Rank the reboot designs

Rank the reboot designs

Japan's pretty good at reboot redesigns. The Next riders are among my favorite Rider designs period and I was hoping to see more Showa riders get redesigns but too bad the movies were garbage.

I really like the redesigned Kyodains, specially the female one.
A shame those reimagined non-KR Ishinomori suits were just for the Fourze movies and we'll never see them again.

I do wonder had Toei thought it would of drummed up some interest or anything. especially with what happened in Super hero taisen Z

There is literally nothing wrong with those movies. They are far better than the source material and The First actually sticks close to the manga.

The Akumaizer suits look great, but it's too bad they reimagined them as villains.

You forgot a certain somebody.

That's a redesign of something?

Amazons are fucking tenoutaten, and I'll probably get some shit for it but I fucking love Kikaider Reboot in general, and the Kamen Rider The First/The Next suits(not so much the movies).

Daitetsujin 17. Although, honestly, it's such an obtuse homage that it barely counts.

The First/The Next - Movies sucked, but costumes were ok. They obviously took inspiration from the manga since costumes need to be put on to hide their altered bodies instead of transforming into their skin or whatever happens in the show.

Inazuman - Costume is definitely a lot closer to the original design than the old TV version. But I just can't get into this version of Inazuman. Sakamoto likes to take Ishinomori's great ideas and characters from his manga and turn them into something generic and bland as hell. For example, he takes two really cool characters like Sabu and Miyoppe and decides to turn everything into some stereotypical teenage Beauty and the Beast bullshit. I hate what that movie did to these characters. If this design used for anything else, I would have liked it better.

Akumaizer 3 - Honestly, this is one of the worst. I really like the original Akumaizer, they were just so unique. They were supposed to be humans who went to live underground and had their body changed over millions of years, both physically and with advanced technology, since they needed to have their bodies altered in order to survive. The demons in the show are called as such because demons from legends were inspired by them. That said, the characters were very sympathetic, and probably some of the few tokusatsu heroes to be really close to Ishinomori's general ideas, including the bittersweet undertones. They were even voiced by real anime voice actors, which gave them lots of personality. It's impossible to feel empathy from these designs, they're generic organic monster versions of the originals. They look "badass" in a lame and forced way like they were made to appeal to teens, even if they had been used as heroes instead of villains like the SIC versions.

I found them pretty boring and couldn't get into it.

Japanese reboots and jewboots shouldn't be in the same image

Well I'm sorry to hear it.


Poitrine - Design-wise, she didn't change much. But what the hell was this character? She's Poitrine in name and design only. Other than that, this has nothing to do with the Poitrine of the old show, nothing at all. TV Poitrine didn't even fight monsters, but just everyday wackos. And at the end, this movie version was used just as the punchline for some retarded joke, so what was the point? At least Akumaizer and Inazuman made some references to their source material.

Kyodain - I hate these guys. Fourze was a better revamped Skyzel than this shit. That said, the originals were not all that great either. Designs were fine and show was ok. Manga was mediocre at best. I just don't have that much interest in Kyodain as whole.

Daitetsujin 17 - Barely remember this guy in the movie. But why they had to make him all gray? Looks boring. 18 from the show was gray too, but was a much more iconic design than this. 18 was actually Ishinomori's original design for 17, but got rejected for not being toyetic enough. Daitetsujin was a great show, though, at least up to the halfway point.

Kikaider - This is my favorite reboot. The movie is definitely the best attempt at revamping any Ishinomori hero so far. The design was fine, only flaw was the unnecessary claws. He's not supposed to be half-demon or something, just a incomplete robot. It misses the point that way.

Amazons - Looks ok, I guess. The red one (forgot the name) is a like The First/Next version of the original Amazon costume. I have no opinion on the green one, not the worst, not the best, just don't do anything for me.

Power Rangers - Pretty much what I would expect from this sort of movie. I don't hate it, I don't like it. It's just more of the same. Nothing special. Nothing really terrible. Still need to go see the movie.

The blue ranger looks like a fucking ayy lmao. All these visors are so shit

Looks like a Transformers bootleg with some Daitetsujin parts made into it. I can barely recognize him. The proto design for the toy even looks kinda Transformers-ish.

Looks more like an early Sentai mech to me.

Amazon Omega and Alpha are god tier

Also you forget Rider 1 from that Ghost Movie

that isn't a reboot though, that's the original character...with some kind of power up that was never explained.

