Couldn't someone just create a tokenless LINK?

Couldn't someone just create a tokenless LINK?
Why does it need tokens?

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Because sergey is a moron for working on link since 2014

for the same reason all secure blockchain systems need them - to stop byzantine actors

nice meme

That's literally what sirgay will do. Dumps link bags and works as a sc/oracle consultant for bb. Why do you think he never mentions link?

Cuz you need to have a monetary penalty for providing bad data.

and what stops the western romans?

Why would anyone waste their electricity and computing power running LINK nodes for free?

based on what assblaster said, arent the mega corporations going to own these nodes?

nodes are getting paid in Ljnk

All crypto will implement their own oracle as a means , anyhow.

Chainlink would have been great 3 years back, now it's just a pnd coin.

Meaning we hype it, you buy it, we bag your ass

i think you missed his point

why can't i just get paid in dollars?
t. brad shermanstein

You can run a node without tokens.

ChainLink node operators are going to be paid in fist bumps.

this is what I fear the most.
People needs to understand.

you are a MANIA-- I mean, DEVIL!



Nano proves you don't need to incentivize people to run nodes. If businesses can get enough benefit from it they will run them themselves and reap the cost savings without having to rely on a bunch of average joes running nodes in their basement. Fuck even the regular joes can get brainwashed into doing it.

jesus fuck would you quit it with this irritating bullshit meme
this stopped being funny a month ago

also satan detected; go figure

To incentivize people to stake their nodes.