Vladimir Voevodsky dies at 51


What a loss for Mathematics. Let's hope his vision of new Mathematics becomes reality one day

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Drugs or suicide, that is the question.

he has been known for having taken a years long hiatus from math before - he was a bit mad and also got into a severe fight with the CS people who "took homotopy type theory" away from him (and wrote the book without him).
He had then also written this angsty Wikipedia page, rebranding his ideas, pic related
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Currently unknown.

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>he was a bit mad and also got into a severe fight with the CS people who "took homotopy type theory" away from him (and wrote the book without him).

why would Counter-Strike players steal a man's methematical theories?

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>maryam mirzakhani dies at 40
>Tons of articles and blog posts
>Vladimir Voevodsky dies at 51
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>>Not a fucking peep
tfw literally 0 articles about it on google news

It's a sad fucking day when I get breaking news about the death of a scientists first from Veeky Forums rather than from my nature subscription. At least based quanta is trying
I imagine they're writing a nice article right about now

That's from 2015 though

Yeah, I know, they did the same thing for Maryum when she died, first they put the article written about her work prior on the front page to call attention to their work, and while doing that they also write an article about said person postmortem. I imagine they are doing the same for Vlad so we'll be getting an article about him soon.

Can I get a rundown of what this Voevodsky's work was?

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As can be seen from the OP post his early works were mainly in Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Topology and Geometry. However,
at some point of time he took a break from Mathematics and realized that the mathematics we are doing is either highly abstract and elegant or more concrete and complex. He believed that the 'new Mathematics' is in the land of both abstract and complex and it's very challenging for a human to perform such work and it is even harder for others to understand it ( recall Mochizuki's work if you don't believe Voevodky's thoughts). For this reason, Vladimir wanted to create something that could eliminate the possibility of wrong proof verification and make it easier for people to do the envisioned 'new Mathematics'. The Univalent Foundations were born but there is still a lot of work to do. The main problem is that Voevodsky's model is non-constructive (damn axiom of choice).

To sum up, Voevodsky was an exceptional Mathematician, he was very creative and I would personally say that one could feel Grothendieck's spirit in his works.

is nlab talking about this?

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Rest in peace.