How's Your Webcomic? #356: Webcomics Make me Want to Kill Myself Edition

You've got a webcomic, right? Post about it here. Share WIPs, pages, drawings, scripts, whatever. Get comments and critique.

Previous thread: Thread activity: How far have you planned your webcomic? Do you have the whole script written out of are you writing page-by-page? Share some of your future plans! What scenes, characters, locations, events, etc are you excited for!

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I have a question for everyone here thats making your own webcomic, whats the general age range of everybody here? I'm 28 and would like to eventually get published, but most of my ideas for comics are kind of weabooish anime inspired, and I'm wondering how old you can be if you want to go in this direction with your comics.

I'm 18 right now. I'm more of an artist than a writer, but I also hope to get published doing my own series someday.

There are no age limits on making webcomics. Make them about what _you_ want, what you are interested in.

I'm 24. I used to draw "anime style" stuff when I was younger but reading other webcomics online made me pull away from the style as much as I could.

I don't really feel like there's an age limit on it, just how well you can do it. I would be more wary of people being critical of someone non-asian doing it, I've seen a lot of people snub their noses at american-made mangas and the like.

I'm 19!

Yeah I am aware of that, i want to take some courses in the near future and practice drawing other styles to improve my drawing skills.

>working on my first webcomic, only done short one pagers or commision work of max 8 pages before
>have about 3 years worth of story roughed out
>designing characters left and right
>absolutely terrified I'll lose interest or succumb to doubt before I finish even a fraction of it

finished this gif now i'll go back to making pages

im 20

i don't think there is an age limit for this

i don't know if this is correct but i remember that one time on a wakfu thread someone mentioned that one of the main artist of that show started when he was almost 40

33 here.

Gesture sketches always help loosen up your style and hone your eye for both shape and value. I'm shit at them but that's just because I don't do them very often. Still life drawing helps with value, shape, and also some mechanical skills as well.

As for the thread topics:
> How far have you planned your webcomic?
Had it all planned out at one point but two years ago I scrapped almost everything and started over.

>Do you have the whole script written out of are you writing page-by-page?
When I have more world-building finalized I plan on doing a full script.

>Share some of your future plans! What scenes, characters, locations, events, etc are you excited for!
I'm mostly excited for getting this world and story and character mob I've been lugging around out onto paper where people can read it, enjoy it, and talk about it. My goal is to make something I'll be proud of when it's all said and done.

Mostly frustrated with myself because I can't seem to hold focus for more than a few months at a time. That or I think about all the work I STILL need to do and it gets overwhelming. It's like building a house all by yourself.

Not the same person but I already started messing with it and needed a post to reply to.

Thing is, real "extra dark" people wouldn't work in comics because printing in the correct colors to get there would make them look like a phantom.

When it comes to coloring for comics you kinda need to imagine that everything dark has a layer of fog over it to make sure it's readable. Your character can be extra dark... compared to everything else.

Is that you CF

Should these two be lesbians in a relationship? I'm leaning on yes, but I wanna know what you guys would think of that.

good job forgot my image because I had to change threads.

I think you should castrate yourself and fuck off

More lesbians is good

What's their dynamic like and will it be a romance developing over the story or will they just start the story already in a relationship?

24, but I don't have a webcomic. I just like drawing concept art and imagining that I have one. :(

I've thought about the printing issue, but I've read enough tricks and image settings to avoid the overall darkening. I've gotten some test images printed off before and with normal settings in Pshop they come out like burnt toast. I can't remember the specific settings I used but recently a piece I did printed almost perfect for a calendar page commission I did for a company.

Typed all that before your pic popped up. I see what you mean! I'll repost a sketch I put in the last thread that doesn't have the warm highlight. I think I need to shade them less like I would a lighter skinned person and use very specific coloring for their pigment (their as in Halle's and her pseudo-dad). As in, learning how literal dark skin takes to light better.

Did you mean to reply to me?

Whoops, yep.

