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what is death cross
is it an anime

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Better than animu

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9 days until death cross, shit is going to become volatile.
I did the calculations.

26 days user. Then UP IN SMOKE.


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sir what happens at deathcross

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People get real jobs

what happens to bitcoin at deathcross


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Traditionally BTC loses about 70% of its value. It bascially lets the whole market know that what you are in isn't just a short correction (like how we went from 19K to 6K back to 12K) but a full blown bear market.

So seeing $3k bitcoin is still on the table. People are going to open massive shorts and there are going to be bounces, apparently out of nowhere, when people closes these massive shorts. The price is going to bounce and then smart money will short again.

Reminder, by law you can only have a margin on the books for about 28 days in the United States. Exepct to see massive monthly swings as people leverage their shorts and longs in cycles.

I made an excel spreadsheet to calculate the moving averages in the coming days. If the BTC price stays at 8,5k the death cross is happening exactly on 03.04., but of course if crash now, the death cross will happen sooner and if we moon, it will happen later or not at all. We need to go over 11k again to avert the death cross completely...

It's not sure that BTC will crash when we have a death cross, it's even possible that the opposite happens, but I can guarantee that we'll see a lot of volatility and stupid price moves in BTC, like the Bart Simpson meme chart.

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To be fair, you should do your own research whenever you come across a word you don't know. Searching "Deathcross stocks" or in this case "deathcross bitcoin" would have sent you to the right articles"

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Do you have a lambo to back up that statement?

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Try looking at the Hull MACD and price action. That thing suggests about 3-5 days of losses unless we get some extra-unusual price action very shortly.

I know, it is a lagging indicator and all that but the peaks and valleys of the Hull match up well, and price surges or dips around where the H-MACD and H-signal cross, especially on long timeframes like a daily chart.

I think the price is going to get murdered the next 3 days.

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