Co already hates jack 3 episodes in

>co already hates jack 3 episodes in

you fucking contrarians

not contrarian, just good taste

...and this surprises you, how?

A time machine could be invented that's only purpose is to take you back to the exact moment in which the silver age of comics peaked and /co/ would still find a way to hate it.

kek I see what you did there blue Jack

Shitposting started before the first episode aired.

/co/ doesn't hate it.

Anything you've seen that would seem otherwise is a result of pic related.

It's a vocal minority.

The majority of /co/ likes it

Oh no you don't blue jack.

Did /co/ hate early 2000s cartoons when they aired? I didn't think so.

/co/ is a cesspool of retardery but I still c9me here anyways because it's the only place to talk about how much I hate SU and Korra

Yeah, because Jack isn't going down EXACTLY THE SAME path as Korra. I've seen this movie before, noob user, and I know how it ends - it ain't pretty, let me tell you that.

What are you talking about? I've been on /co/ since 2014 (still somewhat new I know), and I haven't seen the board unanimously enjoy anything the way these new Jack episodes have been.

/co/ was a nice place with up until about 5 years ago.

What happened then?

The episodes were great until it was spoiled that Jack and Ashy are going to be in a relationship and working together, and the reason people loathe that is because Ashy is voiced by Tara Strong, whom the majority of /co/ hates for an amalgam of reasons, from the practical to the petty.

That's the most contrarian thing i ever read in my life

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Live action made /tv/ think they where at home here

>/co/ is a single person

And that's how we can tell you're retarded

>the reason people loathe that is because Ashy is voiced by Tara Strong
Your post is bad, and you should feel like shit.

>>co already hates jack
Says fucking who? Season 5 is great so far

It pretty much is, though. Or a hivemind at least.

The release of the Avengers was the beginning of the end. The whole board cheered at seeing such a spectacle hit the big screen knowing nothing of the dark days ahead.

>first episode airs
>it is blatantly telegraphed that Ashi is going to defect eventually
>/co/ still loves it
>leaks allegedly confirm that Ashi does defect
>/co/ hates it now

I don't get it, we've known from the start that Ashi was going to switch sides. What's changed? And why are we mad about Ashi defecting, anyway? Would have thought /co/ would be all over it and embrace her as the new flavor of the month.

>Jack and Ashi sitting in a tree
That's what's changed.

>/co/ hates Jack meme

Threadly reminder that /co/ knew and had been calmly discussing the inevitable Jack-Ashi(though at first we didn't know her name) team up before the first episode even aired.

Threadly reminder that Season 5 kicks ass in a way no Western cartoon has in a decade.

Threadly reminder that all live-action needs to be banned so /tv/ will go home and stop trying to force epic 4chin maymays.

>shit that never happened: the post
i dont know what board youre from but you need to go back there

Jack and Ashi will have a "burgeoning relationship". That much has been confirmed.

The last time Jack shacked up with someone intending to kill him, /co/ loved it. The only difference I can see here is that Ashi might actually mean to stick with Jack, and I can't think why anyone would object to that unless they just happened to like seeing Jack suffer.

/co/ objects because Ikra was an awesome alter ego of the villain we all love to hate, while Ashi is just one of 7 stronk female character Mary Sues.

and no one who is actually from /co/ is surprised at all
go shitpost on your own board

>what is an allied relationship

>mary sues


Really? I saw quite a few anons terribly upset just yesterday, when that info was first revealed.

It's great though.

>Daughters of Aku
>Mary Sues

Playing fast and loose with the bait, I see.

>what is the only type of relationship that the phrase "burgeoning relationship" is ever applied to

>7 stronk female character Mary Sues.
Are you that same dumbass who has no idea what a Mary Sue is?

/co/ is just jealous that Jack is going to lose his virginity

trolls from other boards, just like you
ashi has been a topic in Jack threads since S5 began, no one who isnt a sperg is actually mad, we all knew it was coming

Such a contrarian

Dude, I literally saw people raving about the show who turned around on a dime when the description was posted. One guy even read the descriptions backwards at first, thinking it was no big deal.

I don't think you know what a Mary Sue actually is. They're self-inserts that force the story to revolve around them and the fact that they don't ever lose, even in situations where it makes no sense for them to win.

Hell, that's closer to what the Ultrabots were than what the Daughters of Aku are. The Daughters are skilled, but every time they've gone up against Jack, they've come away weaker and worse for the bargain. The Ultrabots, on the other hand, basically had a whole episode about how unbeatable they were and how much Jack sucked compared to them. One wonders why Aku didn't just build more, they very nearly killed Jack.

Aku didn't build them in the first place. Why does everyone keep forgetting this?

you can see individual anons from through the screen, huh? saw all those username to know those anons loved it then turned on a dime, huh?
youre bad at this

In slower threads, it's not that difficult to tell who is who. There was also that moment with the one user I mentioned - when he found out he had been reading them backwards, he was PISSED.



>That one-two punch of Iron Man and Dark Knight returns within months of each other.

If only we had known this was the beginning of the end.

We were so happy then.

So young.

He commissioned and empowered them.

Thing is, I'm pretty sure he had Ultrabots KILL the guy who built them, because Aku.

I kind of want to look into what really caused the large decrease in quality of Veeky Forums content but its likely a combination of things relating to its exposure after several school shooters, the increasingly viral nature of meme content, /pol/'s rise in popularity after Reddit's mass removal of boards related to racism and discrimination, and specifically /tv/'s involvement with /co/ material (which I still attribute mostly to /pol/ taking over /tv/ because of the former reasons)

> A hivemind
> a board that's made up of /tv/fags with absolute garbage taste, wanna be nazi basement dwellers, and shipping obsessed tumblrinas

First day here eh?