>That said, the originals were not all that great either.

If you say so. I think they're two of the best looking 70s suits, personally.

Well, both Sentai and Transformers were toy lines made of transformable bricks, so I can understand that.

Original design can't even transform.

The designs themselves are ok. But the show is kinda boring, so that also affects my opinion. It's different from Arashi, which I like a lot, but mostly because of the manga since the show is pretty average as well. And thinking back, OP forgot to mention the revamped Arashi costume from Hibiki.

That was I meant by saying it was not "toyetic" enough. Also, Ishinomori's original plan was for an anime series, but Hirayama convinced him to do live action because TV was over-saturated with robot anime at the time. The original design was recycled into 18 instead.

>But the show is kinda boring

I also disagree with that, at least not the fights in the show considering how deliberately jarring the editing in the show is. It's like being on a fucking tilt-a-whirl.

And there is Megaro 17, the original title for the show

If you mean the puppet stuff and the crazy editing, they drop all that pretty quickly. Like before the first 10 episodes or so. They even give them the real actors bodies back after a while, which makes it all a lot more generic.


The First Riders

PR'17. Also it loses points for being fully suited for roughly about a minute.

Where did you get that picture from? I have a book with Daitetsujin concept art, but it looks different from this.

They showed up again in Super Hero Taisen Z where they got an honor boner in battle with Gavan.

I used to love watching the old Kikaider anime on [Adult Swim] back in the day. How is the reboot movie? Amazon was recommending it to me when I bought Ultraman: The Complete Series earlier this month.

Have you read the manga yet? It's a bit rough in places (mostly from assistant doing a rush job in a few chapters), but almost everything from the anime was taken from there.

Anyway, I talked about it here:
You should check it out.

Oh. Well, fuck that then.

You are literally retarded and have never read the manga

>fully suited for about a minute
>immediately opens up the visor


Yeah, how to do everything wrong.

Also the power rangers theme plays for like less than a minute then to be replaced by Kanye West so they could make "power" puns

am I the only one that feels that 3 (and ultimately 4) would fit better in with The first/Next than the original?

No, they really scream THE rather than original Rider designs to me too.

pretty much the same

They have the benefit of modern design but they don't have the small details like panel lines, studded armor plates in the jackets, and the eyes and chest plates are on the bigger side. But the reboot suits have tighter facial features, smaller eyes, and smaller armor, kinda like what happened to redesigned Gundams to make them look more aggressive, or "handsome", and detailed. I think 3 and 4 are actually closer to Black or early Heisei like Kuuga.

Honestly I think it's a good middle ground and I kinda wish they'd update the Showa riders just a little if they're going to have them show up in every movie. I know it's the classic look for the most part but when they stand next to the new suits it's like night and day and it's just a little silly.

Yeah, it's silly how the newer Riders look like oversized toys compared to the old ones.

Don't worry, you're not the only one. I think that Kikaider REBOOT in general is a great movie. I know it'll never happen but I really want a sequel because I love the movie that much. Although that miiiiight be because of the fact that, well, I'm a Toku nerd in Hawaii.

As for rankings, from best to worst....

-The First/The Next
-Kikaider REBOOT
-Inazuman Ultimatum
-PR 2017
-Akumazier Ultimatum
-Fourze Kyodain

I personally really liked Drive's base design. But in general I agree. They have too much "style". Like random patterns and little details that break up the design when it's totally not necessary and just makes it harder to remember exactly.

Like even Gaim had a bunch of patterns on his arm pads and thighs and had little point bits on his shoulder below the shoulde rarmor. And the chest plate had a (simple but unnecessary) pattern, and those little dots, and so forth. Ghost has random lines and streaks all over his body and a jacket with a bunch of random color stripes and shit. The jacket is kinda cool but it's more of a fashion piece than a hero one. Even Fourze suffered a bit from it but is good otherwise.

Rider 3 doesn't have too much "style". He has like two lines on his shoulders and helmet but he's basically a generic rider who has shackles on him. You get the motif right away, he's a chained rider who has kinda evil colors.

Even 4 who is a little worse is an oldschool aviator with body armor. He's a military guy, you get it right away. Maybe he's russian but you it's a clear motif and there's no need for more.

Are you forgetting that Red also gets out of his Zord to save his dad and beats up some Putties along the way? So like, three minutes.

I actually took a pirated Russian copy of the movie and compiled literally every moment of full helmeted suit screentime. It totals up to about four and a half minutes.