ZZ/Neo Zeon - Glemy Toto's gray squad

Found via a Japanese fan page. Never noticed these guys before. Kinda interesting.

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>>confidently labelling all the tiny barely drawn hizacks

>>unsure about both of the zaku iii's that were made just for this series and are clearly shown

the person who made this pic is retarded

Side Story OVA/manga when?!

Are you retarded?

He's pointing out that they might be the Zaku III Customs because they're in MP colors but have equipment of the (green-colored) Zaku III Custom, for which the only known pilot is Mashymre.

>Side Story OVA/manga when?!




Exactly. The pic could have been a little clearer if #4 said "might be a Zaku III Custom or might be a normal Zaku III, can't tell" ...but still, c'mon.

Anyway, I'd imagine that Titans defectors to Neo-Zeon would be in a very awkward position. Other than being enemies of the Federation, neither group has anything in common. In fact, the Titans were created to crush Zeon revival efforts.

Titans defectors would probably be segregated from most Neo-Zeon personnel; organized into groups that are mostly Titans defectors, but with a squad leader who's a Neo-Zeon officer as a "handler" for the ex-Titans. Considering that Neo-Zeon had almost no experienced soldiers, and the Titans had many, this would lead to very uncomfortable dynamics in these squadrons.

Maybe the gray team seen in the pic is such a squad. Four of the six MSs are Titans units; the Zaku III Custom is undoubtedly the leader/handler; the other Zaku III would be a NeoZeon MS ready for action but lacking a pilot, and entrusted to an ex-Titans ace. Man, imagine it: a group of bad guys who have allied themselves with a larger group of bad guys, neither group trusting the other, but working together against a common foe. Talk about paranoia and tension! And then the Neo-Zeon civil war happens -- you could see ex-Titans versus ex-Titans in that situation, and difficulties even identifying friendlies vs hostiles. Betrayals and regrets would be everywhere.

is right, this would be a good story. is right, FUND IT!



OP here. Fixed it.

If you want to get technical, all the zaku III are essentially custom.

The zaku III was made to be modular with a ton of option parts available for pilots to swap on and off at their preference. The shoulder shield isn't even technically standard equipment for it, just something pretty much every piloted opted for from the part list.

Additionally, Mashymre's custom is just a base zaku III and his preference of the available optional equipment selected for it.

Also I am ticked that the new gundam OVA features a zaku III but the actual kit is just a recolor of the horrendous hguc from over a decade ago.

Only an /m/tard could be this much of a petulant child over a chart on the internet. It's usually so contemptible that it's not worth remarking on but seriously dude? C'mon.

Glemy's Neo Zeon was the best.

>If you want to get technical, all the Zaku III are essentially custom.

A fair point. There's a decent amount of lineart showing optional equipment: different backpacks, hip skirt extension boosters, propellant tanks, under-arm bazooka, the different crotch skirt attachments like guns or subarms, etc.

However, the "Zaku III Custom" (or Zaku III Kai) is specifically the AMX-011S.

>Additionally, Mashymre's custom is just a base Zaku III and his preference of the available optional equipment selected for it.

Not necessarily. It also has a Biosensor. (No way a non-Psychommu unit could pull off the Newtype hax Mashymre used in his final battle.)

It's interesting. Pre-2009 sources said the AMX-011S (or "AMX-011MC," as it was sometimes called) had no Psychommu system... But sources printed in 2009 and later (such as pic related) say that it is equipped with a Biosensor.

Fuck. Forgot pic.

The standard issue Zaku III's were all grey.

The custom was green colored.

Yes, everyone pretty much knows that. Except actually, there's only ever been one AMX-011S seen before (with the exception of the brand-new "Char pink" one used by Arlette Almage in Twilight Axis, pic related) and that was Mashymre's -- it was colored in greens with red, which are actually Mashymre's signature colors (the Galuss-J, Hamma-Hamma, and Zaku III Custom are all colored that way).

