Just got a Nintendo DS flashcart...

Just got a Nintendo DS flashcart. What are some good mecha games for the system that are playable without knowledge of Japanese? I have Bangai-O Spirits and all the Super Robot Wars entries. Thanks for your help.

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Megaman zx

Bangai-O Spirits and all the Super Robot Wars entries.

Custom Robo Arena, which is fully localized in English.

>I have Bangai-O Spirits
Aw yeah. Bangai-O, GO!

Mega Man Zero collection if you haven't played 'em, Mega Man ZX, ZX Advent and try the Starforces because piracy is free.

Infinite Space, gameplay's really simple but the story's fantastic. And minmaxing your space pirate battleships by shuffling modules around is always pleasing.

I guess there's Contact, in which you guide a young boy as he helps an alien genius repower his crashed space ship.

Non-/m/ suggestion: Final Fantasy Tactics A2 is really fun.

>Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Fuck that game, it dumbed down tactics advance way too hard and the law system somehow became both more invasive but also more pointless. It also removed a lot of strategy and variety among classes because every class could just kinda do everything.

Sage for not /m/

Aside from the already mentioned games. Front Mission DS, Henry Hatsworth, Infinite Space, Nanostray 2 and Solatorobo

Magical Starsign has some pretty /m/ parts if you like RPGs

a metroidesque shooter with moon and ancient alien tech setting
if you want a not top gun snes port donutsteel
jet impulse
if you want a not aerofighters assault game , this is for you , although the planes are al made up ( some are comically mismatched wings and bodys from current fighters)


Digimon games are on there. There's easily a full mecha party option if you want it, and the whole setting is a digital world. Only tangentially /m/ but if you want to play it they're fun RPG games.

>if you want a not top gun snes port donutsteel

The BGM is trying so hard and failing so hard not to sound like Danger Zone, it's kind of adorable.

Dark Void Zero and Metal Slug 7.

I second this. It plays basically exactly like the MechAssault games on Xbox, however there are hacking portions which get kind of annoying because they take you out of the action.

How is this not /m/? He's asking for /m/ games

The game I was responding about Is not /m/ which is why I saged. The thread as a whole is perfectly fine.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight was a surprisingly ok game. Although you had to hold the DS sideways for some ungodly reason.

I didn't even know it got its own game.

Chou Soujuu Mecha MG is one of the greatest mecha games ever made.


SRW W and SRW K are translated in Chinese

i know , right? what makes me mad is that the snes version had a decent pilot sprite , this one is lazy as fuck

Grab a GBA emulator and play Z.O.E Fist of Mars, Astro Boy Omega Factor, and Gunstar Super Heroes.

Great recs, guys. Any Japanese only games that are still playable? This Zekkyou Senshi Sakebrain game looks cute, but maybe inaccessible because of the mic usage?

Starforce if you want cyber kamen rider in space.

G Generation DS.
And also Cross Drive.

Does Advance Wars count as /m/ ?

SRW Infinite Frontier for princess bootyshake and her dakkabot.

It's got neotanks and other unconventional vehicles so I'd say so. Man there's a Nintendo IP I wish wasn't dead. Dual strike was such an amazing game, and even the grim dark revision was alright.

My brother was such a cheap piece of shit and always picked Kanbei and steamrolled my ass


From what I've seen, it looks like a port of an old Ryuki PS1 game

>no mention of Metroid Prime Hunters
For shame, /m/. If you can get some buddies together the multiplayer is GoldenEye-tier. Also since you can make robots in it I'm going to slip in a Scribblenauts recommendation.

I finally got around to playing Custom Robo DS after only playing the Gamecube one way back when it came out. I didn't expect the story to be so close to Build Fighters.

Front Mission DS
Drill Dozer