Obviously, moron. Not that it matters

Ah, well, the blue girl is nice, but can also be really smug at times, and the red head is kind of dumb, but also tries to be motivational and hates people who self depriciate themselves

And I was thinking that they would already be in a relation ship, unless seeing how they got together would be interesting then i guess that would be cool if you guys really prefer that.

>polar bears
huh.... good point
wait, you mean bleached? That's something else entirely.
they look interesting in this one, actually kinda like those natives in Kong. I always thought it was a shame people don't naturally come in that color because it looks really nice
that's all anyone can ask.
That is important to note, as noted here some crit is legit, some isn't.. but some of it's just opinion, but a lot of opinion is legit and semi-universal

I've got like three or four levels of planning, and it's really hard to sort through them because they're all jumbled up.. everything from 'this is dialogue should happen' all the way up to 'this is a general theme that should be illustrated' and everything in between
sadly none of it really shows up in the comic, but a lot of unintentional ones do, so it all evens out.

right now I've used up as many ideas for new settings and events that I think I can squeeze in (that's what the splitting up was for) so now I have to just order all the final stuff and make it work and live up to all the other 'endings' that it didn't end at before

I also have a few bits of planning for the next iteration of the comic, especially things I want not to be so inconvenient or unbalanced this time (for example, keep the fucking cast smaller, stupid.. even though I already have at least five i want to use)

I just saw the original hey arnold claymation and the credits said it was made in 1965, so if craig bartlett can wait 30 years to get his own cartoon, and over 50 years to get the movie he wanted, I think we can all wait

weird though, it looked like 80s claymation and everyone said it aired in the 80s

either that or you can do the light-colored-outlines technique

naw I'm 31
god dammit

It is okay confusion, I still love you.

doodlin some monk pals

i want to hear them sing

that's actually a neat idea, maybe they will

and now I have the benedictine monks from The Critic stuck in my head
>pretty woman, you are so bodacious
>pretty woman, just like saint ignatius

hd version of page 1 of METEOR RANDOM from last thread

OK, so I've got an idea, but I'm not really sure how good it is, what if the Black Knight, instead of being an infamous and evil knight, were something more like morgana's personal army? Like really shitty people who decided to enlist in the Black Knights, and she like boosts them up with her sorcery?

Now, where have I heard something like that before?

you don't seem to understand, the black knights would be like the basic enemies in a video games, and then there would be actual villains from the arthurian legend, like sir kay, or the green knight

I'm 20. My webcomic is aimed at young adults, however.

File size was too big so I screenshotted it.
FINALLY got around to fixing my tablet and messing around with some panels in my sketchbook. My last sketchbook had off-white pages and when I photographed it this natural gradient showed up. I really like how it looked so I just edited around it. I cleaned up smudges, redrew some parts, and added details.

I'm 19

Awwwww fuck man. I love this comic

fuck you got me on a 2h critic marathon

really digging this

given how damn many black knights there always are, I love that idea. they could even be called knights of the knighthood of the black knight
wait, the black knight in that game was more than one guy?

I loved this page so much. That transition from the melon to the guy's head... I have loved this entire arc, and the ending is just as tragically beautiful as I expected.
this is beautiful. are you new? this doesn't look familiar..
i feel like it needs a closeup on a navel.

you're welcome!

I'm going to be 28 next week. My webcomic is an idea that started when I was 16, and I've locked it in that time period. It takes place in 2005 and is about 15-to-17-year-olds. If actual present day teens find that relatable then that's fine, but the real target audience are the people who would have nostalgic feelings about being that age at that time. I like to think that I write teenagers well enough that real teens would see some appeal.

you really do. or at least your comic comes off that way
happy almost brithday

I pop in once in a blue moon, usually with sketches of alien creatures but only now have I finally gotten around to doing something with these ideas. I like doing oneshots but I'm trying to put these into one cohesive story. This is a panel I did last week to add color to my sketchbook

im 30... but a young 30, i just turned thirty a few days ago on the 23rd of this month... im still young enough to make it dammit!

also im torn between wanting to do all ages stuff, but at the same time hardcore stuff like zonetan and shadman

i mean i want an all ages comic but i also want to draw sexy risky cheesecake whenever i want, which i know i cant do if i want it to be all ages

like why cant i draw porn of all my characters? im a grown ass man! wtf? lol, but at the same time i wont even though i want to to keep it all ages and worthy of being picked up by a big comic book publisher or animation studio one day.

one day soon i hope!

mfw i want my cake and eat it to, mfw deep down i have this horrible feeling that im never going to make it...