Other than Mashymre's green 011S and Arlette's pink one, we've never seen any others... Except for the one in , where MS #1 is unquestionably a Zaku III Custom. The fact that it's gray means nothing -- the HiZacks, the Marasai, and the Asshimar in that pic are also gray.

>bad guys teaming with bad guys to fight the good guys and there's a bunch of betrayal and tension and stuff


says the tripfag

I just realized the Marasai in this image has the same colors as the remnants Marasai we see in Unicorn, so I guess that's either suppose to be the same unit, or those were the standard colors for them while operating under Neo Zeon.

Er... I think the Marasai in Unicorn is shades of dull green.

Discussed here, for example.

Man that looks so much better than the salmon Marasai the Titans used


>The zaku III was made to be modular with a ton of option parts available for pilots to swap on and off at their preference.

pic related

Maybe the Biosensor is what makes it custom and the other Zaku IIIs with the Custom's backpack and shoulder are just regular Zaku IIIs with optional equipment.

And here, although too bad the image links are dead.


Mark Simmons does not that Mashymre's Zaku III having special newtype technology isn't a new idea, it's been considered to be a thing by the staff who made ZZ.

So Kamille's Biosensor lets him use super long beam swords, reflect beams and summon the dead but Mashymre's just blows him up?

Judau's biosensor lets him be a super mechanic that can assemble MS parts with supertelekinesis and restart minovsky reactors.

It's about the closest thing we ever got to a "Moral" Zeon. Even with the Puru fiasco

Biosensors are literally a modification that turns Newtypes into force users because we need a unique Climax to final battles of a show. It's pure plot device don't over think it

I'd say that's probably right, yeah. It will be interesting to see if Arlette's Zaku III in Twilight Axis displays Psycommu capability.

Good ol' Mark. He also educated me on the fact that, in the Zeta Gundam novels, the Hambrabi has a Biosensor (which is part of why it kicks so much ass despite its lackluster stats) and that the Pallas Athene and the Bolinoak Sammahn almost certainly do as well, since they're supposed to work as part of a trio with The O. A Biosensor would also help explain the Sammahn's weird sensor-dome-skullcap-thing -- it's some kind of Psycommu scanner sensor radome thingamagig.

I've long wondered if the Regelgu has a Biosensor too. The weird Newtype phenomena that Illia Pazom manifested with it, and the Qubeley-like shoulders, make me think that maybe it does. It'd make sense if the Regelgu was a retrofitted trainer for pilots slated to eventually operate Psycommu Mobile Weapons.

Kamille's one of the strongest natural newtypes who had a very focused anger and hatred towards people like Yazan and Scirocco and believed they didn't deserve to live.

Mashymre was a brainwashed cyber newtype who started wearing funky vests and acting like a douche. Then again Ple was probably a natural newtype and she blew up too.

>So Kamille's Biosensor lets him use super long beam swords, reflect beams and summon the dead but Mashymre's just blows him up?

If I remember that scene correctly, Mashymre took on a whole bunch of Doven Wolves by himself in his long Zaku III Custom, manifested a beam-reflecting newtype barrier which protected his suit from the massed (and massive) firepower of that Doven Wolf team, and then triggered a newtype-powered self-destruct which engulfed not only his MSs but all the Doven Wolves around him...

...or am I remembering that wrong?

You're not wrong.

Zeonic's translation is already at the point where they have left behind the Zaku III and wiped the computer, so it can't be used anymore.

He only kills a single grunt, the rest get away. And Haman says "Enhanced too much? I lost another pawn". Though IIRC they're all supposed to be good pilots.

That's not even his best scene. Right before that he fights Ple 2's Queen Mantha and beam sabers a bunch of funnels while dodging point blank shots.

OK, I remembered it mostly right. A shame his self-destruct didn't take out the others, though it looks like if they hadn't backed away he would have. He went up like an inferno!

Impressive that his newtype barrier blocked four beams from the Doven Wolves -- and those were their most powerful shots, their rifle-plus-bellyguns megalaunchers, each kicking out 40.2 MW. Daaaaaamn, that's some major Newtype powerz right there.


I wish Google Translate could make sense of that. Sadly, it can't.