The shift happened when /pol/ cooled down from political /x/ to /stormfront/ and then spread like AIDS.

I hate the retarded fanbase who pretend every mistake Genndy made, even if they're minors, was "planned" and you just "don't get it".

You can't criticize that fucking Tara Strong line where the character clearly looks like she's screaming but the delivery make it sound like she's whispering in rage withotu people making up headcanon like
>She has trouble finding the right words cause of the way she was raised! (even though everyone complain about the delivery, not the text)
>She's meant to sound pathetics because she's not used to being angry (even though her sister did a much better job screaming when Jack was hiding)

And another bunch of headcanon that have no basis but it's either this or Genndy approved the most pathetic attempt at sounding angry on modern television.

Serie is still 9/10 tho.

Mary Sues who don't even know that a deer is.

Nah, he escaped and built Jack a powered armor arm so he had the strength to break their armor.

Only half of /co/ are contrarians. The other half are dumb denialists who couldn't tell they're being held at gunpoint even if the barrel was shoved up their nostrils.

This is stupid and OP is trying too hard, let's talk about how cute jack is

majority love it
tiny vocal minority shitpost about it

you really can safely ignore the shitposting


Deniers, you retard

>co is one person or a hive-mind
OP is a faggot false-flag shit-poster.

>i've been on /co/ for 3 years now
What the fuck user I wasn't even ready for that

the fujo people have quickly killed my hype and made me mildy uncomfortable instead. I'm just going to try to not pay attention to the things I dislike, and enjoy the show for what it is. That's a really popular thing to do on /co/, right?

At this point in time, /co/'s sheer incapacity to see red flags and embarrassing inability to learn can be attributed to a willful, conscious desire to be in denial every time. I guess so they can act like innocent victims once they get suckered for the nth occasion.

Maybe they have a good reason? Either way you HAVE to respect their opinion, specialy since its the opinion of the mayority on /co/

Its just one or two guys samefagging saying they like it anyway, always filling these threads defending their shitty show

>he let's gay porn ruin his excitement for a cartoon
>and it makes him 'uncomfortable'
You're probably the biggest damn weenie I've ever seen.

>Did /co/ hate early 2000s cartoons when they aired? I didn't think so.

/co/ didn't exist until like 2006.

>spent 20 years of their lives training
>died within two days of fighting Jack
>Mary Sues

Are you an idiot?

No, dumber. He burned down that guy's home and pissed him off enough that he made Jack a weapon to destroy the Ultrabots.

I'm dreading this direction because it means a brand new character is going to play a very major role in the end of Jack's story, which has had nothing to do with her since all those years ago. It feels gross that a cliched love interest is suddenly being forced into Jack's narrative.


Shut up Mind-Jack, stop being such an edgelord.

show me one thread that disapproves of jack

I'm still holding out hope that Jack will get help from the Sctosman, and all the other people he helped over the years in the final confrontation with Aku.

If this happens, then I don't mind Jack boinking Ashi.

The whole board was filled with them yesterday. I expect we'll be getting lots more tomorrow.

Don't get too worked up. Either OP is pretending to be demented mindscape Jack who is a total asshole, or OP is being a giant faggot and hating on Samurai Jack before it's popular(/co/ does have a tendency to sprout a hate boner for shows that spawn 4+ simultaneous threads when a new episode airs)

It's a april joke, man.

That's 9 hours from now stupid

WELCOME TO /pol/and

Except literally nobody has used any of those terms. Nice try, /pol/.

According to all the polls and all the discussion right after an episode airs it seems the vast majority of /co/ loves the new Samurai Jack.

There's just a handful of very very loud faggots who shit on everything /co/ likes for (you)'s

>New Jack looks like Fernando the Manwhore

Are you fucking stupid, man? The new info came out well after the last episode aired.

It's less than 10 shiposters.

And /co/ has been hating on the show before the show even aired with stupid shit like "he doesn't have his sword! The show is Samurai Jack, SAMURAI Jack! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

They'll find the most insignificant bullshit they can and make at least four threads about how shit the show is because of it, the new info just added fuel to an already blazing fire.

Veeky Forums here. You know bro, I know we don't talk much any more, but any time you need a couch to crash on...

I found it again, it's the comment chain starting here:

Humor me, why does /co/ hate Tara Strong?


>a relationship that utterly ruins the show
>insignificant bullshit


I've hated Samurai Jack since 2001, OP.

eh give it some time. Shitposters are predictable.

There has been no confirmation of the relationship being romantic mi amigo

Now of course, we all know you're just shitposting so why not vent your rage/boredom onto a board more your style? That is, endless shitposting and sperging.

I've given it a full 24 hours already, how much more time do you need /pol/?

Something something attention whore, something something pastel colored horses and she's also extremely ugly.

/co/ doesn't, other user is an idiot
the actual reasons for the SJ hate are spelled out elsewhere ITT

>/co/ hates samurai jack
>/co/ hating pure kino
is op a downs syndrome baby? this is some low quality bait, desu.

>implying their relationship won't be romantic
please, if it wasn't going to be romantic in this day and age why would it even be there?

it's like you don't know how cartoons are today. do you think Star actually needs a love triangle subplot?

who the fuck are you even talking to, user? get your low tier autistic garbage out of here.