MissyAsylum does it again

Also Heathers and Animatics thread

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This is a thread for perverts.

I want to fuck Heather "Crazy Eyes" Duke.

oh hey, another candy store animatic. Are there only 2 so far?

well points on using a musical stage, makes it feel different from the other animatics

These threads have such good taste.
And the animatic isn't bad either.

Ok, I havent really been paying attention to these threads for the past month, but I was under the impression there was like a group of rich, obnoxious girls called Heather, not just 3.

There are more than two, but most of them are bad or crossovers with other fandoms.

think of the Ashleys from Recess and you have the same basic idea

So can someone give me a quick run down on what this is?

>The Bogandoffs bow to the Heathers

Damn, you beat me to it. MissAsylum makes the best animatics

God damn MissyAsylum is too gud, she makes all the other animatics look like complete shit

There's technically only three girls named Heather, but the further you get into the musical the more you realize the Heathers are less of a group and more of an ever present concept that anyone can fall to. Veronica becomes a real Heather after her words led her former best friend to attempt suicide.

Is it a new musical or what?

someone in the last thread asked for a Legally Blonde animatic. Here's one:

Not really. The first performance was in 2010 but the movie that its based off of is from the 80's.

Now you're truly a Heather.
Smell how gangster you are
Are those really the lyrics? I thought the line was "Sell out, gangster you are"

It seems that it became popular only now (judging by the number of threads here).
Did it get the animation adaptation?

F/M/K: The Heathers.

Can we talk about other musicals too?

What is your favorite music of Hamilton?
Best character?


Same goes to Heathers.
Fave character? Fave music?

this one is still much better

I like Mean Green Mother From Outer Space from LSOH

I like the art, but literally everything else in this one is better.

They both have merit, though.

Heathers is trash. So trash they had to turn it into a musical to hide how trash it is.

>Can we talk about other musicals too?
Anyone else like the new version of War of the Worlds?


Talking about Hamilton, anyone saw the genderswap animatics?



>On one side you have the pics of semen demons hunting for dicks
>On the other side, the music and voices are about guys hunting for tits

>you will never have two girls wanting your D
>you will never deny them both to fug a beaten and poor girl
>you will never pay her husband money to continually bone her

>They were burried next to each other and Hamilton.

Do you mean the Jeff Wayne version, or is there a newer one?

Eliza is best wife
Eliza is best woman

Ahaha, I see what you did there

Reposting my old synopsis for a Heathers series again.



Basically the way it went was
>Hamilton is super popular
>people start to make storyboards on that musical's songs
>the most popular of these artists made a Heathers storyboard
>now everybody is making one.

I like the designs, but i hate how he repeats frames.

Storyboards for musicals in general or specifically Heathers?


what did you do to her /co/

pls no bully

>obscure shit you want an animatic for

This reminds me of how Girls Next Door is voiced and put onto youtube, including being just anime enough.

Any artists here desperate for money who'd want to be paid to make a real version of a thoroughly-scripted, hypothetical animatic?

like there is animatics for many musicals but there was a Hamilton craze and now we're in a Heathers one.

No Sondheim storyboards

>No Sondheim storyboards
I'm a non-artist writer with some good ideas..

Oh god. Argyle socks.
My least understood fetish.

Aren't we all

Sunday in the Park with George has the potential to do a lot of creative shit thanks to the all the painting based songs.

GalactiBun/TeeVee/Spibbles/Whatever the fuck she is calling herself nowadays has prettier designs, but MissyAsylum's work really is creative-wise probably the best?

Her stuff is more dynamic and she knows this is animation so she can add more stuff like J.D's fire motif in Meant to be Yours.

Eliza and Angelica are both 10/10.

So fucking rare.

and peggy

Peggy is best girl.

She won the Hamiltonbowl

>tfw had animatic ideas for at least 3 years
>tfw can't draw worth a damn to make them a reality
These threads hurt me.

Peggy shows up for just a music right?

I believe she makes appearances in stuff like Satisfied and Helpless and she plays Maria Reynolds so there is that.


I don't really know about this musical, and the designs are this dude OC's but this seems like a good storyboard.

give it a rest, faggots.

or alternatively stop shilling your shit.

>that fucking art style

>Eliza's throat has a full heart
>Angelica's has a broken heart


MissyAsylum killin it again, the only Heathers animator who understands what animation is. Also, I like how the Heathers aren't carbon copies of the live show actresses.

I'm only posting this picture because if I could draw I'd make a Seekers version.

Honestly the live show actresses are pretty quality. Specifically Asian Duke works perfectly because of that one television gag.

The issue with concept albums is that they tend to be from one perspective. I've played with concepts for Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, Protomen, The Wall, and the issue is that there just aren't enough roles for a straight musical adaption to work. The tales told are way too personal to be played off as other characters' lines.

Oh they are, but I like the new takes.

So that's why Tommy does work as a stageplay, since most of the songs aren't sung by Tommy and almost all of them are different people.
I mean, you have to give the lead role a small chance to rest their voice.

I had a small attack of dyslexia when I read this post an was wondering if there was some obscure DC hero I was somehow unaware of.

Musical maybe but it'd still work animated.

if i have to watch another one of these shitty tumblr animatics i will shoot up a school

Go ahead.

Tumblr chicks will end up falling in love with you

What did you read it as?

Little Shop Of Horrors as Legion Of Super Heroes.

Childhood is when you idolize Veronica. Adulthood is when you realize you want the Heathers to step on your dick.

you don't have to do anything. you are the engine of your own designs


...I think I would fucking watch the hell out of that.

Yeah, this was the one case where Missy Asylum's didn't really wow me too much. But to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of either of them. In general, I think Asylum's art is better, but the other one is much less busy, which I think is generally good.

Enlightenment is realizing you want all four of them to step on your dick.

McNamara is for emotional and physical


I don't like this one. That phillipino girl made the best candy store one. She made bank off that fucking video

Here's a painting I'm probably never going to finish

Make the ribbon darker.
It needs to be blood red, not pink.
And make your next project you stop halfway through focusing on the Heather's legs.

I actually didn't know the color of heather's bow. I drew this after watching the other candy store animatic which had no color

Well now you know.
Watch the one at the top of the thread again and note the girls outlines and how they relate to the usual four humors.

So she's doing the entire soundtrack one song at a time? I'm alright with this.

Best girl.

I always love a happy ending.
Even if it takes until after the end.

Is this the new meme or something?
How long until a furryfication animatic of the Heathers?

The movie was quite popular.

Fave music from Heathers:
>Dead Girl Walking original

Agreed. Spibbles' art is great but to a fault. Asylum is consistent. It feels like comparing apples to oranges.

Looks nice man




Looks fantastic!

Already happening.



well shit, forgive me for not being specific. You wanted cringey animals didn't you?




Original user, thanks.
Tho I was wondering if there was something like-

this one has better character design and movement. Op's has better color and background

If you're seducing someone into evil you're overly nice with some lapses into agression to reveal your nature, you're not supposed to be agressive all the time, that's not a very good sales tactic.