Which Strong Bad E-mail is your favorite, /co/?

Which Strong Bad E-mail is your favorite, /co/?

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Tough call. I'll always have a soft-spot for Japanese Cartoon. It was one of the first ones I saw with friends back in the day. Anytime anime was ever discussed, someone had to bring up that "you gotta have blue hair."

Not sure which my favorite is, but I tend to think of this phrase a lot

My uncle sent that one in back in the day.


Kind of Cool is a good one as it introduced Senor Cardgage, whom I still quote to this day

And the one where all the different Strong Bads get together

And the Teen Girl Squad one

Honestly, it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure all of them made me chuckle at the very least

Thanks for reminding me OP

Now I have to binge-watch all the sbemails

...No, seriously, thanks for reminding me

A lot

mini-golf, dangeresque 3, theme park, 4 branches and unnatural all in my top five. With myths & legends being a honorable mention.

Tough choice but I probably have a lot more love for unnatural than others solely because it was the first one I watched with a friend

Dragon obviously, it's a classic.

>4 branches
And that's how I become a laaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!

Peechew, Peechew.

Caffeine. Wanna make some Wood-Davers?

Gotta get the wood-davers train, it's a NEEEEEEWWWWW century!

Looking old.

>nacho cheese mask
>"Sup my young parsons, I too am so on the go that I drink my yogurt from a tube"
>one of the few times where Strong Sad got the better of Strong Bad

da e-mail da e-mail
what what
da e-mail

Strongbad Techno.

for kids

>Alright dumb children where's a The Cheat?


children's book i think, just really solid from beginning to end

The Crying one gets me

>Still use Lil Brudder as a motivator

Virus or Mile

Rock opera or Pop up book some to mind

personal favorites

Christopher Columbus

Stave it off! 1, 2, 3!
And now you count to three!

boring (really)

>new homestar wunner tomorrow
get hype

Don't play with my feelings like this user.

yeah Japanese Cartoon and Dragon will always be my big 2. my crackers and mustard. my two breads in a biscuit.

>i can't remember my legs

>tooka tooka tooka tooka tooka tooka
Doo doo DOOT DOOooo

oh hudge, i forgot about that possibility..

why do these keep coming out as nasty blob things?

That's a real popular song. Who wants to hear it fifty times more?

its A tie between death metal and bottom 10

>the Pardack gets a word bubble saying "what the?" right as Strong Bad says it
I love the little things

>Ja guys, maybe find some coin

>mawzipan, youw so smawt

That's right Sven, learn to speak American!

That dog's *cough* *cough*
That *cough* *cough**cough*
That dog smells like a tooth
please don't include the coughs. *cough*

Sup Jim Davis lawyers


An easier question is what's the worst sbemail?

Hey Stwong Bad, I'm inside youw house.


>Taster's choice


Deep Impact?

duck pond is pretty lame
I wouldn't call it bad though
I don't know what is the worst

i think tape-leg gets a worse rap than it deserves, but the worst is definitely either among the first 10, or in the compé era.

>buy kerrek a cold one

tape leg is the pinnacle of humour

I love how despite being a dirty hippie, Marzipan talks all cute and folksy sometimes
>Well, you could get him a sponge, or a Jew's harp, or you could make some him some Chex party mix

you guys all read this, right?
>the kerrek is a tee-totaler

I think Best Thing is my favorite, just because Limozeen "But They're in Space!" is probably my favorite gag in all of Homestar Runner.

>Puzzle me twice, limo-losers! How are you going to play tonight's show after I turn your instruments into Italian noodles!

>ywn have a cute hippie broom lady as your girlfriend

don't you just love it when a Two More Eggs gag reminds you of a Homestar routine

>and he did all these kicks.
>aw man this movie had so many kicks in it
>there was this one scene where a guy did a seven-kick, man.
>oh it was so cool!

>So, did you catch last night's episode of Popular Reality Show? Yeah? No?
>You missed a good one, man, you missed a good one!
>They were kickin' people off left and right..
>and, like, some people got kicked on..
>and um, I mean, it was... you shoulda watched it. You definitely shoulda watched it. Should. A. Watched it.
>I mean, they'll be talkin' about this one for a while. I mean, I'm going ta be talkin' about this one for a while...
>Oh, cool, I guess you're going to go watch it now...oh, all right, man...later... Cool...

the jaunty theme song was so perfect. the idea that someone would make a saturday morning cartoon about a metal band and give it a hokey cowboy tune


Good, Marzipan's a bitch

my friends little brother sounded like Homestar till he was 25, then all of a sudden his voice dropped he grew hair, and bought a custom van.

you mean a custom conversion van?
was he a... BAD GUY?

Your Friends, it was so simple but so great. Especially Strong Bad's initial reaction

>This is the greatest email I have ever received. Let's get to work.

oh man, that one is perfect

i also like how he points out and justifies why he doesn't do anything to the poopsmith, but doesn't need to say out loud that the same kinda goes for coach z.. his life's already too shitty, you have to work hard to really mess with him. so he just got a bag of hot fries

>he points out and justifies why he doesn't do anything to the poopsmith
>"I mean the guy shovels crap for a living so I figure his tolerance for pain must be through the roof."
I'm cracking up just remembering it

Oh cwap I set the alarm clock for 10pm instead of am again
Oh cwap its Decemberween today.
Oh cwap I forgot to buy everbody decemberween presents.
Oh cwap I ran into the door.
Oh cwap I fell down the stairs.
Oh cwap I ran outside naked again. Hey at least its snowing.

childhood is lamenting that strong bad's broken computer missed him an opportunity to score with Ali and Ali's sister
adulthood is realizing that the two of them almost certainly e-mailed him several more times but he couldn't very well answer that one because that wouldn't be a good joke. also one per customer.

someday when we least expect it, strong bad's blue diamond power is going to be used again
it's going to save the day. the entire day.


Don't give a fuck, it's loved for a reason.

Yes, Wrestling is always fun for me.

Garden Boy!
>He's planting the seeds!
Garden Boy!
>He's pulling out the weeds!
Garden Boy!
>He's goin' to bring you to your knees!
He's the Il Cartographer, I mean Garden Boy!

Get out of my house!

I do what I'm told.



>Homestar threads always just devolve into posting quotes

It feels good man.

>I am the exact same...

it's literally the most quotable show ever created

I swear, Homestar Runner was probably the biggest influence on my sense of humor growing up. I can't really tell if it's still popular but I'm guessing those days are long since over. Damn shame, I'd kill for a second Telltale season.

It's really hard to pin down a particular sbemail that's my favorite, but mini-golf is definitely up there.

my friend sent in the email that made the virus video. I know this for a 100% fact

of course it's still popular!

Still has a cult following if I recall


biscuit dough hands man

lil brudder