Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

>God-tier animation
>Amazing score
>Endlessly quotable
>Char's post-post-modernist deconstruction of the archetypical antagonist
>The culmination of Amuro and Char's rivalry
This film is the perfect capper to a long-running franchise. Why do we hate it again?

Because judging from the interviews, it seems that Tomino wanted MSG to be a complete series and not make any sequels.

A lot of people on /m/ literally can't understand how Char could become an antagonist again. And they hate Quess.

CCA is god tier.

Sure, but CCA actually uses some of the ideas he originally intended to include in 0079. Like Char taking control of Zeon and the White Base having to defeat him.

CCA is part of the holy trifecta of /m/ Gundam trolling. Diss this 0083 or 08th MS Team and you get guaranteed replies.

I really wish that had happened in the original. I wonder if he would have had Amuro and Sayla end up together like they did in the novel. Or have Amuro die at the end.

Why would that matter? That's like saying MGS 2 is terrible because the first one was supposed to be standalone

>That's like saying MGS 2 is terrible because
>is terrible
I never said it was it was terrible. It's just one of the reasons why people on here don't like it. I have no problems with it honestly.

Because it's pacing is pure garbage and every new character is under developed despite hogging screen time. They're all beyond annoying too.

Pretty animation and good music can only get you so far.

>Why do we hate it?

It's bad

Where did you get that he originally intended that to happen in.0079, because I've never seen that before. Just that brief outline about Char realising that his fixation on Amuro allowed Gihren to become King of Space so helps the White Base crew infiltrate Axis.

I love CCA.

Millenials seem to hate anything older than 1995.

I'm glad I'm Generation X. We may have been known as slackers, but at least we didn't jump on blogs and whine about everything.

also, Reegeez is love.

maybe the greatest Zeon MS design evar

There's no quess or Nina purpleton in 8th ms tho

T B H Char and Amuro's rivalry is stupid. It was great in 0079, but didn't need to be dragged on past that. But despite that, it still could've been good, had the movie not been bogged down with a slew of new characters who were all absolutely shit.

Still, I'm grateful it exists so that Char and Amuro's bullshit didn't get shoehorned into ZZ.

While my personal bias has me leaning more towards the Qubeley, and Zeta's overall art direction, I must admit that Izubuchi's art style is pretty much a perfect match for the Zeon aesthetic.

What a cunt

It needed another movie to properly flesh out it's story.

>also, Reegeez is love.
This I don't know why but I love this suit, probably because of the opening with Amuro holding his own against both Char and Gyunei (and even blasting a bit of that fool) and looking good as ever.
This while I kinda disliked the Zeta...

Instead, we get a hamfisted romeo and juliet plot.

That's what the novels are for.

Could it be that you two know what you are talking about?
CCA is a masterpiece. My favorite Tomino. His writing is something else as it is but CCA still excels in term of complexity and presentation. All other Chinese cartoons look childish in comparison.
I'm so sorry it's considered to be the domain of autistic manchildren with appallingly simplistic ideas on morality and how human psychology works.

I loved CCA for all the reasons you listed, OP.
I still don't understand how some people can hate the movie just because they found Quess or Hathaway unlikable.

Gundam was only 9 years old as a franchise by the time Char's Counterattack was released. That's hardly long running.

I'd also argue the perfect part personally, since I think 0079 already had a rather appropriate and satisfying end to their rivalry, and that Zeta was the better cap to their rivalry if it needed more - with both of them starting to move on with their lives but disaffected by their experience and able to work together without really bring friends because neither can quite forget the past. It's a more interesting and relatable end to their rivalry to me.

>decided to watch CCA because I heard it's pretty good
>that bitch just shows up out of nowhere
>"she must be interesting" I think to myself
>bites her parents
>literally defects to Char for no fucking reason at all
>tries to cuck Char, and Bright's son at the same time
>becomes a Mary Sue newtype who's suddenly the best pilot Neo-Zeon has to offer after trying to cuck a cyber-newtype by piloting his Mobile Suit
>screams and cries until she gets what she wants
>gets damaged in her very first fight
>pilots the best prototype Zeon has made up until that point.
>controls a fuckload of funnels, and uses them to fuck anything up
>tries to get back at Amuro for ""abandoning"" her, but fucking jobs horribly against a damaged mobile suit and dies
>provides no benefit to Char and Neo-Zeon as a whole
>goes down in history as one of the most worthless characters in Gundam
Holy fuck this movie was unbearable to watch with this little shit in it

Beltorchika's Children is the better version of CCA.

