Name your coin and I'll tell you why its Shit!

Go ahead...

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The only hype this piece of shit got was pajeets on biz. If you bought this you should take a hard look at kys coin





Not normie friendly and will never catch on...dafuq are microkernel and functional modules. they claim they are fixing the blockchain with buzzwords. it was a good pump and dump coin and thats it...not worth my review.



ok supply chain coins are the stupidest thing..if a company wants to verify supply chain they will just create their own chain on hyperledger or something similar. no need for your stupid ass devery or devery coins...


Honestly hard to talk shit about the most promising project in crypto...the biggest reason it is shit is chainlink does not know how to communicate with investors.


Toppest of keks

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a erc token that claims to have an ecosystem and hardware.....but utilizes a fucking erc token. Over promise under deliver will be eos tagline.


once again..i like trac but its just a supply chain token...the easiest token to create and duplicate. Blockchain will be very important for supply chain but these big companies are not going to go with your oregon trail bullshit token over something like running their own blockchain or hyperledger etc..

Look at maersk and hyperledger to see how supply chain blockchain will go

dinosaur that doesn't work. Once other coins don't rely on it for a trading pair its rip..there is no use for btc...and muh store of value is bs

Unironically, ADA


untraceable - this is the stupid shit that will hurt blockchain due to coins like this supporting criminals. When regulation comes...which it is you better be out of these "privacy" coins because these will get hit the hardest

garbage...see above

hmmm a lot of buzzwords. shit exchanges...trying to take the best from other projects and making a chain w/o solving any new issues


god why the fuck is this piece of shit have such a high market cap...not saying there is potential in 3 years but this shit should not be in top 30. What more do you want...ada currently offers nothing


"next generation blockchain" - already losing points.

made for enterprise...just because you say its for enterprise or what...just another coin offering the same shit hoping to take a piece of the will eventually fail like many others like it



a data exchange...ok now you guys are just fucking trolling me. the website looks like it was created by my nephew who's 9. own your data kek

im scared to look at the market cap because it should be $0

since when did automation need a token? ffs.

I need a tax and audit guy let me go buy some tokens from this shit looking website and use the blockchain so i can focus on my business.kek how bout no...


fiat good to go in and out of other currencies/ is shit compared to silver/gold though


man of course the chinese needed to try and make their own eth. of course it is centralized but people seem to forget. This one going to backfire bigger than people realize.


I loves my nt's

Have you ever found a high quality icx logo in .png or vector format? They can't even make/provide a descent logo let alone a project of this scale.


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One of the worst names in crypto. jibrel..dafuq.

another useless erc token just trying to take a piece of the pie..

it says it provides assets and currencies as erc what the fuck is it needed for?

so whos a winner then?


Honestly not even going to this pajeet tier level shit right here...If you got bitcoin in our name you're dead to me.

shit bitcoin fork "blockchain made for business" ok and the others arent you piece of shit..can't make a descent website but I expect my business to use their shit blockchain okkkkkk


There will be some good utility tokens that will be winners and a very very very few platforms. These supply chain and business blockchains are all rip...

If I am a business and I want to run blockchain i will fork or use hyperledger etc. No need to jump on one of these many projects that pop every day.

im not even looking that one up senpai. is that for real? hope not

Love staking coins what are your bitchy feelings toward bitbean?

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honestly you guys are all pajeets shilling shit projects. IF you are not 100% in link you can go fuck yourself...I'm out


WTF answer me you fucking faggot

I bet you will

Why is shit

What the fuck?
Nobody asked what u think about websites

He's a deluded linkie senpai he's dead to us but sia looks like a nice buy at around 137 sats glad I got out at 320

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After mainnet desu



ETH, REQ, KNC, Coinmetro token

These morons can't even make a 32-bit wallet. Like fucking 80% of personal computers are 32-bit. How are normies going to use it if it won't even run on their computers.


Tell me why UPFIRING is bad... YOU LITERALLY CAN'T! SAD!


You are an idiot, the erc token is just for the token distribution and taking down ETH price with it.





skycoin, go ahead, you can't find a single fault




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Is there a more secure way to raise $1.5B than a token sale on Ethereum?

The SDK works with the testnet, and the mainnet launches in a couple months.

Everipedia is switching over to EOS to save on upkeep, and several other blockchain startups are integrating it because it's free to use, just like Steem.

Eat shit.



No one can say anything bad about this. Lol



Does icos count? Sharpay

Your answers simply reflect your holdings, prob eth and link. Link the most promising project lol. Btc not valid as a store of value lol. All coins are litetally tied to everything btc does. And most are scams to get more btc.

Devery. Your response to the first guy was autistic.


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