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Main net end of March.


lmao i literally actually sold 100k at 490 fook mi right

Buy back in now. I made the same mistake yesterday. This bitch is going to 1000 sats

itll dump on release. Being priced in right now

i have to be satisfied going from 317 to 490. no way i buy back over 470 sats and let my BTC get ching changed by the fuckin zipperhead whale squad

It's just the test net but yeah it's something

just fomo'd in.

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the green dildos are really green, it is an appeasing thought for sure

Tron is off to an unfair start because of how retarded Justin Sun is over hyping it when it's literal vaporware. I think he learned his lesson though because he's been relatively subdued lately. It could actually turn out to be a decent project.

>sued by Disney
>renamed Bitconnect X
>Carlos is CEO

same after what happened with storm i dont give a shit anymore

storm is set for another ride

because i sold for a meager profit days ago
goddamn lol

can't even shuffle th is shit its moving so fast

Push forward!

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Thing are not gonna be the way they used to be nonono!


for those missing out
>tron mainnet in 6 days
as always sell the news and buy now

if you sell when the mainnet gets on before the drop there is a good 2X chance right now, least 1X

dyor as always

It went up 4000% when Tron Dogs went live.

This is coinburn + testnet, Tron gonna moon!

>they doubted Justin

Fuck everything else. I'm just hodling in this fucking coin.

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