I don't know how to pace the appearance of the rogues. Perhaps the archenemy should be less frequent than the others, reserved for special occasions? Seems like in my current outlines, the other antagonists are being brushed aside, running the risk of being irrelevant.

And for the purpose of this discussion, I define the 'archenemy' as 'villain for which the animosity with the hero is personal'. Not just some bullshit where they just fight often, but where the two sides are in a deep personal conflict for reasons important to who they are as people. (mutual slights, ideological differences, you killed my loved one, etc)

I hope I articulated that clearly.

age has nothing to do with it

maturity, ability to sell yourself, and creating a good product does

I find it's more fun to mess with interpersonal relationships with the villains
which ones can order around which ones, who doesnt get along with whom.. who's more energetic and loves to make appearances and who is lazy and prefers to let the other villains get their asses beaten

Thanks a lot, guys... BUT it's not over yet, they still have to go back to the city in three days!

God dammit bones you are the most pathetic person i have ever seen even dewd has more skill than you, but i didn't think you were that old

If you really want to make it get your fucking ass to /ic/ and start reading perspective made easy and then loomis also draw a bunch of boxes

Don't come back here until you get better

I didn't even say what the comic was!

It's Laserwing. Was it obvious?

Also new page

really rough page 3 sketch

eh we've talked on here about that stuff before

I'm 21 next month, and also wip version of the new page. I'm updating twice this week so I can post 2 april fools pages so I'm cutting it close

bones stop

>2 april fools pages
you madman

30 years old. Making this webcomic just to see what happens. Hoping I can at least get a fanbase and maybe comissions.

i like to live life dangerously

22 years old, my art may not be that good but I'm always trying to get better, here's the recent page to my comic.

>not defending the boner head
>makes point age has nothing to do with shit
>gets called boner head

n-no bully plz

Really fucking hate that the file is too large but here you go:

I'm satisfied with how this came out, I think this is how I want to do my webcomic. Thoughts and critiques welcome, /hyw/

>Really fucking hate that the file is too large
try shrinking it, my good man. you'll want to do that before you publish it in any way online, you might as well get accustomed to it now
so this can't be page 1, right?

Nope, just a sample page. I wanted to test out different looks and this is the one I settled on. In the grand scheme of the plot this particular scene would take place somewhere in the second or third chapter.

He spent a lot of time on /ic/ spamming his wip, people critiqued his stuff, told him to go to the beginner thread and to practice. He laughed and said people there were delusional, he was at pro level already.
So eventually people there made pic related and stopped replying to him, because there's no point. He eventually came back here because he knows here people will pity him and give him the attention he doesn't deserve.

It's not exactly Bones fault he is worse than even Dewd, he has autism, I don't think it's possible for get better.

midnight bump

Is it a bad idea to have a main character who was forced to kill innocent lives and thus hates that aspect of themselves but find it perfectly ok to maim or even kill raiders and faceless mooks?

Unrelated image but Can someone give me a backstory on the dewd and on why everyone hates him

Sounds like a good setup for a moral dilemma and good character building if you do it right.

that would be pointless drama
believe what you take in with your eyes and nothing else

Mainly just his lack of improvement and endless stream of mediocre art from what I know.

Honestly, I don't get why people get so upset at him. His art's not great but he seems to be at least alright as a person, and to occasionally takes criticism. Compared to people like Bones he's pretty alright imho.

