Write the most intelligent thing you can come up with

Write the most intelligent thing you can come up with

my balls they itch

I breathe so I think

Uhhh... oh god... oh Jesus, uhhh HURR DURR HURR *farts*

I am.

If the universe were a tree, sentient life would be the fruit.

the meaning of life is pounding fat ass

'Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser that the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up she was shitting brown water.'

Being poor sucks


Humans always seeks rationality, even if it isn't rational. An explanation is better than no explanation, afterall nothing is what most humans fear.

This is why so many superstitions, deemed nonsense now, exists.

Perhaps I should've said humans are pattern seekers.

Like the tick sucking my nutsack dry, love is a small thing.


Suffice it to say, me pretty smart.

*puffs bubble pipe*


In the end, I guess we're just carbon-based computers...

I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower. So I can fuck the world for 72 hours.

Out, out, brief schwengel
Life's but a walking swelling

The enemies of man cannot stand before us!

Traps are gay.

call me cismale

im james joyce bitch
im james joyce
im james joyce bitch
Im james joyce

call my bitch nora she nowhera im at
im james joyce fart fuck any fine lass
tween sum sheet ill fuck her in the
sit round the pub with hemingway
start fights I cant win anyway

I know what youre thinking
oh this cant be happening
turn around bitch
ill gut you with my wit
thunder words thunder mind
thunda sheets gonna get me mine

im james joyce bitch
im james joyce
im james joyce bitch
im jame joyce
>fade out

There are only 2 genders.
Men and women are different and not equal.
The holocaust is a lie.
Hitler did nothing wrong.

holy shit man..this is bad ass...

The blackness of my belt, like inside of coffin on moonless night.

Reddit is better than Veeky Forums

The masses look for the rational through the irrational.

Fuck me.

>pattern seekers
Actually, we're pattern builders. The difference may seem subtle but has very different ontological implications.
Read Hume.


Infinite Jest

feels good

I am a god
Hurry up with my damn massage
Hurry up with my damn ménage
Get the Porsche out the damn garage
I am a god
Even though I'm a man of God
My whole life in the hand of God
So y'all better quit playing with God

It's all a lie that we take seriously.

If nature was walking, with us it fell and broke a leg.

>We're computers
Ha! You wish.

>Be le me
>Be inside le coffin
>Don't see le shit
>Suddenly start caring about the moon: IS IT OUT?!
And THEN I realized my autism.

There are two type of nigras waltzing about this world: Those who can go for a walk for no reason, and those who need a reason to go for a walk.

Delete your can. Otherwise, not bad, Walser.

That Bryan's 1+2 has phantom low crush properties in Tekken 3 especially when you do it after a short back dash.

the rotten fruit, that is

There's two types of people in this world.

God has already damned us, and we are all in hell


If the crafter of this kenomatic world was bestowed eyes, he would not be sick with the world, but with himself.

Men and women

Um, no sweetie...you realize Christ redeems even the demiurge, right?

People I like and people I don't like.

Language is an inherently inferior form of expression, as such anything conveyed by it is devoid of any significance. Writing something 'intelligent' is therefore self-defeating.

Whats a superior form of expression?

What is superior to language then? Pointing and grunting?

Or maybe you meant written language, but that doesn't make your point less stupid.

He clearly meant interpretive dance.

You type like a woman.

Shut up

>mfw still no intelligent post ITT

>Mfw yours was the least intelligent yet until I posted this.

Every post ITT is de facto intelligent, since intelligence is a necessary prerequisite for making a post.

Now, what if a person with an above average intelligence, a genius even; made a dumb post. How are we to quantify that? On it's own merit? Or on the merit of the poster? We may never know.


great post

All fetishes are born out of conditioning and perverts deserve to be berated and denied respect because of the meekness of their spirit.

I am not wise.

>can't no nuffin tier

"What would Jesus do?"


>All fetishes are born out of conditioning

citation needed?

life is life.

