Which one should i read next?

Gatsby, it's melancholy, and makes me long to live in that era, to have experienced the fashion and architecture, you can feel the hot summer nights as you read the pages.

my diary desu

Only read the prologue to Invisible Man, and it was pretty fucking aces.


Clockwork Orange is tryhard garbage. Why is it even on this list? It's not even that good.

My vote is for Lolita or Siddhartha.

I loved this book. People like to ridicule it as "babbies first literature" but it's exceptionally well written and really pulls you in.


Siddhartha if you want peace.

I don't understand this image.

Why are there so many German orientalists?

slaughterhouse 5 is nice

Veeky Forums talk about Lolita and Nabokov a lot, so it could be fun to be able to join in on the discussions. Also, by this point you should be able to move beyond the starter kit if you want to. If you want to narrow it down a bit, look at one of the top 100 lists for recommendations.

Gatsby, then Lolita, then discard the rest and move on to the Greeks.

I've read the first 4,Clockwork has been my favorite till now. Try that.

I'd also recommend Clockwork Orange. I just really like characters that you should hate but there is something charming about them still.

there are who really follow those charts

Anything of:
-Huck Finn
-of mice and men; or
would be good choices. Most of the shitty ones there you have already read though so you almost cant choose badly.

Lolita or Siddhartha.

>Still reading high school tier books and not big boy literature.

Why was American Psycho taken off that list?

dunno mate maybe one of the ones without a big green X on it

why does that girl have a cactus growing on her head

Total shit probably. You're better off watching movie.


Gatsby, Lolita or Siddharta. Which btw are probably the best books in that pic

Fuck that shit, read Calvino

>Mice and men
>not wrath of grapes or east of eden

you should read cuckoo. it's the book with the most enjoyable plot on that list. also getting through some of the nuances of the narration will ensure you'll never have trouble reading fiction, which is why its commonly assigned in high school. go for it

>starter kit

I'm doing the list and I'm on clockwork rn. Fucking annoying lmao


Are you underage? They make you read most of those in High School, or at least they did when I went about 13 years ago.

People talk shit because they think that anything popular has to be bad, but Gatsby is pretty damn good. It has some of the most uncomplicated, beautiful prose I've ever encountered. Plus it's pretty short and you can probably finish it in a day or two. I definitely recommend reading it a couple times every few years, you'd be surprised how much you get out of it each time.

Maybe OP's not an Anglo.

This this this. You should've started with Gatsby honestly.

The rest of the book is aces too. Read it.

I would say A Clockwork Orange or One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, but they are also some of my favourite novels user.



I don't think it's garbage, but I can't imagine trying to get back into reading with Clockwork Orange, it's so disorienting especially at first. Replace A Clockwork Orange with The Sun Also Rises?

>actually following the lit starter kit
wew pleb

Good job actually reading user, you're better than 60% of this board

You've also somehow managed to scoot around some of the best books on there. Gastby, invisible man, and Lolita are all essential American lit (say what you want about nabokov's americanism) and Lolita in particular does a really nice job at setting up the necessary ideas for asthetic theory. Fear and loathing is surprisingly good Imo and manages the Pomo fractured narrative idea better than most. Don't bother with the pkd unless you dig sci fi. Steinbeck is essential as well but don't be afraid to move into bigger and harder books. If you want to make the next jump in readability check out the next memes: crying of lot 49, rabbit run, and white noise all are excellent American literature from a similar period of time

Also I know you'll have an inclination to like he beats (every starting reader low key will). Don't succumb to it

Anyone got the clean template of that list by any chance?