Dewd is a special case that manages to rub every person the wrong way in its own unique way. Just give it time, he will make something to piss you off as well.
I thought like this guy once and I still remember what did it for me, it was the Overwatch character ripoff episode, where he kept insisting he didn't know anything about Overwatch, didn't see any similarity to the designs at all, and then I understood everything we see happening on this comic is ripped off of what he is consuming at the moment. Right now he is introducing a Jojo character, I believe. What a lazy uncreative piece of shit.

Dewd is a cool guy but he just happens to be te slowest person here when it comes to improvement but he does improve from time to time, you only notice that when you have been here for a while

i still don't get what is the story of his comic but i like the characters he makes with silly hats

rotten strawberries was another dude who started posting bad stuff but recently has improved a lot, i love seeing how people improve in these threads, i believe someday dewd will find a way to polish his weird ass drawings into something good, the guy actually has passion

the only person that everyone hates here is bones there is no salvation for that guy and he has ruined many threads

Finished all the line art for the next 6 pages. I was dreading the task of coloring them all but then I remembered I actually enjoyed that part of comics.

oh i remember you. glad to see youre still around


Hey cool, somebody remembers this story. Posting here helped me figure out what direction I wanted to take this, so thanks,

Any advice on the mood for this page, coloring wise? I think I should go with more a more realistic palette.

Oh look, it's a comic

I like how you screentone your backgrounds and have them follow the general line of action. I think some artists tend to over-crowd panels.

Are webcomics dying?

fact: healers love beaches


Giving up on the comics soon. Doing them in a shitty cartoon form has a bit more charm.

What killed them?


Nah, the characters I just introduced have nothing to do with Jojo.

Unless you're thinking about the girl's arms being like Kars's arm blades, then yeah, sure.

>made me pull away from the style as much as I could.
This is just as bad as the opposite.

When you make things with the mindset of "I MUST AVOID THIS TRENDY THING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!" it just makes you look like you're trying to be a pretentious snowflake.

I snickered
I think he meant visually. you take a lot of visual inspiration
I'm glad someone gets this. I see so much intentional ugliness in the name of not drawing too samey or unrealistically or any of a number of other reasons and it's like.. no. art has been about bringing out the beauty of both real life and your imagination since the beginning. if you wanna argue beauty in ugliness, fine, i'm down. give it a shot, show me how it works.. but for god's sake don't ignore your instincts and then think you're somehow above the rest of us

>hundreds of poorly-paced shitty pages before my comic picks up
>sitting with the dread of knowing most new readers won't want to deal with it
>don't want to start huge remake task after promises of not doing so, and other authors ALWAYS advising against it
I just don't know what to do. I want my comic to be a fun experience from start to finish, I don't want it to feel like a chore for new readers to get to the good stuff, but this culture of preservaing and progressing that permeates webcomics makes it so hard to think of a way to deal with it.

26 years old. I don't have a webcomic, but I do have a published graphic novel, and a second one in the works.

What's the name of your comic?
I assume it's a long for comic.
Also, when is it going to end? Could you edit it so that it concludes sooner? What is the shortest way to the ending? Could you do that? That way you could start over with a new project AND achieve finishing your current comic and keep your readers happy.

This is either a low-effort troll or coldfusion.

>What's the name of your comic?
I'm still kind of scared to go sharing it yet.

>I assume it's a long for comic.
600+ pages.

>Also, when is it going to end?
I have the story planned out, but it's hard to say how many pages it'll be. I've been ballparking 2-3 thousand by the end.

>Could you edit it so that it concludes sooner?
Not really. The problem with my improvement is that the story going forward is much more airtight. It's the early years that I fucked so much up.

>That way you could start over with a new project AND achieve finishing your current comic and keep your readers happy.
I'd rather not struggle to rush to the end of it just for the sake of ending it. Especially if it means a bigger ratio of bad-good.

It's the old pages I need to do something about, not the stuff I haven't gotten to.

What makes a good intro to a comic?
How do I know what'll "hook" new readers?
What are some definite "don't"s? (I know the most obvious one is not starting with a wall of text.)