For the time being I've tethered up, where can I make some gains in the short term?

Looking for a coin that is likely to pump decently in the short term, while I wait for a bull market to return. Any suggestions? Some reasoning behind a suggestion would be appreciated.

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fuck off

He tethered, poomp iz

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short or long term doesnt matter at all just fucking buy this.

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Buy REQ. Mainnet launch and partnership announcement within the week.

Yes buy Telcoin

140mmcap already, perhaps more, yeah... no.

Which exchange can I buy it at?

14m lol not 140m. you fudders get lower IQ each day passing by.

>Can't into math.
Not gonna make it bru.

120m x 0.14 = 16.8m market cap. whats your excuse of being brainlet twice?

16.8m on a coin that has already had a significant short term pump this week. This coin has a long way to go still in terms of development, it makes no sense to fomo into it now.

it makes perfect sense if you read even thing about it.

>He didn't tether up in January

The initial pump has passed (or is nearing the top anyway).

Same thing happened with MAN. Same thing happened with CPC. It's not like this is going to go off the rails right now. It's on Bibox and is still in it's infancy.

nobody cares about some fucking meme movie chain. and the real pump is coming next week when this gets more attention.

No it won't...because nobody wants to buy your bags long term.

its getting bought up now again with the big sell walls gone. i feel sorry for you.

you buy now

You shouldn't feel sorry for me. Resisting FOMO has saved my ass from making shitty trades many times.