In what way?

Tomino never liked sequels in the first place. That's one of the reasons he had a habit of killing of the entire main cast in his show (the other reason being his depression). His logic was that if he killed off all the characters then he wouldn't have to make a sequel if the show got popular.

Her only parent is her father. That woman near him is mistress.

Pacing is awful. They tried to cram a series into a movie This was the problem with F91 as well . If CCA had been a series, or even an OVA, it would have been much better.

Reminder that CCA and F91 were ruined by ((((Bandai))))

I only have only major problem.

I really dislike Quess and Hathaway. This movie should've been entirely about Amuro and Char, let us get into their heads, and build up to the final clash. You don't really need Quess's pointless plot and Hathaway's rather peripheral presence.

Reminder that that isn't actually true, has never been suggested to be, has no real evidence it is true and is just paranoid "it's always the big companies fault, never the creator" theory most likely.


You know, oddly enough, I think it helped the movie. F91 would've been rather less exciting as a series, especially since they wouldn't have been able to keep up the animation.

The main draw was how the F91 had a really sexy design, the final battle, and the animation.

Wait, are you actually using a wiki as a source? There was an interview posted a few weeks ago that Zeonic translated part of and the staff working on F91 never knew whether they were earning on a TV show or movie. It was Sunrise that decided it's fate as well, not Bandai. I'm not even sure Bandai owned them at that point.

It was too boring to be a classic, at least it was better than 0080.

>we hate it

I like it

>This while I kinda disliked the Zeta...
>Preferring the bootleg to the original

Please do explain yourself.

What are metal gear 1 and 2

Not him but I also prefer it
I like the sleeker and more streamlined look

Quess and Hathaway

t. Bandai Shill

>shut it down!

Fair enough I suppose. But if you're a Feddiefag, wouldn't sharper/blockier designs be something you're more accustomed to?

>Please do explain yourself
I really can't... To be honest, I don't exactly "dislike" the Zeta, it's just a bit meh to me (though I ended liking it more during ZZ than during Zeta, I thought having it as a specialized speedster alongside the bulky ZZ was a good thing, it made a good duo). Why I like the Rigazi? the head is a bit better I guess, the weaponry looks better too (I didn't liked the rifles of the Zeta), I thought that the transforming part of the Zeta was a bit too cheesy and I was bored of it at the end, this plus the retracted wings don't look good imho, so the backpack I think is better (what would be noice may have been a psycommu controlled backpack ala Justice). Overall, I wanted to like the Zeta but couldn't, then I did it with the Rigazi.

At first I thought it was because Amuro is super-baller and fun to watch in the Rigazi, holding his own against Char and Gyunei, but it's not really that because I really liked Kamille and Roux (him more than her though - now try to guess which is whice), so it's not even a pilot thing.

I guess you don't always know why you fall in love but the Rigazi is definitely one of my favorite suit of the entire franchise...

Oh and now there's one thing clear I realize re-watching both designs, I'll fite anyone over it if need be but I think that Zeta's shield is absolute dogshit, it's disgusting and stupid looking, while the Rigazi's shield, which is closer to the MkII really, is perfectly fine. I'm really not a shield lover but the one of the MkII is fine.


Finally a thread actually praising CCA

I love you OP

>Hi-Nu and Nightingale
>No Chan
>Hathaway taking down Quess like a boss (this also leads to Hathway becoming the GOAT known as Mafty)
>Psyco Geara Doga (picture)

I don't like the ending. There's no way amuro would actually win in a fair fight.

One thing I really like(and others probably hate) in CCA is the fact that both Amuro and Char died in somewhat realistic way. They don't say 'cool dying words'. They just died while arguing each other in somewhat childish manner.

Would Amuro Survive the end of CCA if he used this?

needs a HGUC


It was a fair fight though. He was winning even an unfair fight when he was facing Char and Gyunei 1v2 while both had superior machines to his. He also beat Char repeatedly in 0079, several times in equal or inferior machines since the Gelgoog and Zeong are at least the Gundam's equal. Char never had a hope in a fair fight, and setting himself up for one is what bought him failure in the end.

I've never actually seen anyone complain about that. There presumably are people who don't like it, but they're certainly not very vocal.

Amuro definitely should've beaten Char in mobile suit combat. I personally just think the whole Newtype psycoframe shenanigans managing to prevent Axis from falling was a bit of a cop-out.
>ywn get a CCA where Hathaway kills Quess and Axis drop is still successful

because quess

also because char is not an anything, he's just lost his marbles because he's been in zero g for too long by cca.