheme of his novels. If you can read between the lines you'll see how Martin takes on Heinlein's philioshy.

Here, for clarification (contains all spoiler through season six from the series):

it's bad.

>to a ridiculous degree for no discernible reason.
There's a little thing going around these days I hear, its called "money", it's pretty popular!

>The fact that he's a good guy makes it obvious he's going to die?
>The good guy is usually the protagonist
And only a retard would expect that to apply to AGoT, which by this point had suitably demonstrated its edginess.

He's right though. It's the most soulless piece of crap there is. Fucking Dresden is better, because you can tell it's had SOME thought behind it, even if that thought is retarded beyond cognition.

How is it soulless? Its like over 10000 pages total author obviously put lots of effort into it, I felt for the character and some are very well written.

Also there is loads of foreshadowing in the books and the author makes you work it out for yourself, he doesn't spell out certain things for the audience.

E.G Toblakai's identity. the truth behind the teblor gods etc etc

This isn't literature but pop culture.


I mean, you're not wrong, but there is a lot of literature that can be considered part of pop culture.

Are you literally here from Reddit.

Because Malazan is the kind of paint-by-the-numbers soulless bullshit Reddit loves to lap up. "Oh the worldbuilding's so amazing!" Wow that's really fucking impressive.

>I hear the fifth one is just as bad
It's better than The Hungry Birds, but still not great.

The Vorrh (and its sequel, The Erstwhile) is fantastic. No faeries, but freaky angels that are pretty similar. The only problem is that it's a trilogy and so far only two books have been released.

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The Stannis, and Jamie parts are pretty good throughout the entire series. Some of the jon too. The rest fuck drags on forever especially any Dani or Dorn chapter.


Good there bro.

The recovery reading time in between sets is still taken up with Pynchon although I do try to read around.

>How is it soulless.

Trull, Icarium, Rhulad, Mappo

This is spot on.

>4 years between Swords and Feast
>5 years between Feast and Dance
and now it has been 6 years since Dance and we don't even have a release date for Winds

at this rate the old fat fuck will die long before finishing the series

dude chill. its just nice enjoyable fantasy with a cool medieval setting. it is what it is and its honestly not that bad.

i'm a Veeky Forums chap as much as anyone but that doesnt mean i cant enjoy books of all kinds for what they are.

>at this rate
its a certainty that he'll die before he finishes it. he's fat, he's old, he's rich and famous which means he's probably not living sensibly and he's probably got at absolute maximum a decade left in him

It's an entry series into litterature like 99% of medieval fantasy, as such it is good.
I disliked the series passed the two first seasons though.

The originals would be the Accursed Kings, good books too if you like historical fiction.

>And only a retard would expect that to apply to AGoT
that's if you read the books with foresight
which most people do

>Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up she was shitting brown water. The more she drank, the more she shat, but the more she shat, the thirstier she grew, and her thirst sent her crawling to the stream to suck up more water.

Are you really asking if a popular series is good or bad on Veeky Forums? Did you expect anything but people throwing shit at it?

it wasn't obvious

it was more obvious in the show because it was sean bean who professionally dies on screen for a living

Her cunt became the world


Cherry picked fragment of dialogue, wow so bad.

Are you going to defend it?

If I read that will my deadlift go up?



The first three are great. Not genre-defining, but a good solid low fantasy story. AFFC and beyond is dogshit.

What does it matter? Most of the arguments in favor or against it, or anything really, boil down to "I enjoyed it" and "I didn't enjoy it". I can speak for myself, but I can't change people's experience with it, nor would I do it if I could.




Third book was the best tho.

The three men were erect. The sight of their arousal was arousing.

It is a decent series (with major flaws) in the genre of fantasy, there is a lot worse out there.

But Martin is an awful author, who apparently has no Idea how to write a series of books.

Initially he planned to write 3 books and any person with half a brain would start by laying out the rough Idea of the complete story and then fit it into books.

But obviously he didnt do that, he already is 5/3 books into the series and the turning point, where the separate stories begin to converge, hasnt even happened.
The only explanation I have for that is that he himself doesnt know where all this leads.

If you want actually decent fantasy, written by someone who actually knows how to write a series of books read .


you are right about Malazan but Martin, (hate the fat cunt) is a "gardener".

It's a Veeky Forumsizen! Get him!

You can argue about subjective things you dongle also SPOILERS SHOULD BE SUPPORTED
>If you want actually decent fantasy, written by someone who actually knows how to write a series of books read
anything but Malazan.

Try Gormenghast, Worm Ouroboros, Book of the New Sun, Ficciones, &c.

Oh, they are.

4chanx lied to me.

Wow dude you are so smart Xd, how intellectual of you, book of the new flowers, some fucking worm of orrroboros wow how mythical gormenfucking beowulf looking ass.

The characters of Karsa, Trull, Icarium, Rhulad, and Tehol Beddict blow those psued books out the water.

Stop making fun of the Malazan poster, I'm sure he means well.

So why does everybody hate ASIOF? I've read the entire series thrice; can anybody name actual issues with it? Or is it just standard griping?

>They are pretty bad. Extremely long for no reason.

This desu. I'm about 250 pages into the first book and it's slow as fuck. Okay, the setting is sort of interesting, but can something please happen instead of chapter after chapter being about a bunch a kids who are just fucking around and doing stupid shit?

The standard of good literature is insane here, if it wasn't written by DFW, Shake, Pynch or some russian whose name I can't spell it's shit. Also can't enjoy something that the normies do XD

>can anybody name actual issues with it?
Martin is a shitty writer.

The actual story is pretty decent but he doesnt know how to write a triology.

Being at 5 (planned are 7!) out 3 books is a pretty bad sign.

>when you wonder why some fantasy writers just don't know when to fucking stop, then take a moment a realize they're getting filthy rich by deliberately making their series into a bloated mess of filler and bullshit and are really acting in their own best interests

Considering that most fantasy series are the size of fucking door stoppers, this is completely true.

Fucking wheel of time

I'm a pleb from Veeky Forums and I absolutely love Tolkien. After reading most of his work I went on to read ASOIAF, and while I enjoyed the first 3 books I just can't get through A Feast for Crows, it's fucking boring. Any other books or series I should give a try?

>boring as fuck books are good because the guy wrote a fake language to go with it

piss off

Wow all the edgy faggots, ITT. It's phenomenal story telling and while you can somewhat predict what happens in all the books, the character arcs are fucking epic and you can't deny it.

The show also nails the casting in the GoT show. Come at me, edgelords.

If you have any interest in military fantasy Malazan.

Dont let the memers here discourage you it really is great, although the first book has a few problems.