Strongly Believe Bitfinex is about to Exit Scam

Withdrawals not going through for almost 4 days.

Support says only he put it in re-queue after I contacted them.

Hours later and still nothing.

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So is binance cyrpto is fucked.

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same, not able to withdraw altcoins nor the bigger ones like btc, eth, ltc, dash. it has been continuing for a few days now and im fucking worried

why it's always italians that exit scam?
really makes you think
and there are people that dare to say they are europeans

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I'm withdrawing BTC btw. Getting sickly worried here too.

Don't talk shit. Binance is going to save crypto in 2018/2019. Bow down.

italians are the scum of europe

Cashed out BTC on the 21st from Binance, IDK what is this FUD about...

I'm talking about Bitfinex.

-They made their money.

-No new normies money coming in.

-They made their money with shorts and longs. Burned most of gamblers.

-BTC going sideways by them until they gather more info on shorts and longs. No more big entries on short and longs = Sideways.

Again, No more normie money coming in - scared mostly.

-Tether (Crypto Federal reserve bank owned by Finex) is about to blow up (audited).

-Block withdrawals


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nice, more fud please I`m tethered up

italians are genetically mutts

It's not Fud mate, here's proof. I don't care about the price at this point. What's the point when they don't process withdrawals?

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What have I accomplished here some. I don't know if I should feel guilty.......

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How much you got boy?

Single digit BTC

Relax, guys. This is the top exchange. Things must get fixed pretty fast.

By the way, do you have 2FA enabled and your withdrawal addresses locked for at least 5 days?

That's what I thought at first too.


low quality fud

Try posting on their subreddit to be on the safe side, I can see they have some of their staff there

Think about it for a second. Why would one of the biggest crypto exchange exit scam when they will literally make billions upon billions in the next 20 years?

I couldn’t withdraw from bitfinex either.

Transfer bitcoin to bitstamp or coinbase.

I have been thinking about it, every day that passes I think about it. And still my coins are not on the blockchain.

Meanwhile I transferred coins out of other exchanges that took less than 20 Minutes. So you tell me..

Is this yours user? Pretty good

>What have I accomplished here
You're a troll who started posting here a month ago. You've never accomplished anything here or anywhere else, and you likely never will.

these FUD threads are so pathetic...
the disgust i feel for you is visible on my face rn.

Somehow the Binance shills think I work for bitfenix. I have no idea what the hell would make them think that. Now they are going on a smear campaign against them like they tried with Kucoin not to long ago.

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because the cops are on their asses

>he doesn't know about mt.gox

I'll update again tomorrow


I find it more worrisome there's still people on Veeky Forums who use bitfinex. Got out in September taking profit on IOTA and leaving that sinking ship. Even if you choose not to believe in the tether FUD, why put all your eggs in one basket? poloniex, bittrex and perhaps even binance are aiming towards compliance now. for those who want anonymity, decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps are moving ahead. where's the room from one unregulated centralized exchange domiciliated in the virgin islands through several shell corporations when the regulators loom closer and the technology gets better? ethfinex is still vaporware half a year later, there's no salvation there either. for all we know binance will come out with their DEX before!


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