My mom is threatening to kick me out of the house

>my mom is threatening to kick me out of the house
>she caught me trying on her underwear and bras in her bedroom
>I like the way they feel that's all.
>I'm in no way attracted to my mom I swear
>she's telling me I either need to go to counselling or get a job and start to pay rent.
>I've never worked a job and I don't think there's anything wrong with me
>she's given me 2 days to make up my mind or I'm being kicked to the streets

Guys I really messed up. My mom thinks I have a huge incest fetish even though I tried to explain to her I just enjoy the soft silky undergarments. She's forcing me to either get a job and start paying rent or go to counselling. I'm 28 years old and I've never worked a job before.

You guys are really smart problem solvers please help me out here guys. I don't want to go and talk to anyone. And I sure as fuck am not going to become a wagecuck. What can I do to fix this situation I'm in? I really don't want to go live out on the streets.

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Easier to just go to counselling and talk about your mommy gf fetish.

just go to counselling to please her
then wear her shit only when shes out of the house

She's not wrong you know.

Fucking LARPers.
7/10 bait.
Seen it too many times before.

this is biz not faggertry 9k kys.

Steal all the underwear when you get kicked out. It’ll show her not to mess with a good boy

Btw how many gbp do you have? Possibly redeem some

fuck your mom OP, it is your destiny

Fuck her to assert dominance, you beta faggot.

Make a costume out of her skin

r9k pls go

tell her, u'll whore yourself if she forces you to pay rent.

Ahh business and finance

go get a job you dufus


what the fuck

GR8 B8 M8

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Do you have enough Good Boy Points to make mommy your waifu?


Op it's time to man up and show your mom who's the boss. Rape her.

this would have never happened if you bought ETH one year ago
that's what you get for being a faggot, OP