REQ Main net in less than 5 days

Less than 5 days until REQ main net and partnership is announced.
The fuck are you cucks waiting for?

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will it pump or dump?
Thinking about dropping in a hundo

but will it dump after main net?

With this recent bullrun from REQ I believe it will dump

over 70% of my portfolio is req

They will finally announce the Coinbase partnership, so take a guess what it will do


Depends on the details of the anticipated partnership and how seamless main net is. No doubt some retards will dump but as far as a real sell the news dump, it may not happen

speculate price after announcement?

Kek I remember whenever I got into the ICO. Feels so long ago.
Probably, I don't care. Holding until $100 a token. Which could be in a few months if is real.

Coinbase partnership would make no sense
They already have a fiat gateway

Can’t bc of the nature of the REQ team. Let’s assume Coinbase’s commerce bullshit is revealed to be built on the REQ platform and that’s the partnership, $1 instantly no doubt. Alternatively assuming partnership is eh tier, probably around 20-25c post mainnet

>They already have a fiat gateway

YCominator's stake in both coinbase and REQ

Why does Veeky Forums instantly gravitate towards either the best or worst possible outcome?

Fuck everyone that is legitimately passing around and hyping up REQ x Coinbase. You retards are the same people that kept saying OmiseGO HAD to have a partnership with Apple because ALL THE SIGNS WERE THERE MAN IT'S GUARANTEED GET READY!!

It's literally not Coinbase.

So true user
But I think it’s can be a good buy to make a quick buck this week

Should I buy some ?

>literally not Coinbase it figuratively Coinbase?

It's going to be a Bee Token-tier partnership announcement.

Or some sort of preliminary "partnership" with no consequences, like the Skateboard niggers did with Omise and McDonald's Thailand (the latter does not use OMG for anything).

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The coin is extremely overbought at the moment, you'd have to be braindead to buy in now. Unless there's any surprise news dropped.

How many REQ for a Robert Cop?

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There's possibly the most important technical development to date, looming in the next week, as well a confirmed partnership.

The volume is still criminally low, so I don't think we're in an overbought condition like you claim.

but req doesnt have a fiat gateway....but then again coinbase has coinbase commerce so they wouldnt need req network.........wait....................