Libb Thims Thims Thims (genius ranking)
What kind of autism is this?

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the hilarious kind. once I humored him too much and tried to make a giant oat shake for brain gains. I vomited all over the floor. Clearly it was meant for minds greater than my own.

wait wat

also his list of geniuses automatically deducts points if you're a fundie

Well, he is one of the greatest geniuses of all time, just look at his own genius ranking. I think he knows better than you. molecule
What am I reading?

> molecule
wow, that article really caused a flood of neurotransmitter release, thanks for sharing! for kids

This guy is clearly both rather intelligent and completely batshit insane. molecule

>tfw [math]\mathrm{Mx} + \mathrm{Fy} \to \mathrm{Bf} + \mathrm{Gf}[/math] results in boyfriend and grandfather

He seems to have an autistically wide amount of knowledge

When you look at his references, he's mostly just citing himself.

Why would he cite anyone less intelligent than himself?

dude he's the new goethe
he capable of literally sensing people's iq scores even if they were born long before iq even existed

Wow. How could anyone deny this?


Smartest person of all time.

>tfw to smart too not be classified as a crackpot

I feel like this guy could be one of us.


Brainelt: "There is a revolution waiting to happen..."
Bogdanoff Tier Genius: "There is a revolution AWAITING to happen..."

I wonder if he is in contact with the Bogdanoffs

Do you think he could be the only other person capable of understanding post-anabelian froeboid geometrics?


Are you forgetting someone? AKA the person who formed the basis for their whole field of study?

>youtube comments
That's evidence against it. Now, if dubs said he was the smartest, it'd have to be true.

dear lord the autism

how do people with such high iqs not understand that all they are selecting for with their so called 'smartest humans' is those who value iq