Why old Getter Robo was so badly drawn? Bad drawing faces. No balanced proportions. Everything looks ugly

Why old Getter Robo was so badly drawn? Bad drawing faces. No balanced proportions. Everything looks ugly.

Because you have bad taste. There's more to good art than correct anatomy and looking pretty.

That and people only notice inconsistent wonky anatomy when something is not detailed enough. Modern Hirohiko Araki still messes up his anatomy but people barely ever point it out.

Good inventive iconic visuals

Also for an answer about the anatomy, well of fucking course his anatomy improved over time, artists get more technically skilled as they go along.

His art had """""ugly""""" faces in the 2000s too and that's a big part of why his characters look so great.

This is top-notch violence with top-notch expressions.

Majuu Sensen is more polished than Getter since it's from a monthly mag and it's probably still "ugly" by your standards

This manga has some of Ishikawa's best art ever




Is that even from the main sequence of the manga?

When will you faggots understand that the 60s/70s counterculture affected Japan as well? I mean, how the fuck you could read Devilman or Getter and not comprehend the Psychedelic vibe is just amazing to me. The complete lack of common sense you people have
Do I REALLY need to bring up Picasso & Dali? Do I? I shouldn't have to but so many weebs seem to know nothing about anything that isn't Weeb related

To be fair, Japan gave far more of a chance to weird creators like the Dynamic Pro guys so while bizarre stuff like that was mostly exclusive to underground comics in the US, it could be at the forefront of shonen mags in Japan.

I think a problem is people don't realize Japan had a rebellious edgy anarchic comics phase long before the US thanks to student riots and whatnot. Some of it like that one Astro Boy arc where Astro starts attacking humans were the result of editor pressure to be "cool with the kids' but Ishikawa and Nagai were obviously more honest about it.

So yeah criticizing Getter by calling it "ugly" is funny since that's the entire point, most of the time it's not meant to be uguu so pretty.

Man, we're reaching a whole new level of pretentiousness here. Easy there, pal.

>Good inventive iconic visuals
>top-notch violence with top-notch expressions
>Ishikawa's best art ever

The original Getter, and a lot of manga from that time, just have a less realistic style than modern readers are accustomed to. They used flowing linework with lots of white space and heavily stylized designs to emphasize action and emotion, instead of realistic figure drawings. You get tons of exaggerated caricatures like



I love getters art. Ishikawa works with his own limitations in a way that I find extremely aesthetically pleasing. He gets too ambitious for his own good resulting in some occasionally janky artwork but overall it's one of the best examples of the "flatter" style that was in in the 60s/70s


This. This guy got it right. The rest of this thread is a bunch of pedantic assholes and the reason why the Getter fandom is so disliked.

>The rest of this thread is a bunch of pedantic assholes
Like who? One guy posted art examples and others gave reasons about why they like the art. Sounds like you're just a troll.

It's not pretentiousness. What the fuck is pretentious about shit like the Grateful Dead? Dali was far from pretentious the guy took his life as a joke. We aren't talking Pink Floyd here buddy
Nagai certainly isnt pretentious. They looked at his art and accused him of being on drugs. That alone should tell you something about him

>Getter fandom is so disliked.
By whom? Tryhard trolls on /m/? You realize most of us go far beyond Veeky Forums in our enjoyment of anime right? Nowhere have I seen your sentiment. Ever. Outside of /a/ that is. I'm onto you.
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