Not him. But do you really think somebody could be born with the inherit behavioral pattern and predisposition to some fetish? That's biologically impossible. Fetishes are acquired through sexual association with something. Thus everyone has some sort of fetish along with the baseline fixation. But to claim conditioning is not the reason for this would just be ignorant.

na na, nana na.

One of the explanations for foot fetishes is a crossed neuron connection between foot area and the genitalia area on the somatosensory cortex. the image map of your body.

Sometimes when I'm getting blown I can feel a weird sensation in my feet. It's weird as fuck. I don't even have a foot fetish.

I've hard of that. Seems likely due to how common the fetish is. Hormones play a role as well. But still, I am not denying biological predispositions like that. Most fetishes are conditioned, Paraphilia is a good illustration of the fact.

I think those are probably just sciatia because you're compressing your spinal nerves when you bend over forward to blow yourself.

Neural intervention and modification is the basis of all human learning, though. If it has been proven that newborns have this sort of mutation then I'm willing to exclude foot fetishists from my post.
It's also possible for a young child to be conditioned unknowingly into associating feet with sexual pleasure, like it's possible for that to happen to most body parts (just not likely). The thing about feet is that they're very sensitive in humans, a lot of nervous potential just like in your genitalia and arm pits (another sort-of-common fetish).


Absolute madman

The feet are sensitive (as in, occupy a slightly greater proportion of the somatosensory cortex than they do in the actual physical body), but the armpits are not sensitive by that definition. If you look up the somatosensory homunculus, you'll see the armpits are quite close to normal physical proportions. That's why I'm curious what the reason for the armpit-fetish is, what the ideas and associations behind it are.

It's not the armpit by itself, its how it is set in proportion to the rest of the woman's body. At least from my observation. It could be any association though.


It could be sweat, secretion, which a fetishist might associate with the climate of vagina and the uterus and moistness which also signals fertility, potential for life.

what if god was one of us?

forgot pic

i have penis i am rape

hadn't thought of it, that way, I was stuck thinking about cognitive associations.
I was thinking that female armpits, like genitalia is something that you usually can't see. Women usually shave them, but having them stared at is embarrassing. Maybe getting access to such a place does something for fetishists. Pretty speculative though.

I wonder if it's a simple, "one big reason" with a bunch of tinier associations around it or if it's just a ball of smaller associations.

Furthermore, what if god was /ourguy/?

God is an absolute madman.

The ''big reason'' is the way the mind works. We can only observe these patterns. Naming some abstraction which we have auto-anthropomorphization would just be another layer of abstraction from the actual thing in action. Maybe, I don't know.


truly a demiurge

Good point about women being secretive about arm pits. When you take that into consideration, you could put it all into the standard Pavlovian classical conditioning model:

man attracted to pussy
pussy is hidden and shaven
arm pits are somewhat hidden and shaven
man attracted to arm pits

>tfw god manifested the world though greentext
>tfw god felt sorry for adam because tfw no gf

The most intelligent advice I can give to Veeky Forums is that people need to distinguish between novels (i.e. artistic books) and proper books.

If your favorite book is a novel you are an idiot.


These aren't funny but I lol'd anyway.

Yours is clearly ironic and therefore better than Why don't you try instead of playing armchair psychologists?

"fetishes" a la Freud basically don't exist, 99.5% of us just like the idea of certain kinks. That's it. Someone with a foot fetish just likes feet. You may as well be trying to reason about why people enjoy different books, movies, games, etc.

>degenerate logic
Nah, you like your family, you don't jerk off to it you perv (I hope). Just because you abandoned all hope of having normal sexual life doesn't mean fetishes are normal.

>calls people citing actual neurological and psychological observations and facts, armchair psychologists.

>Namedrops Freud

>Goes on to be a armchair psychologists himself

If you cannot look at different things, look at things differently.

explain this further.

Some famous author said something very similar to this, can't remember who. Something like growing up isn't changing the landscape but changing your view of the same landscape.

Life (?) is like a box of chocolates.
Thank you.

What is stronger, your brain or your mind?

Muh dik